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Complete Guide for Philadelphia Eagles Games at Lincoln Financial Field

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Commonly known as the Birds, Philadelphia Eagles are one of the NFL’s oldest and most experienced franchises. Watching their home games is an experience you should not miss if you are a football fan. The team from Philly is a member of the NFC East Division and has tasted success in the past.¬†


Did you know the two Pennsylvania franchises merged to form the Phil-Pitt Steagles? This happened during the 1943 season when the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles competed as a single team. During their rich history, the Eagles have had four championship titles, three of which came before the merger in 1970. 

Philadelphia Eagles parking

Despite making their way into the playoffs more often in recent years, the team has only the Super Bowl title in 2017 to be proud of.  The Philadelphia Eagles are known for their vocal fanbase, especially during their home games. Read on for more about the Philadelphia Eagles schedule 2022, tickets, roster, and parking information. 

What are the upcoming games of the Eagles? 

The Eagles have not made a wrong decision so far this season. In the upcoming game, they will host the Pittsburgh Steelers at home. In addition, they will face Houston Texans, Washington Commanders, Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers, Tennessee Titans, New York Giants, Chicago Bears, and Dallas Cowboys throughout November and December. 


Since the team is on a purple patch, they must keep the momentum to finish at the top of the conference table. For the complete Philadelphia Eagles schedule, visit the team’s official website.

Philadelphia Eagles news | Philadelphia Eagles score

What is the current Philadelphia Eagles roster? 

The team from Philly has lost a few talented players to injury. But the active squad is more than capable of taking care of things. Some of the Philadelphia Eagles players in the active squad are given below. 

  • Reed Blankenship¬†
  • Ian Book¬†
  • James Bradberry¬†
  • Shaun Bradley¬†
  • A.J. Brown¬†
  • Grant Calcaterra¬†
  • Britain Covey¬†
  • Fletcher Cox¬†
  • Jordan Davis¬†
  • Nakobe Dean¬†

For the team’s complete roster, including reserve and practice squads, visit the official Eagles website.¬†A detailed depth chart of the squad can also be found here.¬†

How much are the Philadelphia Eagles tickets? 

Single-game tickets can be bought either through the official Eagles website or ticket marketplaces like Ticketmaster. The price of these may vary depending on the seats you choose and the day’s opposition. When the major rivals of the Philadelphia Eagles are visiting, you can expect to pay higher ticket rates. On average, the minimum price will be more than $110, while the most expensive seats will cost you more than $620.¬†


Season tickets are aimed at fans who have been closely following the team and want to enjoy the action up close. A few perks are available to season ticket members, including discounts at the Eagles Pro Shop and the NFL RedZone channel. 

Similarly, premium seating is available for groups who can enjoy some of the best views of the game. Apart from Club Level Seating and Event Suite Rentals, the Firstrust Bank Club also offers premium features, including food and beverage options. For the complete guide to the tickets and to buy them, visit the official team website. 

Which is the home stadium of the Eagles? 

Lincoln Financial Field in Pattison Avenue, Philadelphia, has been the official home stadium of the Eagles since 2003. The stadium has more than 69,800 seats and a whopping 172 executive suites. 


The Philadelphia Eagles games are played on a Bermuda grass surface. Apart from the Eagles, the stadium is also home to the Temple Owls football team, which represents Temple University. 

Where is the Philadelphia Eagles home stadium located? 

You can find the Lincoln Financial Field at 1020 Pattison Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. Located between 11th Street and South Darien Street, this stadium is an integral part of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex. 

You can find this stadium near other popular destinations like the Wells Fargo Center and Citizens Bank Park. Many eateries and bars can also be found in the stadium. 

How to get to Lincoln Financial Field 

If you start from Center City in Philly, there are three possible routes to get to the stadium. The fastest among those is via the I-95 South, which is a 12-minute drive that covers around 6.3 miles. Other alternatives include an 8.2-mile route through I-76 and South Darien Street. The time taken to reach the stadium will also depend on the traffic conditions. 

There are many options to choose from if you use public transit. The SEPTA trains run from different parts of the city, and you can get off at stations near the stadium on game day. Some of these are given below. 

  • Broad Street Subway Line– You should get off at Pattison Avenue. ¬†
  • Broad Street Subway Line– get on at Center City, North Philadelphia, and South Philadelphia. ¬†
  • Route 4 Bus– runs southbound to Broad Street.¬†
  • Market-Frankford Line– get down at 15th Street Station and transfer to the Broad Street Line.¬†

Apart from these, other subway train lines and buses run following night games.   

How far is Lincoln Financial Field from airport?

It will take you only 10 minutes to drive from the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) to the Eagles’ Lincoln Financial Field; it is a 6 mile drive via I-95. You can also take the Penrose Avenue route, but the travel time is roughly the same depending on traffic conditions.

