Parking for Newark Airport: 5 Ideas for Hassle-Free Airport Parking

The Newark Liberty International Airport is one of the biggest and the fifteenth busiest airport of New Jersey, USA. Connecting the beautiful cities of Newark and Elizabeth and serving more than 43 million passengers in 2017 alone, the Newark Liberty Airport is a major commercial hub of America.

Being the nation’s oldest airfield, it emerged in 1928 and for the next 9 or so years, it was the only airport that was serving the New York City. With three main terminals hosting more than 30 airlines every year and humongous airport parking lots, Newark airport is convenient, affordable, and a popular choice.

No doubt, with such an enormous influx of travelers in and out of the airport, the place is packed with different amenities to please the passengers and tourists. With grand hotels, restaurants, and luxurious shops, perhaps what this magnificent airport is most famous for is its airport parking services.

People who travel frequently for corporate trips, holiday vacations, or luxurious globe-trotting will know the importance of airport parking. Stationing your car in a safe spot, with ample security and careful monitoring, gives way to a peaceful travelling experience.

There are many places for parking near Newark airport , whether you’re heading out for a long time or are planning for a short day out of the city. With this guide on the different types of parking and the best places to land a spot, your time at Newark Airport will easily breeze through.   

Parking near Newark Airport

1.Long-term Parking

When it comes to long-term airport parking, the best places to park at Newark airport are the main airport lots. Instead of looking for secluded parking lots, just utilize the regular parking lots for a much lesser price.

The P4 daily parking garage has been a popular option, with customers leaving their cars for up to 2 weeks. You will have to catch a short train ride with Airtrain, available at all the 3 terminals, to get from the parking lot to your flight terminal.

The cheapest parking rates for long-term airport parking, however, are at P6 economy parking lot. With a 20-minute bus ride to the terminals, you can easily find an economical and accessible parking spot. If you pre-book your spot at the P6 economy lot, you actually get a whopping discount, which brings down the rate to just $16. However, at the P4 garage, passengers have access to charging stations, which is an unmatched benefit.

2.Short-term Parking

Short-term airport parking is meant for day-long travels or occasions, when you simply want to see off your loved ones and head back in. Although you can simply park at the terminal, the best parking places are within the short-term parking lots.

Newark airport is pretty much shaped like a C, which means it covers miles of distance and involves lots of turnings. For this reason, if your stay is going to be less than two days, opt for a short-term parking spot in either of the A, B, and C parking lot. With reasonable hourly rates and close distance to each terminal, short-term lots are convenient and quickly accessible.

However, short-term rates, as compared to valet and long-term parking, are the most expensive. Parking your vehicle for a whole day can cost you around $39. If you’re picking up or dropping passengers, just use short-term lots for a few hours.

However, if you plan to stay for more than 24 hours, simply book a spot in advance. That way, you can also get online discounts and coupons. Although short-term parking at Newark airport may not be as budget-friendly, it still offers the most reliable, safe, and practical parking spots.

3.Hotel Parking

Hotel parking has been a popular option for many passengers as most of them stay in at Hilton Newark Airport. The hotels near Newark airport with free parking and shuttle are Hilton, Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel, and Holiday Inn Newark Airport.

The parking rates are super-cheap, which makes hotel parking a suitable alternative to expensive onsite airport parking. You can actually save money by utilizing your airport hotel stay. Leave your car at the hotel and then take a shuttle to the airport terminal.

Hilton Newark airport offers free parking for up to 2 weeks with only an additional cost of $18 if you stay longer, while shuttle transfers cost $30. Renaissance Newark offers free shuttle service, is easy to find, and has a huge parking space.

4.Economy Parking

Economy parking at Newark airport takes place at the P6 parking lot. With an on-site location and reasonable hourly rates, most customers find it nearest to their terminal. The shuttle services are free and quickly get to each of the A, B, and C terminal.

The P6 parking lot also has a solid security system with CCTV cameras and roving security personnel. You can use this spot for both short term and long-term airport parking purposes. However, make sure not to leave your vehicle for more than 30 days to avoid towing.

5.Valet Parking

Valet parking has the most discounts and coupons for online customers. It is also the most convenient. Available at Garage P4, the rates go up to $40 for 24 hours and are $4 each for every half an hour. The least expensive valet parking is at lot P1 and P3, with only $27 per day.

Valet parking at Newark airport has numerous benefits. You’ll be saving plenty of time by not having to look for your vehicle or a parking space yourself. You also get access to baggage assistance, as the staff also offers to take your luggage to the terminal. It is one of the best options for corporate airport parking because of its time-saving convenience.

Just like airports, the parking lots for each purpose have their own pros and cons. However, when you stay on the look-out for discounts and know exactly where to park depending on your flight, departure, and hotel stay-on plans, you can make the most of Newark airport parking. Happy travels!

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