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Parking in SoMa San Francisco: All you need to know

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All you need to know about parking in SoMa is that it’s great! Plenty of on-street and off-street parking spaces await your car in this lively San Francisco neighborhood. Whether you like museum tours, watch the Giants at AT&T or spend weekends near the Missiondon’t think twice about driving to SoMa. Finding the perfect parking spot at your destination should be easy peasy – and easier when you book in advance using Way.com or the Way app.  

Parking in SoMa San Francisco: All you need to know

SoMa – ‘South of Market Street’ — is San Francisco’s former warehouse district and now rapidly transforming into a hub for startups and coworking spaces that bring a hip and happening vibeWith its streets running parallel and perpendicular to Market Street, SoMa has three distinct sections – its border with the Mission near 101, South Beach by the Bay, and Yeruba Buena in the middle. Each section adds unique attractions to the neighborhood – from museums like SFMOMA to the high-energy nightlife and waterfront views. You’ll even find a few Victorian homes tucked away on side streets! The Moscone Conference Centre and a few major software company HQs also draw visitors to SoMa.   

Easily accessible from downtown San Francisco, driving to and in SoMa poses no trouble. Parking rules and regulations are pretty straight forward too. Here are a few you must know: 

Street Parking in SoMa San Francisco 

Street parking in SoMa is highly reliable for short-term parking. The neighborhood is considered one the best for free parking in San Francisco. Metered parking is enforced from 7/8/9 AM – 6 PM depending on the zone; parking rates also vary from 25 cents to $6 per hour as per the area. In the Brown zone (Port of SF), SoMa metered parking extends to 11 PM and is enforced all days of the week. In the Red and Blue zones, the maximum parking time limit ranges from two hours to unlimited; in the Green zone, it is restricted to 1-4 hours.

SoMa parking meters can be paid using coins, credit cards, PaybyPhone, or pre-paid SFMTA Parking Cards. Meter rates could fluctuate as per demand; be aware of inconsistent time limits and rates while using street parking in SoMa.

Residential Parking Zones in SoMa 

Residential parking permits are required on certain streets, mainly near the Embarcadero and between Mission Street and Harrison Street. You might be able to park in these zones without the residential parking permit for a couple of hours if no other restrictions are in place. Make sure to check parking signs before parking on the streets anywhere in SoMa.

Parking SoMa San Francisco

Free parking in SoMa 

On weekdays, you can park for free anywhere in SoMa outside of metered hours, usually after 6 PM. On weekends, street parking in SoMa is free of charge throughout the day. In residential zones, free parking without a permit is usually allowed for a couple of hours; some streets might also allow permit-free parking after 10 PM. In unrestricted zones, the maximum parking limit is 72 hours, and you must also check for street cleaning schedules to avoid a San Francisco parking ticket.

Overnight Parking in SoMa  

While it’s pretty safe to leave your car on the streets in SoMa, overnight parking is recommended at a secure parking garage. There are several affordable parking lots in SoMa with modern amenities like contactless parking and 24-hour security – you’ll easily find one conveniently located close to you. Elif Parking Garage is a good option with round-the-clock accessibility. Fifth and Mission Garage, SOMA garage, ABC parking 2, and Moscone Center Garage also offer premium services with guaranteed safety for your car.

SoMa San Francisco Parking Tickets   

  • No one likes the look of a parking ticket hanging out on their windshields, so here are the basics of how to avoid a San Francisco parking violation.   
  • Even when you know all the rules, check parking signs – look 100 feet in both directions before parking on streets. There could be temporary regulations or changes in time limits, permit requirements, street cleaning schedules, etc.   
  • When parallel parking, make sure your wheels are within 18 inches of the curb and do not park against the flow of traffic.  
  • On hills and sloping driveways, remember to curb your tires and leave your car in gear or ‘Park.’  
  • Move your car before the maximum time limit expires – 72 hours in unrestricted zones and usually, a couple of hours in RPP (Residential Parking Permit) zones.   
  • Make sure your bumper is not extending into a driveway, crosswalk, or color zone.  
  • During commute hours, some parking zones could become tow-away zones. Check the meter face or signs for tow-away restrictions. 

Best Parking Spots in SoMa San Francisco  

Head to Hawthorne Street, Harrison Street, or Tehama Street for premium parking spaces at affordable rates. You’ll find all the latest amenities your car needs – contactless parking, aisle access, camera surveillance, COVID-compliance – at these well-maintained parking lots. To make sure you find the right garage closest to your destination, book online using a San Francisco parking app. You can compare parking garages and even get exclusive offers on SoMa parking rates.   

Parking in SoMa San Francisco: All you need to know

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Make an online booking now, or reserve your parking spot through our iOS or Android apps!

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