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Penalties of Driving in Indiana without Car Insurance

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Like many other states, you should get car insurance in Indiana. When involved in an accident or traffic violation in Indiana, you must have evidence of insurance, according to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Your insurance company must electronically apply this proof to the BMV. 

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Indiana law mandates specific minimum standards of coverage, and failure to comply carries severe consequences. Of course, shielding yourself and your family from liability and significant financial harm is a more compelling reason to look around for the right auto insurance for your needs. 

Indiana penalty car insurance

Minimum car insurance requirements in Indiana 

Do you know what is the basic car insurance coverage in Indiana? Before you fix your premium for car insurance in Indiana know the minimum coverage required.

According to Indiana law, you must have a liability policy that provides uninsured and underinsured drivers compensation.¬†¬†The following are the bare minimum liability limits you’ll require:¬†

  • $25000 for one person’s physical harm¬†
  • $50000 if two or more people are injured.¬†
  • $25000 for property damage¬†

In Indiana, driving without auto liability insurance is illegal. Suppose you want to drive without auto insurance in Indiana. In that case, you will face a 90-day revocation of your driving rights or a one-year suspension if you commit several violations within three years.  

Uninsured drivers must file an SR-22 form to prove their financial obligation and regain their driving privileges (also called a Certificate of Compliance).¬†¬†Depending on the number of suspensions, you may also pay a reinstatement fee of¬†$150,¬†$225, or¬†$300. By having the correct state minimum coverage, you can escape the fines and fees. If you don’t have it, don’t start your car.¬†

State Farm, Erie, Safe Auto, and Progressive are some of the most common car insurance providers in Indiana. As per our research, these are the best car insurance companies in Indiana.

Consequences of driving without car insurance in Indiana 

By filing evidence of financial liability, Indiana needs proof of auto insurance. The certificate of enforcement is a document of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) that shows you have met Indiana’s minimum auto insurance requirements. ¬†Typically, you should have your insurer file the COC for you electronically, which is a brilliant idea since driving without insurance has serious consequences.¬†

If it comes to notice that you are driving without insurance for the first time in Indiana, your driving privileges will most likely be revoked for 90 days. As previously said, this suspension necessitates the maintenance of an SR-22 for three years in this case. A second offense can result in more severe consequences. In addition to a one-year license revocation, a $500 fine will be levied, as well as a three-year SR-22 requirement. For a third and subsequent minimum insurance breach, you’ll have to pay a $1,000 reinstatement charge, your license will face suspension for one year, and you’ll have to keep your SR-22 for five years.

Online options

Indiana’s online insurance verification process differs from that of most other states. The system allows insurance brokers to electronically request policyholders’ insurance evidence, but it is not accessible to the general public. However, if the state of Indiana discovers that you own an uninsured vehicle, the following penalties may apply unless you promptly provide proof of insurance.

There is no sugarcoating the consequences of being in an accident while driving without insurance in Indiana. If you are caught driving without insurance, you will face all of the penalties listed above, including licence revocation. In most cases, SR-22 specifications will also be enforced. However, these may not be the most difficult obstacles you will face.

Assume you caused an accident while driving without insurance. In that case, the other driver, passengers, and their insurance providers may sue you for personal injury and property damage. This could land you in serious financial trouble for years. Of course, you’ll be responsible for any medical bills you incur as well as any damage to your vehicle.

Indiana penalty

SR-22 form in Indiana 

This form serves as a guarantee that you can meet Indiana’s minimum insurance requirements in the future. When your license is under suspension, the insurance provider must file an SR-22 with the BMV, and it must be in place before an Indiana license can be restored. ¬†Depending on the circumstances, the amount of time an SR22 must stay in operation has specific requirements.¬†

Can my license be suspended for an unpaid insurance claim in Indiana?

If you don’t have adequate insurance, your license and registration may be suspended for a full year.

How long is a license suspended for no insurance?

Operating a vehicle without insurance is a class A infraction in Indiana. In addition to fines and court costs, the court must suspend the person’s driving privileges for 90 days.


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