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Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Parking Guide

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Brandon Thamara
  • 11 minutes

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Finding affordable Philadelphia Airport parking, especially long term parking, can be challenging.  This is probably what puts most folks off from driving down to the PHL Airport. Even though driving down to the airport seems the safer (no risk of infection!) and inexpensive option, many people would rather risk public transport! Let’s help you keep your travel risk minimized with this handy guide to Philadelphia Airport parking.

parking philadelphia airport

Broadly speaking, the official Philadelphia Airport parking lots are the closest you’ll get to the airport, but their rates can be rather expensive. Finding parking near Philadelphia Airport is the more sensible option if you’re looking to save money or need to park for a longer period of time. Read on for more info on Philadelphia Airport parking and PHL airport parking rates.

Rates and Options for PHL Airport Parking

(Note: Some of the Philadelphia Airport parking lots, like Economy Lot, are currently closed due to COVID-19 impact. We have updated the info wherever available, to match current rates and availability. However, the PHL airport authorities may decide to update this status at their discretion at any time.)

The height restriction for cars is 6’2” in the Garages and Short-Term Parking Lot. If you have an over-sized car equipped for wheelchairs, you will be charged with a less expensive rate in Garage C, D, E, and F for ground-level parking or Short-Term parking, and only applies to people parking their cars for less than 24 hours. You cannot park your car at Short-Term parking overnight. The Philadelphia Parking Authority operates the on-site airport car parking facilities. You will find car parking available in the Short-Term level, which is the ground level of the garage, Garages, and the Economy Parking lot. For security purposes, if you are parking the car yourself, it is important that you park your car with the license plate visible in the drive aisle.

Short-Term and Long-Term Philadelphia Airport Parking Rates

Duration Short-Term (Ground Level) Parking Garage (Upper Levels) Parking
Up to 1/2 hours $4 $4
Up to 1 hour $6 $6
Up to 1 1/2 hours $8 $8
Up to 2 hours $10 $10
Up to 2 1/2 hours $12 $12
Up to 3 hours $15 $15
Up to 3 1/2 hours $17 $17
Up to 4 hours $24 $24
Up to 24 hours $44 $24
Daily fee (per 24 hours, when parking 72 hours or fewer) $44 $24
Daily fee (per 24 hours, when parking 72 hours or more) $44 $16

Philadelphia (PHL) International Airport is the only international airport serving Philly and surrounding areas. In the 1940s, around 14,000 passengers flew from the airport, but now, that number has grown to more than 30 million passengers.

Situated in Pennsylvania, United States, it has earned itself the title of the largest airport in the Delaware Valley area as well as in the state. American Airlines uses the airport as their primary Northeast hub whereas UPS Airlines uses it as their regional cargo hub.

From the airport, you can travel to any state in the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Planes from the airport travel to 133 destinations. This includes 97 local destinations and 36 international destinations.

Inside the airport, you will come across seven terminals, separated into seven lettered concourses, containing 124 gates. Terminal A West, established in 2003, is home to domestic and international travel. Inside the terminal, you will find several dining options, three lounges, and 13 gates.

Terminal A East, established in 1990, used to be the airport’s original terminal, but now, it is used for domestic and international travel. This terminal contains baggage claim facilities, security entrance, 11 gates, and a children’s play area.

Terminals B and C, the two primary domestic terminals established in 1953, received a complete renovation in 1998. The terminals connect to a shopping mall and food court. Terminal B contains 15 gates whereas Terminal C contains 14 gates.

Terminal D, established in 1973, received an upgrade in 2008. The terminal has several shops and restaurants, connects Baggage Claims D and E, and has 16 gates. Terminal E, established in 1977, also received an upgrade in 2008.

It contains a lounge for members of the military and their family and contains 17 gates. Terminal F, established in 2001, contains 38 gates and is the second newest terminal to open at the airport. You will also find a food court located at the terminal.

If you are traveling from the Philadelphia International Airport, this parking guide will help you when you come to pick or drop someone off. It will also help you if you are traveling alone from the airport and need to leave your car at the airport for several days or even just for one day.

parking philadelphia airport

Information on Premises

You can contact Philadelphia International Airport by calling them at 215-937-6937 or 215-937-6755 or send them an email at comments@phl.org.If you have any questions regarding the status of your flight, cancellation, baggage claim, car parking, hotels, taxi, special assistance, and any other queries you may have.

If you have misplaced your item at the airport, you can contact their Lost and Found department at 215-937-6888 or 610-521-720. For ADD information, you can contact them at 1-800-514-0301 or their TDD line at 1-800-514-0383. For flight information, contact them at 1-800-PHL-GATE.

In the event of an emergency, contact them at 215-937-6918 and to call the airport police, dial 215-937-6918.

PHL Airport Parking

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4101 Island Ave PHL Airport Reserve Now
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Fasttrack PHL Airport Reserve Now

Driving Directions

If you are traveling from Center City, Philadelphia, you need to take the I-95 South airport exit or the I-76 East exit by following the signs for the airport.

If you are traveling from the PA Turnpike, you need to take the PA Turnpike to the Mid-County Exit or Route 476, take 476 South or Chester to Interstate 95 or I-95, and then take the I-95 North to the airport exit.

