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Oakland (OAK) International Airport Parking Guide

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Renee Martin
  • 11 minutes

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Here’s your comprehensive guide on Oakland Airport parking, OAK Airport parking rates, long term and short term parking options, OAK Airport parking map, and more!

Oakland (OAK) International Airport Parking Guide

Rates and Options for Parking at Oakland International Airport

Short-Term Oakland Airport Parking Rates

Garage Time Rate
Oakland Airport Premier Parking Per 30 min $4
Oakland Airport Hourly Parking Per 12 min $1
Daily Maximum $34
Oakland Airport Daily Parking Per Hour $5
Daily Maximum $24

Long-Term Oakland Airport Parking

Garage Time Rate
Oakland Airport Off-Site Parking: Daily $7-$10
Oakland Airport Premier Parking: Daily Maximum $38
Oakland Airport Hourly Parking: Daily Maximum $34
Oakland Airport Daily Parking Daily Maximum $24
Oakland Airport Economy Parking Daily $16


Oakland International Airport Parking Map


oakland airport parking

About Oakland (OAK) International Airport

Oakland International Airport is located just 5 miles towards the south of downtown Oakland and serves the region of Oakland, California. Owned by the Port of Oakland, the airport is among 3 other airports in the International San Francisco Bay Area. There were more than 13 million passengers that traveled through the OAK airport in 2017, making it one of the busiest airports in the United States. The airport has great transport links to the San Francisco and Oakland area, while it services daily flights to cities in Europe, Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

Oakland International Airport serves as the main base of operations for Southwest Airlines and is also known to be a focus city for Allegiant Air. The great thing about the Oakland airport is that it provides an extensive selection of services and amenities for business and leisure travelers. These include plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants that are on the premises of the airport, along with business facilities and ATMs as well. There are also a lot of parking options available here that include covered parking, valet parking, and short- and long-term parking options.

There is a complimentary shuttle that runs between the terminals and links them all together so that passengers don’t have to worry about missing their flights. The best thing about the Oakland International Airport is that there is an abundance of parking options available to all travelers. There is affordable parking available here, and drivers have the choice of four on-airport parking options, while there are five off-site airport parking options. There are also some garages that are offering great parking options for the OAK airport.

If you were looking for a comprehensive parking guide for the Oakland International Airport, you have come to the right place. Here you are going to find parking rates, parking maps, parking tips, short-term and long-term parking options, and parking links to other resources right here.

The best thing about Oakland International Airport is that it offers a lot of amenities and things to enjoy for all travelers at the airport. The Oakland International Airport has four runways and covers a total of 2,600 acres. It is spread out over two huge, spacious terminals with wide open spaces for all travelers to spread their legs out or wait around for their flights. Both terminals are connected with one another and they are spread over a massive region. You should expect a lot o walking when you get inside the airport.

The airport has a lot of security measures which means that you will be waiting in long and slow lines for security. Therefore, you should plan for delays when you are going through security. You should show up at the airport a couple of hours before your flight. Don’t leave everything right on schedule, because by planning accordingly you will manage to overcome any delays. The airport is also filled with a lot of different eating, drinking, and shopping options that ensure that you won’t be bored when you arrive at the Oakland International Airport.

Oakland (OAK) International Airport Parking Guide

Information at the airport

All airports must have authentic information facilities so that passengers can acquire information about travel timings and other airport facilities. Not all passengers at the airport have an idea about where they should be going and hence require assistance. This is where the airport service assistants present at numerous locations in the airport can help.

The Oakland International Airport is very well-equipped when it comes to helping travelers and providing them with vital information whenever they require it. They have welcome centers which can be found at every terminal near the baggage claim levels. These welcome centers are well-maintained and can provide outstanding service to all travelers at the airport.

Apart from that, Oakland International Airport has a traveler’s aid which is designed to help stranded and distressed passengers at the airport. The traveler’s aid is essentially a non-profit organization and service that helps travelers that are confused at the airport and don’t have any idea of where they should be going. There are many volunteers from Traveler’s Aid who can help clear out the way for distressed travelers and guide them towards the best resources nearby.

This Traveler’s Aid service at the Oakland International Airport also looks after cases of emergency housing, investigating lost or stolen money, banking services, airport information, and transport assistance as well. It can be of help during emergencies as well.


There are two terminals at the Oakland International Airport, both of which are connected. The terminals offer various facilities which include ATMs, information counters, Data-port services, restaurants, bars, postal services, and duty-free shopping. There are also fully operational business centers located on the premises of both terminals. There are also special facilities for the disabled with ramps and lifts placed on areas that are necessary. All travelers that require wheelchair services are advised to speak with their airline operators beforehand.

