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P0841 Code: Causes, Symptoms, and Ways to Fix It!

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Of course, we all love to have a smooth driving experience always! But driving will be difficult if your car hesitates to shift or slip into different gears. Then it is best to stop your car and use an OBD-II scanner to determine the error code causing this issue. It detects that the car has activated the P0841 code. But what does that engine error code mean? 

A P0841 engine code indicates that your Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor (TFPS) is faulty. This generic engine error code is commonly associated with all OBD-II equipped cars, including but not restricted to Jeep, Dodge, Mazda, Nissan, Honda, GM, and others. So, what are the causes of code P0841? What are its symptoms, and how can you fix the error code?  

Keep reading our article to know in detail about the P0841 code! 

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What is code P0841? 

The P0841 code implies that the powertrain control module (PCM) has identified a problem with the Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor circuit. The Transmission Pressure Sensor is a vital section of automatic cars as it measures oil pressure in the transmission and tells the PCM when to shift gears. Without it, you may notice decreased fuel efficiency and significant transmission issues.  

How serious is code P0841? 

The P0841 code is serious. So unless you are highly skilled and have the necessary tools, you should have your car checked by a skilled technician. Suppose you do not address this issue immediately. In that case, it may reduce the car’s fuel economy and affect the engine’s performance. 

It may also cause damage to other parts of your car. Taking your car to a mechanic when you notice any issues is always a good idea. Allowing a problem to aggravate for too long can have costly and, in some cases, affects your car’s drivability. 

Can I drive with a P0841 code? 

Yes. Driving a car with a P0841 code may be fine at first. Still, transmission problems will make driving the car increasingly difficult and dangerous as it struggles to change gears or generate torque. If you continue to drive, it may affect your car’s drivability.  

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What causes the P0841 code? 

These are some causes that lead the code to activate. 

  • Transmission fluid that is dirty or contaminated 
  • Low level of transmission fluid  
  • Failures in mechanical transmission 
  • A faulty PCM 
  • The signal circuit is open 
  • A voltage short in the TFPS sensor signal circuit 
  • A voltage ground in the TFPS sensor signal circuit 

Normally, the sensor communicates pressure levels to the PCM, responding by helping your car shift gears. Engine code P0841 could also imply more serious transmission problems. Here are some serious issues indicated by the engine error code.  

  • Faulty or damaged TFPS 
  • Transmission mechanical problems 

What are the symptoms of the P0841 code? 


The code may get accompanied by other diagnostic trouble codes, and you may experience some of the symptoms listed below. On the other hand, if your PCM only stores a P0841 code, your car may exhibit the following symptoms. 

Can I fix the P0841 code myself? 

The exact issue will determine whether you can fix the P0841 engine code. You can solve minor issues like low or dirty transmission fluid by refilling or flushing the transmission. However, you should visit a skilled mechanic for faulty TFPS circuits. Because code P0841 can damage your car’s performance, you should have the issue diagnosed by a professional before attempting any DIY solutions. 

How do I fix code P0841? 

Follow these steps if you’re refilling the transmission fluid 

  • Park your car in a level area and look for the transmission fluid reservoir. Check the fluid with the dipstick. Pour more fluid into the reservoir if the dipstick is clean. Flush the system if it’s dark brown or black. 
  • Place the car on jack stands, leaving enough space below for you to slip. 
  • Under the car, locate the transmission fluid pan. Put a bucket beneath it. 
  • Remove the fluid pan, unscrew the drain bolt, and pour the fluid into your collection bucket. 
  • Replace the transmission fluid filter and clean the fluid plan. 
  • Reinstall the fluid pan and filter under your car. 
  • Then refill with new transmission fluid by placing a funnel in the fluid reservoir. 

What repairs can fix the P0841 code? 

Suppose there is a burned smell from the transmission fluid. In that case, you must remove the transmission pan and inspect it for clutch material and other debris. If contaminants are in the transmission pan, you’ll require a total rebuild, fluid flush and replacement, and a new torque converter. Otherwise, your transmission will get damaged.  

How much will it cost to fix code P0841? 

The source of the issue affects the cost of repairing TFPS. A professional diagnosis will typically cost between $75-$150, depending on the labor costs of the shop you visit. A new sensor will cost around $100, and extra transmission fluid service can cost up to $200. The total cost of resolving the error code will be around $500.

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