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Important Tips for Parking At Ronald Reagan Airport

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 10 minutes

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So you’re flying out of the Reagan International Airport? If you’re planning to drive down in your car, here’s the big question –  where will you park it? Not to worry,  we’ll give you all the details about Reagan Airport parking and DCA parking rates in this blog so that you have a hassle-free Washington Reagan Airport parking experience.

Important Tips for Parking At Ronald Reagan Airport

Available Garages

There are four primary garages for you to choose from – Terminal A Garage, Terminal B Garage, Terminal C Garage, and the Economy Lot. Terminal B and C Garages are fairly similar in terms of layout and features, but they have different gates. Parking spaces for the disabled and a cell phone lot have also been set up.

All garages are conveniently located and are spread over multiple parking areas. Shuttle service is offered at all Reagan Airport parking lots. Though payment is accepted through multiple means, paying through your credit card is the fastest way to reserve parking at Reagan International Airport. All major cards are accepted. Cash is also an acceptable mode of payment, but it is a bit more time-consuming. Just swipe your card at the terminal entrance and park at a free spot. When exiting, you will have to swipe the same card again. Payment is deducted and a receipt is generated as you leave.

Parking Garage A

Parking Garage A is located close to Gates 1 to 9. The entrance has been set up right next to the car rental return station. Please note that only levels 4 and 5 of the garage are available for the general public.  Frontier, Southwest, and Air Canada are the three airlines served.

Garage A is directly connected to Terminal A via a covered walkway, accessible through the basement level of the garage. The elevator will take you down. Shuttle service will take you to other terminals as well and can be accessed through Level 1. Exit the garage and head off to the Parking/Rental Car bus stop to board the shuttle. For extra convenience, rental car counters have also been set up inside the garage.

The hourly rates for Garage A parking at Reagan are $6 and the daily rates are $25. Payment is accepted through all methods.

How Can You Pay?

  • Bring a ticket with you and pay using pre-pay machines. Use the generated ticket when exiting, but be sure to use a Prepaid lane only.
  • Store the parking ticket in your vehicle during your entire trip. Upon returning, pay the amount at the designated booths that are set up along the Credit or Cash exit lanes
  • Reserve a Reagan airport parking spot in advance through ePark. Enter Garage A with the same credit card that you use for reserving. Exit through the Prepaid Generally, this is the fastest payment method.
  • If you have downloaded the Reagan airport parking app, you can pay through that as well. When entering and exiting, open the app and scan the QR code at the gates.

Terminal Garages B and C

Terminal Garages B and C are located adjacent to each other. Garage B is connected to Gates 10 to 22, as well as Gates 23 to 34. Garage C is connected to Gates 23 to 34, as well as Gates 35 to 45. These two garages serve five airlines: United, Alaska, American, Delta, and JetBlue. Both are connected to their respective terminals through covered walkways that can be accessed via Level 2. Like with Garage A, shuttle service is available to all terminals. Car rental booths are located right outside the building, which you can exit via Level 1.

Garage B and C parking at Reagan International Airport also offer electric vehicle charging stations on the ground level, which operate on a first-come, first-served basis. The hourly and daily rates are the same as for Garage A: $6 and $25, respectively.

How Can You Pay?

The payment methods for Garage B and C are exactly the same as those described for Garage A in the previous section. Both cash and credit cards are accepted.

Economy Parking

Economy Parking at Reagan Airport is situated some distance away from the terminals. All airlines are served. Shuttle service is available to all terminals for an economical fee. If you park your car for an hour, you don’t pay a penny. However, the daily rates have been set at $17 per hour.

How Can You Pay?

The Economy Parking lot accepts payments in the form of cash and credit card. You can pay through multiple options that include pre-pay machines, ePark and the smartphone app. Whichever payment method you choose, please ensure that you enter and exit the garage through designated lanes.

Important Tips for Parking At Ronald Reagan Airport

Disabled Parking at Reagan

The Reagan International Airport offers parking facilities for the disabled. Considering their needs, special parking spaces have been designated for them at all public parking lots. For Terminal Garages, are located right next to the elevators at each level and close to the walkways. In the Economy Garage, parking spots for the disabled are reserved at the shuttle stop.

Please note that disabled airport parking at Reagan can only be availed by vehicles that display a government-issued plate or required placard. Should any other vehicles park at these spots, they would be fined and towed away.

In case, any of Reagan parking lots have limited space or are completely full, then uniformed assistants would help you locate the nearest disabled parking spot. Assistants are available outside the terminals at all entrances. Let them know if you need a parking spot for the disabled, show them the special needs credential, and they’ll gladly direct you to the nearest one.

All shuttle buses feature ramps and motorized chairs so that they can easily be accessed even by people on wheelchairs. The service is offered free of charge.

