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Penalties of driving in Connecticut without car insurance

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Needing car insurance in Connecticut is like needing a parachute. If it isn‚Äôt there the first time, chances are you won‚Äôt be needing it again. Don’t get it? Well, the gist of the line is, if you are in the Constitution state, you will need to get car insurance in Connecticut.¬†Since driving without insurance carries relatively harsh penalties in Connecticut, it’s essential to make sure you meet the state’s minimum requirements. ¬†

connecticut car insurance

What are the basic requirements for car insurance in Connecticut? 

The state of Connecticut requires drivers to confirm their financial capacity to compensate others for losses they cause. You would need car insurance in Connecticut as you may cause an accident while driving, causing damage to other people or property.¬†Here’s what you need to do to avoid paying fines or facing legal repercussions.¬†

According to Connecticut rule, drivers must have the following insurance coverage: 

  • Bodily injury liability coverage of at least¬†$25000¬†per person and¬†$50000¬†per accident is needed.¬†
  • Property damage insurance coverage of at least¬†$25000¬†per accident¬†
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist compensation must be at least¬†$2000¬†per person and¬†$50000¬†per accident.¬†

Property damage liability coverage helps compensate for damages to property that you damage with your car, and bodily injury liability coverage helps pay for another person’s medical costs or death in an accident that you cause.¬†¬†If you are involved in a hit-and-run or a driver who does not have the minimum mandatory insurance policy, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will pay your medical bills.¬†

What happens when you are caught driving without car insurance? 

If you are found driving without car insurance in Connecticut, you’ll be fined $50¬†plus other penalties for a total of¬†$117. The fines are much worse if you are caught driving without an active car insurance policy or lending your car to someone else without having insurance for the vehicle.¬†

In the state of Connecticut, driving or allowing someone to drive your car without insurance is a Class C misdemeanor. As a result, you should be prepared to face consequences.

You could face a¬†$500¬†fine, up to three months in prison, or both as the car owner. A fine of¬†$100¬†to¬†$1000¬†will be imposed on the vehicle’s operator. The penalty rises to¬†$5000¬†or up to five years in prison if you have a business registration.¬†If this is your first offense, your registration and driver’s license will be suspended for one month, and any future offenses will be suspended for six months.¬†

If you can provide evidence of insurance, the car can be impounded. To have your license reinstated, you’ll need to show evidence of insurance and pay¬†$175.¬†

None of these policies pay for your medical bills or car damages if you cause an accident. You’ll almost certainly need extensive and collision compensation if you’re at fault and want to protect your finances. The Insurance Department of the State of Connecticut also strongly advises drivers to buy higher liability limits.¬†

Although the penalties and legal ramifications of driving without insurance in Connecticut are just enough to get a policy, the financial implications of a car accident are much worse when you don’t have insurance.¬†¬†Since Connecticut is an at-fault jurisdiction, you can be held liable for the total cost of the other party’s medical expenses and repairs if you cause an accident.¬†

The average bodily injury claim in Connecticut is $18429. The average property damage liability claim is $4539, giving you an idea of how much an at-fault accident could cost you without insurance. If you depend on your car to get to work, you should strongly consider buying comprehensive and crash coverage as well. If you cause an accident without this coverage, you would be responsible for the repairs to your car. 

By purchasing car insurance in Connecticut, the majority of the drivers follow this law. Some drivers, on the other hand, are not covered by insurance. They either want to disregard this requirement or are unable to afford car insurance in Connecticut. Certain fines apply if you do not have insurance. 

What is the best car insurance in CT?

If you are looking for the best car insurance in CT, we at Way.com have a few suggestions. We have found that the following list of auto insurance companies is some of the best ones and also low-income car insurance companies in CT. They are State Farm, Nationwide, and Amica.

connecticut car insurance

If a police officer pulls you over, you will be asked for personal information. Your driver’s license, insurance, and registration records will all be requested by the officer. It’s a felony if you can’t give the cop your insurance numbers. This ensures that, in addition to any other charges you will face (such as speeding or texting while driving), you may be issued a summons for driving without car insurance in Connecticut.


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