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Overcoming the Challenges of Coronavirus

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 5 minutes

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Overcoming the challenges of coronavirus

Like all things in life, this too shall pass – but for now, let’s beat the COVID-19 threat by staying home, and staying safe. That said, there will still be scenarios where you will have to go out. Provided you are not sick or under home quarantine, you still have limited access to go out for essential needs such as re-stocking suppliesgoing to the bank, and getting gas. COVID-19, as we all know, is very contagious and spreads pretty fast with varied incubation periods. The nature of COVID-19 makes it difficult to confirm whether you are infected or not without tests. As long as you take the potential risk of being infected seriously, you will be taking the necessary precautions before going out. Here’s a guide that will make your visit to the local grocery, or restauranta tad bit safer 

Follow the necessary preventive measures at all times  

The best way to remain safe from coronavirus is by making sure you don’t get infected in the first place. It is crucial to maintain proper hygiene around the clock. Your hands come in contact with your face frequently, so making sure your hands are always clean is the first thing you have to do in order to avoid the COVID-19 threat. Make sure you wash your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, or soap frequently as part of your proper hygiene regimentThe next thing you want to do is to practice using your bent elbow or a tissue when you have a running nose, or are sneezing/coughing in general. By doing those actions, you are preventing and avoiding COVID-19 transmission through droplet dispersion. Wear a mask that covers your face if you are going out with even the slightest of coughs. Always keep in mind that coronavirus is a respiratory disease that spreads like wildfireContact your local medical staff or health workers and inform them about possible and related symptoms of coronavirus sooner, rather than later, to help prevent coronavirus from spreading. Most importantly – practice social distancing at all times! Keep a minimum distance of at least 3 feet (1 meter) from anyone who’s either coughing, sneezing, or both 

How often should you go out?  

Do birds and animals have fun when they are locked inside a cage? No! But they do get used to staying inside once they get the hang of how having fun in restricted space works. It will be difficult to stay indoors and disconnected from the world suddenly, but to have a better tomorrow for everyone – it is the need of the hour. Even so, you cannot stay home forever, and you will have to go out at times. When those essential errands happen, plan your trip to those essential places in advance. Maintain a safe social distance as a precaution, and avoid going into shops with too many people already inside. Do keep in mind that there are restrictions in place across the country, and at certain locations, you will have limited accessMake sure you only go out for unavoidable reasons, which are deemed essential. If permissions from the authorities are required, make sure you reach out and get that first to avoid unnecessary trouble. For those traveling in severely affected states, like New YorkWashington, and California – it is best to book your parking spots ahead when going out. Access to a WayPass subscription helps you with convenient parking spots near your favorite grocery stores and restaurants in NYC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles with options for little to no physical contact 


Be sensible and avoid panic buying  

All of us are together in combating the COVID-19 threat, and it is high time that we are considerate of our fellow citizens. Avoid panic buying and emptying stores of essential supplies. Although you may need to stock up on supplies, so do your neighbors and countrymen. Yes, you might need them now, but what happens when things go back to normal, and you have a surplus of supplies leftover? Be humane! Only buy things you actually need. Don’t go overboard. We are fighting an epidemic at a large proportion; however, it is no excuse to empty stocks from shops due to panic buying. 

Join the fight – stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy 

We still don’t know how the coronavirus developed among humans, and pointing fingers won’t help much. Don’t worry, you still have time to save the world, all from the safety of your own comfy home. Join the fight against the COVID-19 threat by self-isolation – thereby minimizing contact, and chances of human to human transmission. You also don’t necessarily have to sacrifice anything in this fight. You still get to spend time with loved ones, and catchup on things you’ve been meaning to watch or do at home. You can always sing your favorite songs, dance like no one’s watching, chat with your friends, and even video call those who you miss seeing daily. Modern technology has made sure that you remain connected even in such difficult times. Remember, this too shall pass! Ballparks will be full again, the nightlife will be alive again, and your favorite parks will still be beautiful and romantic like how they usually areBut for the time being, let’s all unite in this fight by staying home, and staying safe! 

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