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Penalties in Florida if you don’t have car insurance

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Do you need car insurance in Florida? How much is the fine for driving without insurance? What are the penalties for driving without insurance in Florida? What happens when the license is suspended for no insurance? Have these questions taken away your sleep? Read on to know more!

Fuel, groceries, rent, healthcare, and education are all expensive. The problem is that you need all that stuff to survive, so you keep paying the price and looking for other ways to save money.¬†¬†What the heck do you think about it? Getting rid of auto insurance is the best way to save money. However, driving without auto insurance in Florida would cost you a lot more than your monthly insurance bill. Indeed, Florida’s car insurance penalties are, you guessed, expensive.¬†

Do you need car insurance in Florida?

Driving without insurance is illegal in Florida and is a serious offense that can lead to license suspension or revocation.

Florida drivers must have both $10,000 in PIP and $10,000 in property damage liability insurance (PDL). Additionally, according to Florida law, any car used within the state for more than 90 days in a calendar year must have this type of auto insurance.

What happens when the license is suspended for no insurance?

If the No-Fault Law suspends your driver’s license and license plate(s):

  • You must pay $150 and provide proof of insurance to reinstate them.¬†
  • Pay $250 if it occurs a second time within three years.¬†
  • You must pay $500 if it occurs three times in three years.

What happens when driving with an expired license in Florida?

Driving with an expired license for six months carries only a minor fee. After that, the offense is a non-criminal “infraction,” and the fine is $30 per Florida Statute 322.065.

Will Florida suspend if you don’t have insurance?

Your driver’s license or registration will be suspended in Florida if you fail to maintain the necessary insurance coverage. Additionally, you will be asked to pay a $500 reinstatement fee.

How much is the fine for driving without insurance?

Florida first-time offender penalties

When your Florida auto policy lapses, the insurance provider must inform the State immediately. It will alert you of the proof of recent coverage by the department of highway safety and motor vehicles. If you do not give this new proof, you are disqualified for up to three years from your license, plates, and registration. When you have made this revocation, you must prove a new policy to the State and pay an additional¬†$150¬†charge for a reinstatement of your license, plate, and registration. In other words, you’re not going to work if you intended to save a little money by going for a month or two without insurance.¬†¬†

Beware of penalty of car insurance in Florida

Subsequent insurance penalties in Florida

Offenses that follow are more costly. If the insurance is lost a second time, the re-establishment premium rises to $250 within three years of the first loss. The reinstatement fee for the third conviction would be up to $500 in three years. 

Things to remember

Your insurance company will give you a Florida Insurance I.D. card when you first get your policy. If you do not have your car insurance proof you will get a ticket.¬†You cannot get a temporary replacement license for any occasion, including employment if your driver’s license or license plates have been revoked for not following the financial responsibility or no-fault rules.¬†A second-degree misdemeanor can be levied against someone who makes a false declaration or commits forgery concerning their car insurance.¬†¬†

Florida car insurance penalty

The most critical component of insurance

All you’ve just heard about losing your driver’s license and the costs of regaining it pales in comparison to this. What happens if you don’t have insurance after an accident? In general, we are all aware that a car accident will result in severe and costly personal injury. Florida is a no-fault state. That does not mean you will be excluded from coverage for other people’s injuries. You will also be sued in Florida for the costs of “serious” accidents you cause due to a car accident.¬†

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