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Philadelphia Convention Center Parking: All You Need to Know  

  • Event Parking
  • Celine Jerly
  • 4 minutes

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With 250 events per year, Philadelphia Convention Center parking demand rarely sees a slump. While there are plenty of Center City parking facilities nearby, don’t wait till you get there to find a parking spot. Here’s all you need to know about affordable and safe parking near the Philadelphia Convention Center.   


The Pennsylvania Convention Center is one of the most-visited attractions in Center City. Often referred to as Philadelphia Convention Center, the multi-use event space occupies four city blocks in the Market East neighborhood. The convention center is just across the street from Philadelphia’s famous Reading Terminal Market. Hotels, restaurants, shops, and other attractions are just minutes away. The location is ideal for international conventions and exhibitions, as visitors can easily find their way to the downtown venue.   

All this buzz around the complex has an effect on parking space availability. You won’t find an on-site Philadelphia Convention Center parking garage. So, the pressure falls on off-site parking garages in the neighborhood. Fortunately, there are plenty of options around the perimeter of the complex. But if you hope to park at any of the facilities, planning is the key.   

Here are some frequently asked queries about parking at the Philadelphia Convention Center.  

How to reach Pennsylvania Convention Center?  

The address for Pennsylvania Convention Center is 1101 Arch Street. However, the main entrance to the complex is at 12th Street and Market Street. There is a gated entrance to the Grand Hall from the Mariott hotel lobby nearby.   


Click on ‘Directions’ in the map above or see driving instructions here 

Does the Philadelphia Convention Center have parking?  

On-site parking is not available within the complex, but you’ll find several parking garages and lots within walking distance of the convention center. Street parking is also available nearby. However, it is best to leave your car at a safe off-street facility when you are attending an event. Finding an affordable parking garage near the Philadelphia Convention center is easier online. Use parking apps and websites like Way to pre-book your parking space.  

Where to park near the Pennsylvania Convention Center?  

There are several parking garages and lots around the Philadelphia Convention Center. Try Arch Street, Race Street, N 11th Street, and N Broad Street. For quick stops, metered street parking is available outside the complex. Check whether meter parking is free for the first two hours. You’ll also find Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) operated public garages at 8th & Filbert and Market Street East.   

How much does Philadelphia Convention Center parking cost?  

Parking rates at off-street facilities closest to the complex range from $10 – $30 for just a couple of hours due to high demand. PPA-operated public parking lot rates are around $7 – $10 an hour. Look for discount parking near Philadelphia Convention Center using parking apps or websites. Many parking companies offer special rates and discounts for online reservations.   

PPA Parking Garages Nearby   

Public parking garages closest to the Philadelphia Convention Center are Parkade on 8th and Autopark at The Fashion District. Parkade is a 24×7 facility with 1222 parking spaces, while Autopark is open only from 6 am to midnight. Parking rates start at $5 for 30 minutes and $7 for an hour, respectively. The daily maximum for both lots is $24 for up to 24 hours. Limited monthly parking is also available here for $160 – $260. EV charging stations are available at Parkade.   

Affordable Center City Parking Deals   

For cheaper rates at Center City parking garages and lots near Philadelphia Convention Center, try these exclusive deals:  

Cars parked at outdoor parking lot near Philadelphia Convention Center

1 E Penn Square Parking | $20 per hour  

Less than half a mile from the convention center, this well-maintained outdoor lot. Valet parking is available on an hourly and monthly basis. Outdoor valet monthly rates start at $320.  The surface lot is staffed during garage hours and guarantees your car’s safety for the lowest rates.   

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25 E Penn Square Parking | $20 per hour  

This 24×7 outdoor valet parking lot is on the right-hand side of E Penn Square, a one-way street between Commerce and Filbert streets. Overnight parking is also available, with the latest security features to keep your car safe.  

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2102 Sansom Street Parking | $21 for 24 hours  

This outdoor self-park facility is located on the right-hand side of the one-way Sansome Street, near 11th Street. Contactless parking, ADA/Aisle Access, and discounted rates are offered here.   

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