Our Top 5 Airports in the US this Spring of 2019

We’re choosing some of our favorite top 5 airports in the US for Spring Travels! They are our top for this current edition for certain uniqueness and amenities. To us, the airport is part of the entire traveling experience. Apart from the airport parking experience, the airport is the first part of your vacation experience as well the last.

Atlanta Airport

ATL Airport Parking

Atlanta International Airport

Atlanta Airport is one of the coolest airports to visit in terms of amenities. Atlanta Airport has an amazing array of artwork that’s permanently installed throughout the Atlanta Airport. For a cool cultural experience, you can check out around 20 sculptures from Zimbabwe out of their entire art collection of 250. Speaking of art, Atlanta Airport supports more than just art to look at but they also host 4 annual concerts in their Atrium. An interesting amenity that Atlanta Airport offers as well is their smoking lounge for all the smokers out there. One amenity that is especially cool for dog owners is the 1,000 sqft. dog park as well as their smaller dog park located outside of Door A1 at the International Terminal. Atlanta Airport also have a wide array of shopping choices, from high-end boutiques to your every day stores. If you’re hungry, Atlanta Airport also offers some of the best airport restaurants in the US.

Denver Airport

DEN Airport – DIA Airport Parking

Denver International Airport

Denver Airport is a very interesting airport to visit to say the least. Denver Airport is the biggest airport in the US and has the most airport runways as well. There are a ton of things to do at the Denver Airport that satisfies even the quirkiest of people with the many things to see. Denver Airport has one of the most interesting art displays that are permanent as well as seasonal ones. A famous artwork is the two Gargoyle in a suitcase statue that is supposed to bless travelers good luck. Denver Airport also has one of the best sceneries to take in with beautiful view of the Rockies in nice and posh restaurants or while you’re at your Gate. Denver Airport is also a great airport in terms of how environmentally conscious the Denver Airport is, and one of them is by offering free water bottle refill stations! Lastly, for pet owners, there is an amazing pet resort inside the Denver Airport. Denver Airport offers a luxury pet hotel that has a spa, grooming services, veterinarian, and pretty much almost anything you’d want to make sure your best pal is well taken care of and has a happy stay.

Dallas Fort Worth Airport

DFW Airport Parking

Dallas Fort Worth Airport

The Dallas Airport to go to is the Forth Worth DFW Airport. The DFW Airport has an amenity that is pretty different from other airports in the US, which is DFW Airport’s new gaming lounge. DFW Airport’s gaming lounge at the moment is an Xbox One lounge so no Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC gaming set up is available at the moment. DFW Airport also offers yoga studios and includes the mats and equipment for those who need some light exercising and stretches. After your light workout, DFW Airport has some of the best Texan foods out of all the airports! Their food variety is quite vast and they also have an awesome Dallas Cowboys Club for any football fans to have a few drinks and catch a football game.

Orlando Airport

MCO Airport Parking

Orlando International Airport

Orlando Airport makes it on the list for it’s very niche and totally understandable offering in terms of retail shops. Orlando Airport is pretty much the airport to go to for all the major theme park shopping you’d need! So if you didn’t get to make it to the Disney World and SeaWorld but did for Universal or the Kennedy Space Center, have no fear cause the shopping is here! At the Orlando Airport, you can check out really cool retail stores for all the theme parks you didn’t have time to visit or get to buy souvenirs at. It’s also a really cool way to check out and see if these theme parks are places you’d want to make a trip out to Orlando for with a small sneak peek at the retail shops. They are hands down some of the best theme park stores around. Another cool thing about the Orlando Airport is the monorail transportation to get around the Orlando Airport. The monorail doesn’t just exist inside Disney Parks anymore.

Logan Airport

BOS Airport Parking

Boston Logan Airport

The Boston airport which is the Logan Airport makes my list for the amazing New England seafood food scene and the amazing beer brews they serve inside the Logan Airport. Logan Airport has 2 cool places to check out for a really good beer scene as far as airports go, which are Boston Beer Works and the Boston Brewery Harpoon. If you didn’t get to taste all of the local beers in Boston, Logan Airport has it all ready for you and quite frankly, some of the most local varieties any airport in the US can have. The same can be said about the food. If you haven’t had your fill of fresh east coast seafood, Logan Airport has the best restaurants to keep your New England seafood feast going. Another reason why we love Logan Airport is because as an American, we’re very happy and appreciative how Logan Airport has a sculpture to honor the 9/11 passengers that flew from the Logan Airport on that very day.


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