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Pittsburgh Pirates Parking: Find Affordable Parking for Home Games

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Pittsburgh Pirates parking can be tricky for someone who is new to the city. However, every home game at the home ground sees thousands flowing in to see their favorite players. You can expect max attendance in the league when they play their major rivals- Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers.

The Pittsburgh Pirates will participate in the 2022 MLB draft soon, and the fans are excited to see who they will pick up for this season. Read ahead for the schedule, history, tickets, and parking information for one of the oldest baseball franchises in the MLB.

PNC Park parking

Pittsburgh Pirates, aka the ‘Bucs’

Established back in 1881, Pittsburgh Pirates were originally known as Pittsburgh Allegheny when they were founded as part of the American Association. Later the club moved to National League and then to National League East.

Pittsburgh Pirates home fans
Image Credits: Daniel X. O’Neil on flickr

Currently, the Pittsburgh Pirates play in the Major League Baseball(MLB) as a National League Central Division member. The jersey uses three colors: black, gold and white, and the Pittsburgh Pirates logo. Derek Shelton is the team manager, and this is the first stint as manager for the former coach of the Cleveland Indians and Minnesota Twins.

Who owns the Pittsburgh Pirates?

American businessman Robert Nutting is the owner and chairman of the Pirates. He took over the franchise in 2007 after Kevin McClatchy.

Who are popular Pittsburgh Pirates players?

Many great players have donned the Pirates jersey. Among them, Roberto Clemente is undoubtedly one of their best players. He was a 12-time Golden Glove Award winner and all-time lead hitter of the Pirates. Other notable players in the franchise’s history include Honus Wagner, Willie Stargell, and many more.

Where do Pittsburgh Pirates play their home games?

PNC Park is where you can see the Pirates in all their glory. Located close to Downtown Pittsburgh, this ballpark is the Pirates’ fifth home stadium and was opened in 2001. It combines the style of a classic ballpark and modern amenities and facilities for players and fans.

This stadium has club seating, an outdoor river terrace, an outfield barbecue, and retail areas. In addition, there is a large Pittsburgh Pirates logo in the field of natural grass.

What is the schedule for Pittsburgh Pirates home games?

According to the Pittsburgh Pirates schedule, San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs are the two rivals visiting PNC Park in June. Pirates will face Milwaukee Brewers, New York Yankees, Miami Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies, and Boston Red Sox in the next fixtures.

You can see the complete regular-season schedule for the Pirates on the official MLS website.

How much are the Pittsburgh Pirates tickets?

The ticket types include single-game tickets, season tickets, and other special tickets for events like Bobbleheads, Fireworks, Kids Sundays, and group and theme nights. The charges for single-game tickets can range between $23 and $298 per seat. In addition, some of the lower-level tickets are expensive compared to the Grandstand seats.

Similarly, the season ticket holders get some of the best seats in the stadium. You can see the seating map and buy tickets from the official page of the Pittsburgh Pirates on the MLB website. You can also buy parking passes while you are in there booking game tickets.

How to get to PNC Park?

PNC Park is located at 115 Federal Street, on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If you plan to drive to the ballpark, take 7th Street from Downtown Pittsburgh. This route is considered the fastest to reach the Pittsburgh Pirates stadium in around 4 minutes.

Pittsburgh Pirates schedule
Image Credits: Daniel X. O’Neil on Flickr

You can also use the Light Rail service, commonly known as the ‘T.’ Bus Service, which is also available for fans coming from different parts of the city.

Is there Pittsburgh Pirates parking at PNC Park?

Yes. You can buy parking passes along with your Pirates gameday tickets at PNC Park. In addition, many surface parking lots and garages act as official parking spaces for the MLB games. Some of these are the Blue 10 Garage, NOVA Place garage, and the River Road surface lots. You can also park at surface lots 7A, 7B, 7C, and 7D. Apart from these, there are reserved pre-sold parking spaces at the Red 5A and Red 6 Lots.

Can I use the streets for Pittsburgh Pirates parking?

There are few on-street parking spots around PNC Park. Some of these can be found at General Robinson Street, Mazeroski Way, Federal Street, and Isabella Street. Additionally, you can also find more street parking spots at Fort Duquesne Blvd, Penn Avenue, and East Commons. All these streets are within 15 minutes’ walking distance from the ballpark.

You can find both metered and free street parking near the stadium. But there are some risks associated with parking in the streets, which is why it would be better for you to find a suitable alternative.

What are cheap Pittsburgh Pirates parking options?

The on-site lots and garages may be too expensive for some of you. Also, you will most likely be stuck in the pre-game and post-game traffic if you are parking at the stadium. The next option would be parking in the streets but as you already saw it is not at all safe.

For instance, if you are new to the city’s parking rules, you will most likely end up with parking tickets. So why ruin a perfect gameday by paying hefty fines? But there is a third option that is both safe and affordable.

How to get cheap Pittsburgh Pirates parking for home matches?

You can easily find many lots and parking garages near PNC Park. These facilities are known for providing premium parking features at discounted rates. Some also have 24-hour security, lot attendants, and camera surveillance, ensuring your car’s safety while you enjoy the ballgame.

Pittsburgh Pirates stadium
Image Credits: Navin Rajagopalan on Flickr

Other features at these off-site garages include valet parking, contactless parking, covered parking, and ADA/Aisle access. In addition, the parking rates are considerably lower compared to other Pittsburgh Pirates Parking options you saw above. Just pre-book your parking space, park there and take a small hike to PNC Park.

How can I find parking garages near Pittsburgh Pirates stadium?

If you are wondering how you will find garages near PNC Park, online parking services are here to help out. Using the Way.com website and the Way mobile app, you can find the parking lots and garages near your location. Just search for the location in the Way app, which will locate and list all garages along with the features they offer and parking charges.

You can enter the entry and exit times and book parking with a click. By booking through Way, you have a chance to get additional discounts and special deals at these facilities for the Pittsburgh Pirates parking.

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