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Penalties of Driving in Texas without a Car Insurance

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Will you be taken aback if we tell you a fact? As per our ground research, about 20% of Texas drivers are either uninsured or underinsured. In other words, they do not meet the state’s minimum liability coverage requirements. Fret not. we are here to help! In this blog, we will cover all about the Texas car insurance penalties.

Texas needs the following auto insurance amounts ‚Äď opt for less insurance, and you could face stiff fines and penalties. The average annual cost of auto insurance in Texas is $1833 for full coverage.

  • Property Damage –¬†$25000¬†
  • Personal Accident Coverage –¬†$30000¬†
  • Personal Injury Settlement –¬†$60000¬†

Proof of insurance in Texas

Drivers in Texas should have proof of insurance. It is a legal requirement.  It shows that they have the financial means to compensate victims of accidents they cause. Texas permits the use of electronic devices to demonstrate proof of insurance coverage. The proof of insurance can be insurance ID cards, proof of coverage letters, and SR-22 forms from your insurance company.

Degree of car insurance penalties in Texas

Even a single violation for driving without car insurance in Texas will cost you a lot of money. If you are arrested and do not have auto insurance, you will face a fine of up to $350, with a minimum of¬†$175. However, the additional expenses will not end there. When you renew your driver’s license, the charges include a hefty surcharge for driving an uninsured car. Expect to pay an additional $250¬†a year for your driver’s license for the next three years, making your DMV visit even more painful than average.¬†

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Penalty for first-time offenders

For first-time offenders, the bad news does not stop at the DMV. You could also learn that auto insurance premiums increase after a first offense. Also, incentives for taking a Texas defensive driving course or having a clean driving record would not make a difference in the additional premiums you’ll have to pay to most auto insurers.

Penalty for driving without insurance

Driving without insurance in Texas will cost you between $925 and $1100 for a first offense, including the initial ticket, fines, and long-term consequences. Texas is not known for being lenient when it comes to the rule of law, and auto insurance rules are no exception. People who repeatedly breach state auto insurance laws will face financial and legal consequences. If you are found driving without insurance for the second time, you will face a fine ranging from $500 to $1000, as well as the $250 license fee per year.  

Fines would not be the only thing for those caught driving without auto insurance in Texas. Depending on the officer on the scene, your vehicle will get impound charges. This leaves you without transportation ‚Äď and liable to higher impound fees. If the officer decides not to impound your vehicle, the judge, depending on where you have been convicted, always has the choice.¬†

While the $250 annual fee to renew your license may seem to be a steep price to pay, the cost of getting your license revoked is even steeper. From finding new transportation to work or school to paying a reinstatement fee and any legal expenses, a license suspension is costly. It is life-changing punishment that can be levied as early as your second time driving without insurance.

Penalty for driving with more than one person

Texas laws only permit having one passenger under the age of 21 in a vehicle. Unless those underage passengers are also members of their immediate families. A driver who carries more than one passenger under the age of 21 is breaking the law. This car insurance penalty in Texas can result in fines of up to $200. 

Dismissed no insurance ticket in Texas

It’s your responsibility to show proof of insurance coverage to the court within 15 days of receiving a citation for failing to show proof of financial responsibility or for not having insurance when you were issued that citation.

Steps to avoid penalties in Texas 

If you do not have insurance, you will be held liable for all damages if you are found to be at fault. The bill will be yours to pay for anything from personal injuries to property harm. A lack of insurance may also jeopardize your chances of receiving a personal injury. Given the case, if the other driver is at-fault because you drove recklessly, disregarding your safety and legal obligations. 

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Driving without insurance is a costly proposition in Texas. A single lapse will cost more than a year’s worth of auto insurance. And if insurance seems to be prohibitively costly, the fines greatly outweigh the cost of violating the rule. If insurance prices are a problem, compare rates with at least three providers and enroll in a Texas defensive driving course to lower your premiums.¬†

Texas defensive driving courses

Texas defensive driving services and traffic schools are accredited and licensed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). A defensive driving course will help you save money on your auto insurance or if you have recently earned a moving violation. 

Most Texas traffic courts will encourage you to complete a defensive driving course. It will result in the ticket being dismissed and any points being removed. Lowering the number of points on your driving record means lower insurance premiums. So, taking a course is well worth your time.

Even if you are not expected to take a course and have not earned a summons, engaging in a defensive driving program will give you a safe driver discount on your car insurance. In any case, you’ll learn some valuable lessons that will help you stay safe on the road and reduce your chances of receiving another ticket in Texas.


Can police pull you over for no insurance in Texas?

They can, in fact. However, you must first be stopped or pulled over. Despite advances in technology, police are unlikely to conduct an insurance check unless they have a compelling reason to do so.

How to get your insurance license in Texas?

  • Complete state’s insurance prelicensing course.
  • Pass your Texas licensing exam.
  • Schedule a fingerprint appointment.
  • Apply for a Texas insurance license.
  • Complete required insurance continuing education (CE) credits.

Do you need insurance to get an inspection in Texas?

Most states require proof of liability coverage and payment for the inspection, as well as your driver’s license or other forms of identification. Inspection stations rarely conduct inspections without first requesting proof of insurance.


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