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Safety tips for driving with your pets in your car

  • Car Insurance Tips
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 6 minutes

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Taking your pet for a ride can be a lot of fun (unless you’re going to the vet). Pet safety while driving is paramount for not just your safety but also other drivers on the road. We understand that your pets are your babies, and you want to protect them. Since your pet is a member of the family, and you’ll almost certainly want to bring them along when you go on vacation or even to work sometimes. 

Let’s go over some of the safest ways to travel with a dog or a cat in a car around town or across the country. All you need to know about safety while driving with your pet is outlined here.

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Introduce your pets to what a drive is

If you’re planning a long-distance road trip, start by bringing your pet on a series of short trips. Then gradually increase the time spent in the car. Get your pet’s rabies vaccination record with you if you’re traveling across state boundaries. While this isn’t usually an issue, some states need this documentation at specific interstate crossings. This is an important safety tip for driving with your pet!

To ensure safety driving with pet, introduce them to drive

Pack a travel gear

Food, a bowl, a leash, a waste scoop, plastic bags, grooming tools, medication, and first aid, as well as any travel documentation, should all be brought with you. Bring a favorite toy or pillow to help your pet feel at ease. Please bring plenty of bottled water with you. Giving your pet water from somewhere they aren’t used to can cause stomach problems.

Packing a gear is one of the safety tips of driving with your pet

Choose the right and safe harness

One of the top pet safety tips while driving is by getting a harness. Most of the pet restraints are worthless in car accidents. Plastic crates are among the worst offenders, and this is because plastic is brittle and will splinter into sharp fragments in the event of an accident. Getting the right dog car seat safety equipment is equivalent to searching for a needle in a haystack. Getting a dog seat belt is another way to protect your pet. There is no best dog car seat in the market, and each has its drawbacks.

We found that only 16% of pet owners have used a pet restraint, even though 84% of pet owners have driven with their pet in the car.

Always go for a harness that can be wrapped around your pet’s midriff. This will help distribute force if your pet is thrown in any direction due to a car accident. Choose a harness with three points of attachment to the seat belt. This also aids in the distribution of force and the harness’s integrity.

Not only will proper restraints keep your pets safe, but they will also keep you safe. They will also protect you, your passengers, and other motorists safe on the road. 

Understand the cause of anxiety or uneasiness

An unrestrained anxious or eager pet might be a distraction for a driver. One of the biggest causes of car accidents is distracted driving. It’s most likely that your pets feel anxious or motion sick if they become uneasy when riding in the car. Motion sickness is especially common in young pets, such as puppies, because the structures in their ears that control balance are still developing. Motion sickness in pets manifests in vomiting, profuse drooling, crying, lethargy, and uneasiness.

Consult your veterinarian if you suspect your pet is experiencing motion sickness or anxiety.

All heads in

Dogs poking their noggins out looks fantastic for a postcard. Sorry to burst your bubble, but dogs and cats should be kept in the back seat of your car at all times. Particles of debris can hurt pets who are allowed to thrust their heads out the window, while cold air blasted into their lungs can make them sick. This can result in a vet visit, which we assure you will not go down well with your pet. 



Eyes on the road…always

Allowing your pet to distract you while driving is not a good idea, no matter how cute they are. According to our survey, about 63% of respondents admitted engaging in at least one distracting behavior while driving with their dog, such as caressing and treating them.

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Get a co-driver

Sharing driving and pet-care responsibilities with friends or family is a good idea. You’ll be able to unwind knowing that your pet is being watched over by someone you can trust.

pet safety driving

Make regular stops

You wouldn’t want your human passengers to feel claustrophobic in your car, would you? What about your four-legged friend? You would prefer they also enjoy the ride as you do, right? Stop frequently to give your pet a chance to exercise or relieve themselves. Remember to take a collar, tag, and leash with you when you leave the car.

Leaving pets alone in your car…A big NO!

Although a simple pit stop may seem insignificant to you, it is far too long to leave your pet in a car. One danger is heat: if the temperature outside is 72 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature inside your car might reach 116 degrees in an hour. Even with the windows partly open on an 85-degree day, the temperature inside your car may reach 102 degrees in just 10 minutes. 

Leaving pets alone in your car

At these temperatures, your pet’s organs may be irreversibly damaged or even die. Theft can occur when a pet is left unsupervised. Pet thieves are on the watch for pets left alone in cars at any time of year, and they can strike in a matter of seconds after you exit your car.

Does car insurance cover pets?

What is worse than pineapple on a pizza? Simple, having the wrong car insurance. What happens if an accident happens with a pet in the car? ‘Does your car insurance cover pets?’ This is a question that you should not forget to ask yourself. Getting the answer to this question is paramount to safe driving with your pet. 

To find out if your car insurance would cover pet injuries in an accident, talk to your insurance agent. Many insurance companies provide pet injury coverage in their standard motor insurance policies. Use your insurance agent to assist you in choosing the right coverage for your four-legged companion.

Pet safety driving car insurance

Car travel with pets, particularly long trips, necessitates some planning. You can’t just go on the assumption that you’ll be able to get whatever you need for your pet while on a drive. If you are looking to find the right car insurance, you can contact us. As you can see from our banner, we love pets and would LOVE to assist you in getting the right car insurance. 

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