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Pros and Cons of Automatic Car Washes

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  • Xavier Sabastian
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Washing your car in the driveway used to be the standard weekend practice, and many people might think it’s gentler than an automatic wash, but research has shown that hand washing your car might do more harm than good.

This blog has been updated on May 21, 2021.

Pros and Cons of Automatic Car Washes

The changing car market and rising working class have caused car washing to become timed and requires precision. Car wash experts cannot make errors because a vehicle needs to be in good condition becomes the rule. The desire to have a pristine car has prompted many car experts to experiment with various cleaning car methods to minimize the job. The value of automatic car washes vs. hand washing techniques has been highlighted as both have their advantages and disadvantages. While each of the car washing methods has a certain degree of usefulness, the problem is not worth belaboring, as car washing methods require scrutiny. 

The pros and cons of an automatic car wash vs. a human-washed car will help car wash owners with which path to take in their company. 

A car going through automatic carwash

Automatic Car Washes

The use of machines in almost every industry is taking hold, and car wash technology is no different. Car wash systems have become great alternatives to hand washing. Many people prefer the automatic car wash system, thanks to the fact that the advantages outscore the disadvantages. 

Pros of Choosing an Automatic Car Wash:

  • Gentle on the car‘s¬†bumper paint¬†– A car’s body paint is considered one of its most valued features, and the owner takes great care to preserve it. The use of rough brushes destroyed some cars’ paint jobs and contributed to bruises. In comparison, the automatic¬†car washing process is gentle and free of harsh chemicals, unlike the conventional method.¬†
  • Thoroughness:¬†The amount of work the automatic system wants to do per unit time is sufficient. There is no risk of the machine running out of work to do.¬†
  • Lower fatigue frequency:¬†Using hands to wash will drain a person’s resources. Tired people cannot do their jobs well, and their work will be ignored when the car is washed. However, the automatic¬†car wash¬†is reputed to clean all surfaces except in places where hands cannot reach.¬†
  • Lower cost:¬†The automatic¬†car wash¬†is known for using modern¬†car washing techniques that save time and water. The car wash’s low cost and high performance allow the car owner and car wash specialist to cut costs.¬†
  • Time-saving¬†– ‘Time is money.’ Most professionals would make do with taking their vehicles to an automatic¬†car wash¬†where they will have the car washed in a record time of just five to 10 minutes. Customized automatic washing machines allow¬†car washes to monitor the design and washing¬†needs of their feet. They may need to combine several coat care methods in one operation, and the automatic process delivers it in record time.¬†

Pros and Cons of Automatic Car Washes

Cons of Choosing an Automatic Car Wash:

  • Reduced capacity – Automatic car wash¬†strategies tend to focus on washing the car with limited or no¬†contact. While this has been touted to be fair, there are chances that grime will remain stuck on the motor vehicle body even at the end of the wash.¬†
  • Costly¬†– This method of¬†car wash¬†uses expensive, specialized machines. Even if a customer opts for washing¬†at the nearest self-service¬†car wash, the amount of money paid is likely higher.¬†
  • Water spots:¬†Some automatic¬†car washing can leave watermarks on the vehicle’s body as the air dry or final hand cloth dry may not be sufficient, especially when older equipment is used.¬†

Automatic carwash will help in getting the most stubborn dirts out

Manual Car Washes

For a long time, washing cars by hand was the most traditional method used. Advancements in technology and the ever-growing need for efficiency have pushed many car owners into adopting the latest craze of automatic washing in a car wash. 

Pros of Choosing a Manual Car Wash:  

  • Perfection and customized: The final result of a handwashing¬†job is usually deemed perfect, as the user has had contact with the car. Using a hand wash in tandem with other coating strategies is advised.¬†¬†
  • Better reach:¬†There are areas on the car body where machines may not reach the car, yet¬†hand washing may get the dirt out.¬†

Cons of Choosing a Manual Car Wash:

  • Sandpaper effect: The most feared thing with handwashing is the damage caused by scrubbing the car coat because of the paint’s delicate nature. Over time, the buildup of tiny bits of dirt on rags and sponges leaves¬†them loaded with hard objects.¬†¬†
  • Soft finish:¬†Identifying the dirt and trying to remove it is possible, though not guaranteed, as body muscles may not at times be strong enough to manage the sticky nature of grime. Unwashed soap on car coats also leaves a dull look on vehicles.¬†
  • Labor and time-intensive:¬†Hand washing requires intense energy. Tired muscles are likely to do a poor job. Besides, the amount of time it takes to hand wash a car is longer and may at times turn into hours of work.¬†
  • Water usage:¬†Many automatic¬†car washes have the edge in water usage compared¬†to hand washing.

Which is the best method?

 Looking at both strategies, automatic car washing is the best, especially when the user is on a clock. It is clear that when the pros and cons of automatic car washing and hand car washing are compared, an automatic car wash is the best option. People would rather spend less time and avoid the hassles. With all of this information, it’s clear that an automatic car wash will not only save you time but it will be better for your car in the long run. Professional equipment and service will extend the life of your car’s exterior and interior. 

Pros and Cons of Automatic Car Washes

Websites and apps like‚ÄĮWay.com‚ÄĮoffer professional and top-rated car wash services at great prices. What‚Äôs more, the whole family can get in on the sudsy action thanks to Way.com’s Carwash Voucher and Family Car Wash Pass that can be used on multiple (that‚Äôs right,‚ÄĮmultiple) vehicles!¬†

Pros and Cons of Automatic Car Washes

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