Is there on-site parking at Lincoln Financial Field? 

Yes. There are a few on-site parking facilities, including garages and surface lots, which vary in the number of spaces and parking charges. All these facilities are easily accessible as they are within 10 minutes of walking distance from the stadium. 

Since Lincoln Financial Field is a part of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex, you can make use of the on-site garages of the complex for event parking. But this can also be a problem because when there are events at nearby venues like Wells Fargo Center, the demand for on-site parking spaces will be high. 


Some of these parking facilities for the Philadelphia Eagles stadium include Lots E, D, and J. Similarly, you can also find parking at Lot L South and North and Lot K North and Lot K East.  

A few of these lots are designated as reserved facilities, unlike the others. These reserved lots include Lots D/E, Lot J, Lot K (North and East), and Lot L (South and North). For cars, the parking charges begin at $45 for Philadelphia Eagles games, and for oversized vehicles, it will be $90 per spot. Keep in mind that for each different event, the parking rates will be different. 

Can you tailgate at Lincoln Financial Field? 

Yes and no! You cannot tailgate at all the official parking lots at the Sports Complex. For example, you are not permitted to tailgate at Lots T, S, U, V, W, X, R, and Q. 

But you can enjoy the game experience with other fans at the following Lots: 

  • A¬†
  • B¬†
  • C¬†
  • D¬†
  • E¬†
  • F¬†
  • G¬†
  • H¬†
  • K¬†
  • M¬†
  • N¬†
  • O¬†
  • P¬†

Almost all of these lots are closer to the Philadelphia Eagles stadium and the Wells Fargo Center. 

Lincoln Financial Field Seating Map 

You can see the detailed view of seats for the Philadelphia Eagles games on the stadium’s official website.¬†

The seating map clearly identifies the different entrances, including exclusive entrances to the club and suites. Apart from this, you can choose from multiple levels of seating and get seats near the Eagles or visitors’ dugout.¬†

Is there street parking near the Lincoln Financial Field? 

Yes. Like most people, it is natural to see people looking for on-street parking for the Eagles games. But there is a catch! The nearest streets where you can find parking include East Moyamensing Avenue, South 9th Street, South 10th Street, South Clifton Street, and many others. But do not get too excited! All these streets mentioned above are more than an hour away from the Eagles’ stadium on foot.¬†


So, using these street parking locations is not a practical option. Besides, you will not find a vacant street parking spot for many miles on game day. The streets near Lincoln Financial Field will be packed hours before the game kicks off.  

Another disadvantage of street parking is that you will have to risk violating parking rules. The Philly parking authorities are very strict, and even a minor violation and you end up with parking tickets that asks you to pay hefty fines. So, it is better to look for other options than leaving your car unprotected in the streets near the Philadelphia Eagles stadium. 

What are the cheap options for parking near Lincoln Financial Field? 

Street parking is the cheapest option for game day parking, but as you have read above, finding a vacant parking space in the streets is challenging.  So, unless you want to ruin your day with massive fines, it is not advised to park your car in the neighborhood during game day. 

Similarly, there is a high chance that you are not a fan of the expensive on-site parking. The minimum rate you have to spend for Eagles game day parking at the official lots is around $45. Similarly, you will have to go through a long line of cars even if you pre-purchase parking at these stadium lots. So, a third choice might be perfect for your next visit to a Philadelphia Eagles game. 

Off-site parking garages near Lincoln Financial Field are a golden opportunity for you to save money on parking. So why should you get one? Read below. 

Why use off-site parking garages for Philadelphia Eagles games? 

Off-site parking garages near Lincoln Financial Field can be found around the stadium neighborhood. If you know where to look, you can avoid wasting money on the on-site parking lots and get a safe and well-maintained garage. Most of these garages are within walking distance from the Eagles’ stadium. Accessibility is the first advantage of getting a private parking garage.¬†


Apart from the affordable rates, you can get premium features at these facilities. For example, some have valet parking, covered parking, contactless parking, and paved parking spaces. Besides, some also have 24-hour security and camera surveillance to ensure the safety of your car. 

In addition, you do not have to drive through heavy traffic before and after the game. Instead, you can park your car at one of these off-site parking garages and take a small hike to the stadium. 

How to find cheap parking garages near Lincoln Financial Field 

If you have decided to get an off-site parking garage, online parking services like Way.com will be useful. You can get the best prices and features at the top-rated garages near the Philadelphia Eagles stadium. 

Enter the location into the Way.com website or the Way app. The app will return a list of all nearby garages along with the features they offer and corresponding charges. Once you have chosen a garage that suits your budget and needs, input the entry and exit hours and pay the corresponding charges. Thus, you have searched and booked a guaranteed spot for the next Eagles game in no time. In addition, using Way.com, you can get the best deals and discounts on parking charges. 

Philadelphia Eagles parking at Lincoln Financial Field

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