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Understanding the P2101 Error Code: Causes and Fixes

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Imagine one fine morning, you fire up your engine and go hard on the gas pedal, only to realize that the engine is still idling and you’re not experiencing any throttle response. This happens when the Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) goes out of range, represented by the P2101 error code.  

The P2101 issue is described as a Throttle Actuator “A” Control Motor Circuit Range/Performance. This happens when there’s a mismatch between the throttle position the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is expecting from the vehicle and its actual throttle position, resulting in a lack of throttle response from the car.  

The throttle motor manipulates the throttle plate to increase or decrease airflow to the engine, depending on how quickly the driver wants to go. 

P2101 code - Auto refinance

Symptoms of a P2101 code 

Like any OBD II code, P2101 also has its set of symptoms to tell you, “Hey, I’m around.” It is important to understand these symptoms before it leads to big trouble. These are some of the common P2101 code symptoms.  

  • No matter how hard you go on the accelerator pedal, the engine won’t rev up. There won’t be any throttle response. 
  • Vehicle stuck in limp mode 
  • The engine will simply continue to idle- higher or lower than usual.  
  • Illumination of the Check Engine Light, like every error code.  

What causes a P2101 code? 

P2101 code is a result of an open circuit in the Throttle Actuator Control (TAC). The following are the various causes of the same.  

  • A P2101 code pops up when the Engine Control Module (ECM) detects that TAC has gone out of range, which causes an open TAC circuit.  
  • There is a broken connection somewhere in the harness or perhaps a loose connector. 
  • Cross-wiring of TAC motor wires can also cause an open circuit with the ECM. 
  • Faulty TAC motor relay. 

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Diagnosing P2101 

  • Scan for the code using a code scanner and document it.  
  • Performs a precise manufacturer test to validate the TAC signal and then diagnoses the fault. 
  • Accelerate while keeping an eye on the throttle position sensors and TAC operation. 
  • Make a visual inspection of the wiring harness and its connections to the TAC for any defects. 
  • Fixing all the errors and testing it adhering to the testing protocols set by the manufacturer


Do not attempt to open the throttle body with your hand, even after you’ve switched off the engine, as it may cause serious harm to the throttle body. Always seek external help to push the gas pedal down while you open the throttle plate. Also, try not to put your fingers into the throttle body even if you’ve sought external help. This is because there’s a chance of your fingers getting trapped in the throttle body if someone accidentally releases the pedal. Try to use a brush for the same.  

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Image by Ryan Doka from Pixabay 

Is it difficult to inspect this code? 

Yes. Diagnosing a P2101 code can be difficult as it depends on your car’s make and model. Only an experienced mechanic can easily figure out the differences between problems described by the same code in different car models. So, ensure you’re consulting the right person to rectify the issue. 

How serious is the P2101 engine code? 

There is cause for general concern due to the car’s poor throttle response. The car won’t be able to read the throttle properly, and this would result in difficulty in controlling your car and driving safely. Thus, a P2101 code is a serious matter of concern, and it is better to fix it before it runs into much bigger trouble.  

Is it okay to drive with a P2101 code? 

The throttle plates will not open and close if the Throttle Actuator Control fails completely, and the car will not accelerate. This would make any movement of the vehicle impossible. It may also activate the limp mode, making driving the car annoying. In any situation, taking your car to a mechanic as soon as possible is important to solve the issue. 


P2101 is classified as a generic OBD-II code but doesn’t appear on every car model. There are also chances that this definition of the code would apply to all car models that show this code. It is always better to take your car to a mechanic to sort it out if you have any concerns. 

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