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P1299 code: Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, and Fixes

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Are you stuck in the middle of a journey with your car displaying the P1299 code? Most new drivers find it difficult to understand what is wrong with their car at first glance. The onboard computer will help you identify the car’s issue and communicate via error codes.


There are a variety of diagnostic error codes like the OBD2 code P1299. Each of them has a different meaning, and some of them are related. For example, the P1299 code is manufacture-specific, which means it has different meanings for each model and make. You can read more about the meaning, causes, and symptoms of the P1299 error code here. Also, read about how to clear a p1299 code and get back on the road.

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What is code P1299?

P1299-Cylinder Head Overtemperature Protection Active

You have already read that this is a manufacturer-specific error code. Companies like Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury define P1299 as Cylinder head Overtemperature Protection Active. Basically, this code is displayed when the Engine Control System detects overheating of the engine. This code has a similar meaning in models like Citroen, Peugeot, Land Rover, and Mazda.

The code is displayed when the Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT)sensor and monitoring circuit tells the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) that the engine is in an overheating condition. Each manufacturer has set a critical limit for engine temperature beyond which the engine is not safe.


The CHT sensor measures the temperature at the cylinder head and converts it into a signal voltage which changes as the temperature changes. By analyzing this signal, the PCM will understand the engine’s temperature at any moment. Once this reading exceeds the critical limit, PCM will set engine code P1299.

Extremely high engine temperatures can result from inadequate cooling brought on by a too-lean mixture, a fuel grade that is too low, a lack of lubrication, or a lack of airflow over the engine.

What are the symptoms of this engine code?

  • Check Engine Light turns ON.
  • The engine automatically shuts down.
  • The engine takes longer to start: It will not start likely until the engine cools down.
  • Reduced performance: This is to prevent the car from driving further.
  • Vehicle enters limp mode: Even when you try to accelerate, there will be no throttle response.
  • Low fuel efficiency: The engine will consume more fuel when it is overheating.

Before starting with possible P1299 code fixes, make sure there are no other active codes. Some of the above symptoms can also be due to other issues.

A car’s performance may suffer from problems with the cylinder head temperature sensor, including a loss of power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency. The performance problems might be somewhat obscure initially, but they will worsen over time.

What can cause code P1299?

Here are some of the possible causes of the error code P1299.

  • Coolant loss or low coolant: This can be due to damages in the hose or radiator holes, or even the coolant can vaporize in some cases. Since the coolant keeps the heat away from the engine, the loss of coolant will accelerate overheating.
  • Poor coolant circulation: coolant leaks can be spotted easily. For example, if fluid is under the car while driving or after you parked it somewhere, there is a leak. The reason for poor circulation can be a faulty water pump or thermostat.
  • Faulty Thermostat: In some cases, the thermostat malfunctions, and the coolant leaks from your engine. This is because the coolant will overflow through the thermostat housing when the engine overheats.
  • Faulty CHT sensor: The data from the sensor is important in determining the amount of fuel to be used to run the car. If there is a sudden increase in fuel consumption, the CHT sensor can be the villain.
  • Damaged connections: Burnt or disconnected circuitry in the cooling system can be the cause. In addition, the connectors and wiring could be burned, corroded, or shorted in some cases.

Damaged Radiator cooling fans, water pump failure, and improper airflow can also be the causes of the OBD2 code P1299.

How do I fix code P1299?


Before getting into the fixes for this diagnostic code, keep an eye out for other error codes. If there are any others, record them in the order in which they appear. Once you have cleared all of them, you can start diagnosing the P1299 engine code.

Check for fluid leaks: After a visible check for fluid leaks, and if there aren’t any, try to start the car. Again, ensure the coolant levels are ideal before allowing the car to warm up. Burst radiator hoses and holes in the radiator can usually cause these leaks.

Check for damaged circuitry in the cooling system: After all the burnt, damaged, and disconnected wirings and connectors are reconnected or replaced, clear all codes. If the code recurs, then move on to the next step.

Replace cylinder head: Replacement of the cylinder head is necessary if the head is warped. This can be confirmed if there is fluid seepage where the cylinder head and engine blocks come in contact.

Clean radiator: Remove and clean the radiator if the coolant is not clear. A professional cleaning process will get rid of all corrosion, rust, and scale from the radiator. This will facilitate the smooth circulation of the coolant.

Getting help from a professional is advised since the issue can lead to bigger problems if left unattended.

Can I drive with the code P1299?

If the code is displayed, it already means that the control module has initiated a Fail-Safe mode. This is to prevent the engine from suffering fatal damage by further overheating. But the first thing to do if the temperature gauge is set to red is to stop the car and allow the engine to cool down. Also, before applying any P1299 code fix, the car engine should be cooled down.

If you avoid the code and drive further, major damages can occur. These can include severe mechanical failures, blown piston rings, cylinder head gaskets, and so on.

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