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Pittsburgh Steelers at the Acrisure Stadium: Here’s All You Got to Know!

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Unarguably one of the best teams in the history of the NFL, The Pittsburgh Steelers games are one of the highly anticipated games in an NFL season, regardless of which side you support. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers have one of the most loyal fan bases in the NFL. Enjoying a game with the Steeler Nation at the Acrisure Stadium is one of the simplest ways to immerse yourselves in the essence of Pittsburgh city, and in this blog, we’ll tell you how to make the most of that experience. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers 

Founded in 1933, The Pittsburgh Steelers is one of the oldest franchises in American Football. However, it is not only the oldest but also one of the most successful franchises. They have reached the playoffs 30 times, won the division 22 times, and won six out of eight super bowl titles. 

Who coaches the Pittsburgh Steelers? 

Mike Tomlin Credits: Michael Rooney on Flickr

Since 2007, Mike Tomlin has led the Pittsburgh Steelers as their head coach. He extended his contract with the team in 2021, keeping him in uniform until 2024. Tomlin will become the longest-tenured coach in Steelers history thanks to this extension. 

The Steelers have won the AFC North seven times during Tomlin’s 14 years as head coach, most recently in 2020. The team has also made the playoffs nine times under Tomlin’s watch and has reached the Super Bowl twice (XLIII and XLV). With seven of eight home wins in the regular season in 2020, Tomlin has won at least five home games in each of his 14 seasons as a head coach. 

Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers: The Acrisure Stadium  

                                           Image Credits : Fo2grfr, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Opened to the public in 2001, The Acrisure Stadium got its present name only in February 2022, after the local ketchup giant, H. J. Heinz Company, refused to renew the naming rights to the stadium. Although this move saddened many loyal Steelers fans, The stadium continues to maintain its longstanding tradition of excellence. 

How much is the seating capacity of the Acrisure Stadium? 

The Acrisure Stadium was upgraded to a seating capacity of 68,000in 2015. However, the stadium has seen record attendances of over 75,000 at sporting and cultural events. It also features 1500 seats in 129 luxury boxes across the stands. The seats are largely painted in Steeler gold. 

You will also find bench seats at the upper level behind the north end zone, much different from the individual seating options that form the majority. 

The Great Hall at the Acrisure Stadium 

The Steelers have an illustrious history in football, demonstrated in Great Hall on the lower concourse beneath the east side of the seating bowl at Acrisure Stadium. The 40000 square feet area hosts interactive exhibitions, the Steelers Hall of Fame, food and drink outlets, and displays honoring the Steelers and the Pitt Panthers. 

The Great Hall also features the actual lockers of legendary Steelers such as Bill Dudley and Franco Harris and artifacts placed in large Super Bowl Trophy-modeled display columns. 

How do you book seats for Pittsburgh Steelers games?


You can book individual game tickets or group tickets that can accommodate up to 10. Individual ticket prices start from $110. One can also enjoy the Steelers’ action from the comfort of leased and private suites.  Tickets can be booked from their official website.

The seats are quite expensive, and many of the die-hard fans of the Steelers have never been to the Acrisure Stadium yet. Many usually travel to the home grounds of other teams that are comparatively less expensive.

What are the upcoming games at the Acrisure Stadium?

The Steelers’ schedule this season features some intriguing matchups. They’ll play host to the New York Jets on October 2 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on October 16. Fans can expect high-quality football from both games. 

How to get to the Acrisure Stadium? 

The Steelers’ stadium is at exit 1B of Interstate 279 on the North Shore, on the other side of the river from downtown. It sits close to PNC Park, home to the Pittsburgh Pirates playing Major League Baseball (MLB). Both stadiums are close to where their former home, the Three Rivers Stadium, used to be. 

Having been built in the central area of Pittsburgh, the stadium is relatively easy to spot. While heading towards Central Pittsburgh, you’ll be able to spot the Acrisure Stadium to your left once you emerge from the Fort Pitt Tunnel. 

Who plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers?  

Some of the most important Steelers to keep an eye on this season are 

  • T. J. Watt 
  • Minkah Fitzpatrick 
  • Diontae Johnson 
  • Cameron Heyward 
  • Najee Harris 
  • Calvin Augustin III 
  • John Leglue  

The complete roster can be accessed in the Steelers official website. 

What to do at a Pittsburgh Steelers game? 


There are many great places to eat and hang out before the game near the Acrisure Stadium in the form of hotels, restaurants, and bars along the Riverfront, on the North Shore, and adjacent streets.

In addition, you’ll find elaborate tailgating options in the area between Acrisure Stadium and the nearby PNC stadium, which serves as a pre-game meeting point for all the die-hard Steelers fans. Finally, for enthusiast punters, a casino that goes by Rivers Casino is just two blocks away. 

Is there on-site parking for Pittsburgh Steelers games? 

You need to hold a permit to park in one of those parking spots closer to the Acrisure stadium, and if you don’t, we recommend you park your car somewhere in the downtown area to save yourselves from the traffic that builds up in the streets and highways. 

In addition, you can also park your car at some downtown parking areas designated for stadium parking. Parking at these spots automatically makes you eligible for free round trips on the T, Pittsburgh’s Light rail system, ensuring you don’t have to spend on a last-mile commute. Parking options are also available via Way.com 

What are the cheap options for Pittsburgh Steelers parking? 

It’s always better to find an off-site parking lot than to opt for the official parking slots, which can burn a hole in your pocket.  Way.com is the best bet for finding the best off-site parking spots near the Acrisure Stadium. With Way.com, you can effortlessly book parking spots within five minutes by availing yourself of the best prices and free cancellations in case your travel plans change. 

Pittsburgh Steelers parking

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