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Parking in Baltimore: Visitors’ Guide to the Best Spots and Deals

  • City Parking
  • Celine Jerly
  • 5 minutes

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Parking in Baltimore won’t be a challenge as long as you stick to the street parking rules and pre-book your garage spaces. But do keep in mind that the historic city on the Patapsco River receives over 26 million visitors every year. And, of course, Baltimoreans also love to get around by car. To stay ahead of the game, start planning your parking in the city right away.  

A city tour by car is not a bad idea during the times we live in – no doubt it’s the safest while social distancing still has a sway over the way we travel. And it could be cheaper if you plan that road trip well. Looks like you are about to take that route. Because, if you are trying to figure out affordable parking in Baltimore, you’ve come to the right page. Before you explore the popular neighborhoods and top attractions in Baltimore, here are a few things to keep in mind when getting around the city by car.  

On-Street parking vs. Off-Street parking 

When you are visiting a city for the first time, confirm whether the cheaper on-street parking is worth your time and effort. Street parking in Baltimore is safe, but there is no guarantee you’ll find a spot near your destination instantly. Additionally, the time restrictions, residential zones, and temporary parking regulations create the risk of parking tickets. With a meter violation fine costing you $32, secure garage spaces are any day better for worry-free parking while exploring the city. Keep in mind that illegal parking in a No-stopping/Handicap parking zone will set you back by $502! So, if you do need to park curbside for a quick stop, keep your eyes peeled for the parking signs.  

Metered parking in Baltimore 

Baltimore parking authority has installed over 800 new pay-by-plate meters in Baltimore. These are either operated using a touchscreen or push buttons. However, both types allow you to pay with coins and cards. Metered parking is easier with this upgrade as users need not print out a receipt and display it on their dashboards for the parking officers. You can simply enter your license plate and pay for the parking time you need. Before your paid parking session expires, the car can be moved and parked again on the same block without paying again. However, if you need to park on a different block, you’ll have to start another session at the pay station there.  

Street parking meter in Baltimore

Free parking in Baltimore city 

Metered parking in Baltimore is not enforced on New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Some meters are in effect on Sundays – always check the posted signs and meter displays before leaving your car on the street. On weekdays and Saturdays, parking on the streets is free after the meters are suspended for the day at 6 pm. However, when you park overnight at a metered spot, make sure to move the car before the meters start again at 8 am the next day. Stay away from the snow emergency routes during winter, as temporary restrictions could be placed if the weather goes rogue.  

Street parking rules and regulations 

Keep these basic rules in mind while driving and parking around Baltimore. 

  • Look out for no-parking/no-stopping zones at street ends, in front of driveways, and temporarily restricted zones such as snow routes. 
  • Commercial/Passenger loading zones and reserved spots for accessible parking are other curbside areas that could get you ticketed for illegal parking. 
  • Only vehicles with special license plates or valid disability placards can park at the accessible parking spots on-street and at off-street parking facilities. 
  • Snow emergency routes are indicated by black and white signs posted alongside other parking signs. Your car will be ticketed and towed if it’s parked on these streets during a snowstorm.  
  • Visitors with RPP (Residential Parking Permit) visitor passes must display the valid pass on the car to avoid citations.  

Off-street parking options and deals 

Enjoying a city tour or event in Baltimore is challenging, with a parking time restriction hanging over your head. However, you might still risk and stress over street parking due to off-street parking costs. Baltimore parking garages and lots could be expensive in some of the busiest neighborhoods like downtown, but it won’t drain your pockets like NYC or LA. And like every other city, you’ll find cheaper options without compromising quality or safety. City-owned garages offer all-day parking coupons, early-bird rates, discounted evening/weekend rates, and cheap monthly parking in Baltimore. For the best deals at other parking lots near attractions, always check parking apps and websites before you visit. Pre-booking a spot online will save you a lot of time and money.  

Find affordable parking lots near top Baltimore attractions 

The demand and rates for parking near popular Baltimore neighborhoods and attractions will always be high. Driving up to the first parking lot you see does not guarantee a secure spot or affordable rates. The lowest rates at top-rated Baltimore parking lots and garages are always available online. And the easiest way to find these deals is to use a parking app. You can search, compare, and book parking spots anywhere in the city within minutes. Parking companies offer special rates and discounts on online reservations – the key is to book a spot early to save maximum at in-demand parking lots.  

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