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Post-COVID Travel Destinations

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  • Renee Martin
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Having been locked in for the past few months thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s no surprise that people all over the country are itching to stretch their legs and get rid of their travel bluesCountries all over the world are slowly beginning to open up for post-COVID travelbut keep in mind that the rising number of cases in the U.S. also means that you may be subject to quarantine measures upon your arrival. We’ve rounded up the top ten (in no particular order) most popular international travel destinations you can choose for your first post-pandemic vacation. 

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The Tanzanian government, which had recorded over 500 coronavirus cases in the month of April, officially lifted travel and border restrictions on June 1. Travelers to Tanzania are now required to provide information on a Health Surveillance Form, which is to be submitted to the Port Health authorities upon arrival. The U.S. embassy in Tanzania maintains that travelers must be aware of the fact that the risk of contracting the virus remains high, adding that intensive screening procedures and rapid COVID-19 testing is to be expected.  


recent joint agreement between the United States and Mexico had deemed all non-essential travel to be restricted between the nations until August 21Popular Mexican travel destinations, like Playa Del Carmen and Cancun, had opened up their borders on June 8 for local tourism, with a ‘light system’ that categorizes the number of COVID-19 affected areas in countryCities with orange regions have permissions in place to conduct tourist activities, so make sure you check the region’s status before booking your flight or hotel. 

Big Ben, United Kingdom

United Kingdom 

If you’re planning to visit the British Isles, expect to be away from home for close to a month, thanks to the 14-day quarantine that is mandatory for travelers from the United States. The U.S. is on the United Kingdom’s ‘red list’, which lists countries that the UK government has decided are unsafe for travel. Any violation of these quarantine measures can result in hefty fines if U.S. tourists fail to self-isolate when they arrive. Travelers will also be required to fill out a Public Health Locator Form and provide proof of accommodatioto UK officials. You’ll find more information here. 

U.S. Virgin Islands  

The Virgin Islands is a safe bet if you’re a traveler from the United States, and what’s more, you don’t need a passport to travel to this sought-after tourist destination! The islands which had initially closed its doors to visitors on March 25, has now officially reopened as of June 1. Incoming tourists from the U.S. are required to present a negative COVID-19 test that has been taken within five days of their travel, or provide a positive test that proves the presence of coronavirus antibodies. Any travelers that do not meet these parameters will need to quarantine themselves for a minimum of 14 days after they arrive.  

Alania Beach, Turkey


Turkey lifted all its travel restrictions as of June 12, and has been welcoming tourists from all across the world. Local tourist attractions, sports facilities, restaurants, cafes, and parks have been in operation since June 1. The U.S. State Department has classified Turkey as a ‘Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution’ country, which only requires a COVID-19 test to be conducted if you show any symptoms upon arrival. Turkish Airlines had resumed its regular flight services to the U.S. in mid-June.       


Although U.S. visitors are now welcomed back to Cambodia, the Kingdom requires travelers to make a deposit of $3,000 that covers COVID monitoring, isolation, and safety, which also includes $1,500 in possible funeral expensesTraveling to Cambodia also requires proof of a health insurance policy that covers $50,000, which can be problematic since most pre-existing travel insurance does not factor in COVID-19. The US embassy in Cambodia has also stated that travelers will need to complete a mandatory COVID-19 test when they arrive. 


The first country in the European Union to begin accepting visitors from the U.S., Croatia does not require any form of mandatory quarantine upon arrival. Travelers will, however, need to provide a negative COVID-19 test that has been conducted within 48 hours of their flight’s departure. Tourists to this popular destination should also carry proof of their hotel accommodation or details of any scheduled tours that they may be taking part in while visiting the country.  

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Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka has opened up its borders and lifted travel restrictions as of August 1, although the CDC has issued a level 3 Travel Health Notice in light of the country’s rising casesYou’ll find more information hereExpect to be subject to rigorous monitoring and strict COVID-19 compliance during your journey. Travelers are required to carry a negative COVID-19 test that has been administered within 72 hours of their arrival. What’s more, an additional test is to be conducted after you land at Colombo Airport. You may be asked to undertake a 24-hour quarantine until these results return. Travelers will also need to take tests on their trip’s fourth and tenth day of travel, if you’re on an extended vacationTourists are also required to show proof of accommodation and medical insurance, along with a return ticket.  


The first commercial flight from the U.S. landed in Bermuda on July 6 as the country opened up its doors for foreign tourists again. Travelers are, however, required to have undertaken a negative COVID-19 test no more than five days before flying in to Bermuda. All tourists will also need to complete the electronic travel license process at least 48 hours prior to their arrival. Upon your arrival, you are required to observe the evening curfew, which is in place between 12:00 AM and 5:00 AM, apart from taking your own temperature twice each day and recording your results via a smartphone app. Travelers may also, during the course of their visitbe required to take additional tests at the pop-up research centers that have been set up at popular tourist locations. 


The U.S. embassy in Serbia had announced that all COVID-related restrictions were lifted as early as May 22. U.S. citizens can travel free within this popular Balkan tourist destination without having to carry any special permits or a negative COVID-19 test. Travelers won’t need to subject themselves to quarantine measures when they arrive either, although it’s advisable to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive any relevant alerts. 

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