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Oregon catalytic converter thefts: What You Should Know

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  • Melanie Barrett
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Oregon catalytic converter thefts are no less in number than the other states. As per the reports from Oregon police, 3000 catalytic converters and 12 suspects from West Coast, a city in Oregon, in 2021. Also, the cost of these lost catalytic converters comes to $22 million. While the theft rates are still increasing exponentially, there are ways to decrease them with the help of laws.

When you fail to report catalytic thefts in Oregon, your driving is put at risk. As a result, your car starts making loud noises, and there can be emissions too. Hence, if you notice any such changes, make sure you seek expert assistance or immediate help. According to Chapter ORS 815.25, driving a vehicle without catalytic converters is a serious offense under Class C traffic violation.

To date, Oregon catalytic converter thefts worth $22 million were reported in 2022. It is important to know the laws and fines to keep your catalytic converters safe.

Oregon Catalytic Converter Theft: Everything You Should Know

Oregon catalytic  converter theft laws that You Should Know

Catalytic converter thefts in Oregon have been shooting up day by day.

Oregon Senate Bill 803  was passed by Governor Kate Brown. It aims at reducing the number of catalytic converter thefts and the major catalytic converter theft laws that you should follow. The law came into effect in 2021. This law makes buying or selling catalytic converters from unauthorized sellers illegal.

Also, the dealers of catalytic converters in Oregon must always maintain a record of catalytic converters. They must also note the model, make, license number, and VIN of the converters in use.

Similarly, catalytic converters become private metal property if you buy them from sellers without a license. Therefore, no sellers or retailers should sell them in bulk or as a single converter without proper documentation. Again, violating this law imposes a fine of $1000 on the seller.

Breaking this law and not having a catalytic converter, your car can cost you around $1000 as a fine.

catalytic converter theft

Other initiatives to reduce Oregon catalytic converter thefts

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) has also come up with an initiative that will hopefully cut down the catalytic converter thefts in Oregon.

As a part of this initiative, the ISRI members formed a committee to address this issue. The committee named Catalytic Converter Working Group addressed and resolved issues related to the converter thefts. This group also gave guidelines on how to safely buy a catalytic converter.

ISRI also focuses on the rule that dealers can only sell catalytic converters through proper documentation with appropriate purchase bills. In addition, it also emphasizes the requirement that the bill contains all the details for each purchase the buyer makes.

They also state that the retailers should be able to produce copies of all catalytic converter sales. They may also keep the catalytic converter with them, provided it belongs to their vehicle. ISRI has been working with the DA (District Attorney) and law enforcement to resolve this issue.

Oregon catalytic converter thefts: What You Should Know

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