There are also Travelex kiosks that are placed around the premises of the airport, allowing for smoother currency exchange for all travelers going to international destinations, or those that are coming from outside the country. The kiosks are placed on both the landside and airside area of the terminals to ensure that everyone has easy access to money at the Oakland International Airport.


All airports offer an extensive range of shopping options to travelers and the Oakland International Airport isn’t any different. There are a plethora of options that are available for travelers including duty-free shopping and a multitude of other shops that are located on the airport premises. Terminal One features a duty-free shop that is conveniently placed between International Gates Three and One. It presents travelers with the perfect place to shop if they are looking for great prices.

There are also many gift shops conveniently located at the airport. The most popular ones are See’s Candy, the Gifted Traveler, and the East Bay Trading Company. If you were looking for great shopping options at OAK airport, these are the most popular shops that you are going to come across at the airport. So, you won’t have any problems with buying souvenirs and gift items for your family, friends, and loved ones at the airport.

ATMs and Other Amenities

All modern airports today have an abundance of ATM facilities because it is important that customers easily access the machines to withdraw cash from their accounts. The great thing about Oakland International Airport is that it has an abundance of ATMs that are placed conveniently all around the airport, which helps save the passengers time and gives them easy access to cash. You have an idea about the applicable charges and fees before you go ahead and use the ATMs. All banks have their own fee schedule. You should check them out so that you are aware of the allowed withdrawal limit and the different charges that will be applicable when you are withdrawing cash.

Contact your bank before you travel, so that you don’t have any issues with withdrawing cash at the Oakland International Airport. With money in your hand, the Oakland International Airport does not disappoint you when it comes to shopping and spending your money.

The Oakland International Airport has multiple duty-free shopping outlets at all terminals. These outlets sell a lot of handy goods at discounted rates. Additionally, the Oakland International Airport also has a decent variety of stores inside the airport selling convenience items including clothes and books. The shopping scene is quite pleasant, and you can find the true essence of Oakland at a display inside the Oakland International Airport.

Restaurants and Bars

When it comes to the food options available at the Oakland International Airport, there is a multitude of tasty delights that all travelers can check out. Both the terminals have many restaurants, cafes, and bars that offer a fabulous array of eating options to them. Visitors to the airport can check out the Bay Bridge Bar and Deli for some drinks, while the Bay City Café offers an extensive selection of eating options. You can grab a slice of pizza at the Round Table Pizza restaurant as well.

Oakland Airport Parking Information, Discounts and Coupons

You should know that parking can be expensive at the Oakland International Airport, and the rates will only go up if you’re planning on parking your vehicle for an extended period. The high cost of parking at the airport can be offset with numerous discounts and coupons that are offered by different parking companies near the airport. To ensure that you have an extensive array of options for parking at the Oakland International Airport, we have found out about some of the parking resources, discounts, and coupons you can use at the airport to ensure that you can park affordably at the airport:


The official airport parking page has detailed information about parking at the airport around the clock. The information shared here will allow you to track the different promotions offered at the airport to bring down your cost of parking. The airport has a website that announces all updated information related to flights and boarding times for travelers.

The official page of the Oakland International airport can be used to check out the numerous ongoing parking promotions before you go to the airport. All you need to do is scan the page for the different promotions which you could miss otherwise. There are good chances that you will come across a promotion or discount offer on the page.

Interesting things to do in Oakland  

Oakland has a thriving wine-tasting culture. Wine tasting and winery visits must be on your list of interesting things to do in Oakland with the Livermore Wine Tour serving up a generous helping of both. A luxury vehicle will transport you to 3 or 4 of the best wineries in the area. Wine tasting, picturesque vineyards, and shopping for quality wines are some of the features of the Livermore Wine Tour. Your luxury rides come equipped with free lunch and drinks. 


Way is a car parking reservation service that offers travelers a plethora of safe Oakland airport parking options at premium rates. You can choose the rates that are most affordable to you and will find an available car parking spot if you select one from their website.

As soon as you select a car parking spot, you will be given a parking pass, which you must use to access the car parking facility. The free app can be downloaded on your Android or iPhone device as well. The app makes it easier for booking parking spots no matter where you are situated in the world.

Final Word

Parking at Oakland International Airport is easily available for all types of vehicles. There are even stations for electrical vehicle charging offered free of charge at the Premier, Daily, and Economy parking lots. For real-time parking availability, you should call 510-563-3200 or tune into TIPS Radio 1700AM for traffic reports and airport parking availability.

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Oakland (OAK) International Airport Parking Guide

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