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P0324 Code: Know All This Diagnostic Trouble Code!

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How annoying it can be if the Check Engine Light illuminates when you’re driving! The light turns on for various diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), and you will be confused about the type of engine code error that your car encountered. So, suddenly DTC P0324 code appears on your car’s dashboard. What does the P0324 code mean, and what should you do about it? 

The Powertrain Control Module’s (PCM) diagnostics will record a P0324 code if the knock sensor doesn’t send a signal. As a generic powertrain code, this diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is relevant for automobiles using OBD-II technology like Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, Dodge, Ram, Ford, GMC, or Chevrolet. Although general, the precise repair procedures can change based on your car’s brand and model.  

You need to be aware of most DTCs if you want to fix the issue when a code activates. Know about the causes of the code and how you can fix it! 

What does the P0324 code mean?  

The code activates when the PCM notices an erroneous voltage reading from the knock sensor circuit. Then the PCM will record the P0324 code and turn on the Check Engine Light.  

The PCM receives input signals from the knock control system, which keeps track of the engine’s cylinders. The PCM uses this information to anticipate when a knock will happen and to modify the fuel delivery and ignition timing to the proper cylinder(s) to prevent knocks and misfires. However, engine knocking, pinging, or misfiring issues can occur when the PCM cannot obtain the necessary data due to a knock control system error. 

The PCM’s diagnostics will record the code if the knock sensor doesn’t send a signal. 

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What causes a P0324 code? 

The following are some factors that cause the code to activate. 

  • A faulty knock sensor. 
  • PCM is defective or has a programming error. 
  • Ignition misfiring. 
  • The fuel in your car is contaminated or substandard.  
  • Internal engine failure.  
  • Knock sensor control wiring, or connectors are faulty. 

How serious is the P0324 code? 

Your engine’s knock sensor system is a crucial component for proper operation. Ignoring a malfunctioning knock sensor can permanently harm your engine. It can also put you in danger while driving or end up needing far more expensive repairs in the future if you.  

Can you drive with a P0324 code? 

It is better not to drive with the code. Driving with this code can damage your engine and get terrible performance out of your car. It would be advisable to replace your knock sensor as soon as you realize it is past its prime with a high-quality replacement. 

What are the symptoms of the P0324 code?  


The Engine Control Module (ECM) will set the P0324 code and illuminate the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) if there is a fault with the knock control system. It happens when detecting no knock signal or detecting a knock signal constantly. Depending on the ECM programming, you might not notice anything wrong with your car besides the MIL. However, these are some symptoms you may observe. 

  • The Check Engine Light illuminates. 
  • There is a reduction in engine power or fuel efficiency 
  • You hear loud noises from the engine. 
  • Engine stutters when it accelerates.  

It might be worse if you have none of these symptoms than if you do. Some cars have a safety function where the PCM generates a ‘safe point’ where you can drive without damaging the engine, such as to your house or a gas station. 

How do I fix code P0324? 

Check the causes listed above to get started. First, examine the connectors and accompanying wiring harness visually. Look for broken, bent, pushed-out, corroded connector pins and other damaged components. 

Possible solutions 

  • Check with the TSB (Technical Service Bulletins). 
  • Verify all of the system’s cables and connectors. Keep an eye out for burns, wear, or corrosion on these parts. Whenever necessary, fix or replace. Clear the code after that. 
  • Start the engine and use a Digital Volt-Ohm Meter (DVOM) to ensure the Knock Sensor signal complies with the manufacturer’s criteria if the code reappears. Replace the sensor connector if the voltage there is out of range. 

How does a mechanic diagnose the engine error code P0324? 

A mechanic will perform the following steps to diagnose the engine error code. 

  • The mechanic will use an OBD-II scanner to check the system for stored codes before diagnosing the P0324 code. 
  • The rest of the knock control system, including the wiring, connectors, harness, and other components, will be visually inspected for any issues.  
  • Then, to determine whether the knock sensor is malfunctioning or something else is at play, they will utilize an oscilloscope or a knock sensor tester. 
  • The mechanic will clear the error code and retest the system after each step to identify the issue and how to resolve it. They do it to pinpoint precisely which component of the system caused the issue and how to resolve it. 
  • After identifying the code source and performing the necessary fixes, they will retest the system and perform a test drive to see if there is an intermittent issue that needs a fix. 

Common mistakes that can happen when diagnosing the code 

There might occasionally be nothing wrong with the knock sensor system, particularly if other codes were recorded before the P0324 code. It might simply be doing its job of detecting engine knocks. To prevent this kind of issue, always proceed by fixing each code you see in the order it was recorded. 

What repairs can fix the P0324 code? 

The fixes could be one of the following, depending on what is causing the PCM to store the P0324 code. 

  • Taking care of a problem with a knocking, pinging, or misfiring engine 
  • Replacing the knock sensor or its wiring harness. 
  • Repairing a weak electrical connection to the knock sensor’s circuit.  
  • Replacement or reprogramming of the PCM. 

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