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P2714 Code: How Serious Is This Error Code?

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Is your car experiencing poor fuel economy and having transmission issues? Has the check engine light been illuminated? If yes, it could indicate an engine error code! Well, you can use the OBD-II scanner to identify the issue. Now if your scanner shows your car activated the P2714 code, how serious is it and what can you do to fix it? 

If your vehicle displays the P2714 code, it implies that one of the solenoids that helps you shift gears smoothly is faulty. Transmission control solenoids control the flow of hydraulic fluid throughout the automatic transmission system of your car. Depending on the manufacturer, the code definition may differ. To learn how to repair the issue, check the car manual properly.  

So what does code P2714 mean? What causes it? How can you fix it? Know in detail about this diagnostic trouble code (DTC).  

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What does the engine code P2714 mean? 

It means that the engine control module (ECM) detected an issue with the solenoid D in your automatic transmission. When you change gears, your transmission must have the appropriate fluid pressure. Otherwise, the transmission may slip or overheat, decreasing fuel efficiency. A series of solenoids, or wire coils, keep the pressure accurate to keep your gears gliding. If solenoid D is not working properly, a P2714 code will appear on your scanner. 


How serious is the P2714 code? 

When the transmission fluid pressure is too low, your car will have trouble shifting gears and saving fuel. It will have many transmission issues, like slipping, overheating, and engine stalling. Normally, the code doesn’t pose serious threats. Still, it can quickly advance to a more severe level if not diagnosed promptly. 

What causes code P2714? 

These are some reasons that lead to this engine error code. 

  • Transmission fluid level becomes low 
  • ECM gets faulty  
  • A solenoid valve harness that is open or shorted 
  • Faulty connectors 
  • Damaged pressure control solenoid 
  • Contaminated or inadequate fluid 
  • The transmission filter becomes dirty or clogged 
  • Issues with the transmission pump  
  • Failure of internal transmission 

What are the symptoms of the P2714 code? 


Since other DTCs may accompany the code, you may experience symptoms not listed here. If your ECM stores only the P2714 code, your car may show the following symptoms. 

  • Check engine light gets illuminated 
  • The car enters limp mode. 
  • Transmission shifts get erratic  
  • Extreme transmission heat 
  • The transmission shifts out of gear 
  • Reduced fuel efficiency 
  • The car will not move on its own 

How do I fix error code P2714? 

These are some steps you can follow to fix this DTC.  

  • Review the Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for your car’s model, year, and transmission. TSBs can guide you on the proper steps to fix your car, saving time.  
  • Inspect the level of transmission fluid. If the fluid level is too low or dirty, you can clear the code by replacing the transmission fluid. 
  • Then, inspect the wiring for flaws. But suppose you notice corrosion on the connectors or wires for the transmission pump, solenoids, or ECM. Then, replace the damaged parts.  
  • Lastly, take the car to a mechanic. Suppose the scanner still displays a P2714 code after doing these steps. Then it’s best to get your car inspected by a mechanic for further repairs. 

What repairs can fix the P2714 code? 

So, has your car activated this DTC? Then do these repairs to fix the issue. 

  • Fluid and filter replacement 
  • Replace the broken Pressure Control Solenoid 
  • Repair or repair a broken transmission pump 
  • Flushing the transmission to clean the passages 
  • Replace or repair a faulty transmission valve body 
  • Cleaning corroded connectors 
  • Wiring repair or replacement 
  • ECM flashing or replacement 

How much does it cost to fix code P2714? 

If you need to replace P2714, the rate will likely range between $100 and $400. Servicing the transmission fluid will cost you between $200 and $500. But the exact cost will depend on numerous factors, like the make and model of your car and the labor cost at the repair shop. 

There are many reasons for the code to appear. So, to identify the real issue, you must take your car to a mechanic. Most shops will charge between $75 and $150 to diagnose the issue.  

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