If you are traveling from the NJ Turnpike, you need to take Exit 3 to the Walt Whitman Bridge. When you cross the toll plaza, you need to remain in the far right lane, take the I-95 South, and follow that route to take the airport exit.

If you are traveling from Delaware, you need to take the I-95 North to the airport exit. The code for the airport is PHL.

Things to do at Philly Airport

Philadelphia International Airport provides travelers with several facilities, which they can take advantage of while they await to board their flight. Inside the terminals, you will find the follow facilities:

Access to Cash:

You will find several exchange offices and ATMs throughout Philadelphia International Airport. You will find them in each terminal.


You will find a host of food options in the terminals. You will come across several restaurants, mainly located in Terminal B and C. Even though each terminal has restaurants, you will find most of them located in Terminal B and C. Some of the restaurants you will find at Philadelphia International Airport include Auntie Anne’s, Boule Café, Chipotle, Chick-fil-a, and lots more.


You will find several duty-free shops in Terminal A, East and West. You will find jewelry and watch, book, health and beauty, shoes, fashion, cards and gifts, and other types of wonderful stores inside the terminals.


You cannot store your luggage at Philadelphia International Airport. If you lose your luggage, you can contact their Lost and Found department, situated in the Communication Center between Terminal C and D. You can get in touch with the Lost and Found Department by calling them at +1(0) 215- 937- 6888.

Facilities at Airport

Philadelphia International Airport provides travelers with an array of facilities. Here is a list of facilities you will find at the airport:

Conference and Business Facility:

If you are traveling from Philadelphia International Airport for business purposes, you can contact the Laptop Lane Business Center at +1(0)215-937-4360. The business center provides business travelers with computers with access to the internet as well as other business facilities.

You will find the UPS store located between Terminal A and B. The UPS store offers fax and copying facilities. Marriot, the hotel at the Philadelphia International Airport, offers a wide range of business facilities such as large and small meeting room, outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, and conference rooms. You can reach the hotel via the pedestrian bridge from Terminal B.

Communication Facilities:

Philadelphia International Airport has information desks located at all terminals. If you want to get in touch with an information desk, you can by contacting them at +1(0) 215-937-6937. You can contact them for general information at any time of the day, as they are open for 24 hours. You can also use the white telephones located throughout Philadelphia International Airport.

Use the white telephones to get in touch with an airport employee. If you want someone to help you in person, you can visit the Passenger Assistance Counter in Terminal A located at the baggage handling area. You can also connect to the internet, which is available in all terminals on weekdays, but at a rate of $7.95. However, on weekends, it is free. If you are student at the airport, you can use their internet free of charge by getting an access code by showing your student card to them.

Facilities for the Disabled:

Philadelphia International Airport offers several facilities for disabled people. At the airport, disabled people will have access to modified elevators, wheelchair slopes, and toilets. All the shuttle buses have wheelchair access and there are parking spaces reserved for the disabled at the airport. Disabled people can even rent a car with hand controls from a car rental facility.

For further information, they can contact the airport at +1(0)215-937-6755 and they can even ask for a special booklet called “Getting Around” available for disabled people by requesting for it by calling +1(0)215-937-5499.

Car Rental:

Philadelphia International Airport provides travelers with an array of car rental facilities. The car rental facilities are situated at the airport. All car rental agencies offer travelers with a free shuttle service between bag claims and their facility. You need to travel to Zone 9 to take the free shuttle service, located on the South Commercial Road. The car rental agencies that operate from the airport include:


  •         Alamo (215-492-3960)
  •         Avis (215-492-0900)
  •         Budget (800-527-0700)
  •         Dollar (800-800-4000)
  •         Enterprise (610-521-3700
  •         Hertz (215-492-7200)
  •         National (800-227-7368)

Where is the Philadelphia Airport located?

Philadelphia Airport is located at 8000 Essington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA – 19153. They can be contacted by calling (215) – 937 – 6937.

Philadelphia Airport Parking Maps

Main Philadelphia Airport Parking Map

Philadelphia Airport Parking Information, Coupons and Discounts

If you do not want park your car at or near the airport, you can park at car parking facilities that offer you a discount. For people who need to park their car for more than one day, it is important for them to be aware of the discounts available to get affordable parking.

Here is a list of available options of different resources, coupons, and discounts you can get for parking at PHL Airport :


You can visit the official website of Philadelphia International Airport to find rates, news, and availability of car parking spots in real-time. From their official website, you can find information on other things such as flight details, airport facilities, and passengers.


Way, a car parking reservation service, offers travelers with several car parking options and premium rates. You can select a PHL Airport parking rate that is most affordable to you. You can always find a car parking spot if you book one from their website.

Once you have booked a car parking spot, they will send you a parking pass, which you can use to access the car parking facility. You can download their free app on your iPhone or Android device. The app will make it easier for you to book a parking spot from anywhere you are in the world.

Final Notes on Philadelphia Airport

You need to know that each car parking garage at Philadelphia International Airport offers a height restriction of six feet. If you have an oversize car, you can park your car in the Economy Lot or if you are visiting the airport for less than 24 hours, you can opt for Short-Term Parking available at Terminals C, D, E, and F.

For more information, you can contact airport parking at 215-683-9842. The free services available through them include locating your car, flat tire repair, jump-start car, and lock-out.

parking philadelphia airport

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