Cell Phone Lot

The Cell Phone Lot is located some distance away from Garage C Terminal Parking. However, if any roadway construction is ongoing, the area may be closed, as is the case these days. In such a situation, customers can easily access Garages A, B, and C, each of which offers free parking for an hour. All garages are connected to terminals via moving walkways for greater convenience.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Reagan International Airport features four charging stations, which are located at Ground Level of Terminal B Garage. These serve eight different parking spaces, which can be conveniently accessed through the walkway or the shuttle service.

Charging stations are only reserved for electric vehicles. Every station offers two different charging levels— a 120 V outlet and a 240 V connector. Activate the station using the ChargePoint smartphone app, Charge Pass or a credit card that offers RFID.

Electric stations don’t charge you any extra fee, but the standard terminal rates do apply. Payment is made when you leave the garage. Stations operate on a first come, first served basis.

Car Rentals

Rental car booths are located at Level 1 of Terminal Garage. For those who are club members, the service can be availed from the second and third floors. Both these floors can be reached through two main ways when you arrive at the airport. Board the shuttle service, which is designated for Rental Car Parking, which will take you to Level 3 of Terminal Garage A. You can also reach Terminal A on foot, following the direction signs. A walk to Terminal A and B is of 10 minutes, whereas Terminal C is located at a distance of 15 minutes.

Ground Transportation

Reagan International Airport offers other services as well if you don’t want to ride on their shuttle bus.

App-Based Services

Authorized Lyft and Uber drivers can enter the airport and pick up customers at designated stations. Use the app for contacting the drivers and agree on a suitable pickup location. Use terminal garages for this purpose.

Off Airport Shuttle Bus

Authorized shuttle services that don’t fall under airport management can also be used. Like Uber and Lyft, these services can be availed through their respective apps.


Reagan Airport offers taxi services on a first-come, first-served basis. All drivers are licensed and have received the required training. Taxis are first inspected for safety before being utilized for the service, which can be availed through Taxi dispatchers available at designated stands. For Terminal A, these are located on the right side of the exit. Head out of the terminal from the baggage doors and take a right turn. Proceed to the closest curb, and you’ll come across the nearest taxi stands. Considering Terminals B and C, you should leave the building through the exit near the baggage claim on Level one if you want to use a taxi service.

All taxis are clean and in good condition. Smoking isn’t allowed once you’re inside. The offered service rates are decided upon Washington Transit Commission.

Taxis for the Disabled

Uniformed dispatchers are always available to assist passengers with disabilities. They ensure you receive a taxi that is wheelchair accessible. If such a taxi isn’t nearby, an accessible taxicab will take you to another taxi stand.

Please contact the airport a day before your flight and finalize arrangements if you want to avail disabled facilities. This ensures that the service will be available when you require it.

How Can You Pay?

Credit cards and cash are acceptable payment methods. All taxis are equipped with a meter, which displays the total incurred amount at the end of the drive.


Reagan Airport is connected to the Metrorail, so that is another possible option if you don’t want to drive your car. Stations are situated at Terminals B and C, which allow for easy and affordable access to the airport for all individuals in Washington, Maryland and Virginia.

Metrorail service can only be availed if you have a farecard, which can be purchased at booths set up at the station entrance. If a SmarTrip card is utilized, the maximum fare to any station is $6.

Accessing the Metro rail Station from the Terminals

If you’re at Terminal B or C, you can reach the stations through enclosed bridges, accessible from the concourse level. These will take you directly to the station.

Please note that only Terminals B and C are connected to the metro station. If you arrive at terminal A, you’ll have to board the shuttle bus and arrive at Terminal B and C or their connected parking garages. You will have to walk over the enclosed bridge to reach the station.

Reaching the Terminals from the Station

  • Terminal A – Walk to the end of the platform, exit, and head towards the garage. Take the stairway or elevator to the street and then avail the shuttle service to reach the station.
  • Terminal B – Exit the train platform from the southern end. Then can take a pedestrian bridge to the Concourse Level of the Terminal.
  • Terminal C – Exit from the northern end of the platform and then walk over the pedestrian bridge to reach the Concourse Level.
  • Elevator Access – Elevators are located right in the middle of the platform. Sloped sidewalks take you to pedestrian bridges, which are connected to Terminals B and C.

Airport Shuttle Service

Airport shuttle service is available round the clock. Signs have been put up throughout the airport, directing you towards designated shuttle stops. Buses can be broadly classified into the following.

  • All Terminals–This shuttle bus will take you to the three terminals as well as the Metro Station
  • Economy – This bus only travels to and from the Economy Parking lot
  • Rental Car/Garage Parking – This shuttle runs between the parking garages of the three terminals and car rental booths.

While parking at DCA Airport is not always a hassle, it might be during peak travel times like the fall and the holidays.

Important Tips for Parking At Ronald Reagan Airport

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