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Penalties of Driving in Pennsylvania without Car Insurance

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‘Virtue, Liberty and Independence is the motto of Pennsylvania. This motto applies to your civil life and not to matters pertaining to car insurance in Pennsylvania. If you live in Pennsylvania car insurance is a must, no negotiation! As per the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, not having car insurance in Pennsylvania is not virtuous on your part, against the liberty of other drivers, and most importantly affects your financial independence. Now let’s discuss the Pennsylvania car insurance penalty.

Pennsylvania car insurance

There is a minimum financial obligation provision for liability in car insurance in Pennsylvania. Any car insurance company doing business in the state must make a policy with only the minimum provisions available for purchase. Pennsylvania drivers must understand that carrying the bare minimum of liability insurance required by the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law is a legal requirement, not an option. 

A loss in coverage can not only result in fines under Pennsylvania’s Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, but it can also make it difficult for drivers to find another auto insurance provider willing to write them a policy.¬†

Penalties of not having Pennsylvania car insurance 

Any delay in auto insurance in Pennsylvania results in a three-month registration suspension, which can be avoided once a year by paying a $500 civil fee. If you don’t have car insurance in Pennsylvania for more than 31 days, the consequences are severe. After dropping the car insurance, a driver must submit their license plate to the Department of Transportation.¬†

Furthermore, even if a driver with a lapse in coverage finds a willing insurer, the driver could end up paying a much higher premium than he or she would have charged had the lapse in coverage not occurred. If the car insurance in Pennsylvania expires as per the voluntary action of the driver he or she will no longer drive a car. The only way to prevent fines under the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law is to discard the license plates. 

What are the minimum requirements for car insurance in Pennsylvania 

Do you know what are the auto insurance regulations in Pennsylvania? We at Way.com have created a snippet of the auto insurance regulations in Pennsylvania below. Any insurance company doing business in Pennsylvania is required to provide a minimum coverage policy. A driver in Pennsylvania must carry the following restrictions: 

  • $15000¬†per individual bodily injury liability insurance¬†
  • $30000¬†in bodily injury compensation insurance per accident¬†
  • $5000¬†liability in the event of property loss and first care benefits¬†
  • Underinsured and uninsured motorist benefits of¬†$15000¬†per person and¬†$30000¬†per accident are also required in Pennsylvania’s minimum coverage policies.¬†¬†

A driver, on the other hand, may decline underinsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage. 

How to get cheap car insurance in Pennsylvania

No matter what state you go to, the basic cheat code to get cheap car insurance is through comparison. When a driver shops for car insurance in Pennsylvania, one aspect of coverage special to the state is that the Commonwealth’s insurance laws allow drivers to choose a restricted tort alternative.¬†In the case of an automobile accident, limited tort limits a driver’s liability to medical and out-of-pocket costs. It excludes the right to seek pain, suffering, and other non-monetary damages.¬†

Getting low-income car insurance in PA can be difficult but also possible. When you are looking for cheap car insurance quotes in PA, compare. Some of the best car insurance companies operating in PA are Erie and USAA. You can get affordable auto insurance quotes from these two companies. There are conflicting arguments as to which of the two are the best car insurance in PA. The choice is up to you.

You may believe that driving without insurance saves you money. But it isn’t worth it, given Pennsylvania’s harsh penalties if you are caught. A minor accident or a traffic stop for anything like speeding could result in points on your license and hefty fines.¬†

Rather than face financial ruin in the event of an accident, compare free auto insurance rates online today. And find a policy that meets Pennsylvania’s minimum car insurance standards so you can drive with confidence.¬†

Is it illegal to drive without insurance in PA?

Driving without insurance is both dangerous and illegal in Pennsylvania. To avoid driving without insurance, keep your current insurance up to date and pay all bills on time.

What happens if I don’t have car insurance in PA?

If you do not have liability insurance on your vehicle, you may face the following penalties and expenses: Driving without insurance carries a minimum fine of $300. Your vehicle registration will be under suspension for three months. Your driver’s license will be suspended for three months.

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