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Purple Car Names: Find Your Groove

  • Car Names
  • Barrett Mohrmann
  • 4 minutes

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Purple is a standout color for a car. The color purple is flashy and eye-grabber for most people and automotive enthusiasts alike. Here’s a list of purple Car Names and more for purple car owners.¬†

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Naming your car is one way to personalize your car and make it your own. The name you choose is entirely up to you. Whatever the name is, ‚ÄúOwn it- show off with it in style.‚ÄĚ In the United States, only 1% of registered vehicles are purple; these are primarily high-end sports cars and exotic variants. Some automotive enthusiasts do custom vinyl with their social media handles and car names printed on it.¬†Most of the time, Purple colors are custom paint jobs. The purple color variant is not a variant that manufacturers offer as part of the stock vehicle.¬†

A lot of people who get behind the wheel have strong feelings of attachment to and affection for their cars. People are passionate about cars for many reasons, including the independence and mobility they allow, the chance to make unforgettable moments, and the chance to express one’s individuality through one’s choice of exterior design. It’s only natural that we give our cars and trucks cute little nicknames because we love them so much.¬†

Rory Reid Lamborghini Huracan GIF by AutoTraderUK

How to choose a car name 

Different cars have different builds and styles. As adults, we don’t get to pick our own names, but picking out a car’s name gives us an opportunity to showcase our style. Therefore, you can take into account a wide variety of factors, such as the car’s age, size, sound, and special features. So, consider names that match the physical build and aesthetics of the car. Choosing a name that matches your personality would be a logical option.¬†

  • Consider the model and make¬†
  • Consider the type of car¬†
  • Consider the purpose/ the purchasing factor¬†
  • Consider the color¬†
  • Consider the nature of the name (gender/object)¬†
  • Consider your personality¬†
  • Consider the sentimental connections, if any¬†

These are all basic criteria but the choice ultimately choosing a name for a car lies with you. It does not need a specific criterion or requirement. 

  • Ask name suggestions¬†
  • Follow your gut instinct¬†
  • Make the choice¬†

Masculine Purple Car Names 

  • Purple Flash¬†
  • Purple Knight¬†
  • Purple Dragon¬†
  • Baron Purple¬†
  • Purple Devil¬†
  • Purple Jet¬†
  • Purple Beast¬†
  • Super Purple¬†
  • Purple-Mobile¬†
  • Purple Torque¬†

Feminine Purple Car Names 

  • Violet¬†
  • Amethyst¬†
  • Heather¬†
  • Lavender¬†
  • Purple Flair¬†
  • Lilac¬†
  • Stella¬†
  • Royal Purple¬†
  • Miss Velvet¬†
  • Royal Purple¬†

 Badass Purple Car Names

  • Purple Lightning¬†
  • Purple trail¬†
  • Purple Joker¬†
  • Dark Wing¬†
  • Purple-mobile¬†
  • Purple Minion¬†
  • Purple Speedster¬†
  • Cosmic Jet¬†
  • Purple Guardian¬†
  • Purple storm¬†
  • Purple Gladiator¬†

Funny Purple car names 

  • Purple Shark¬†
  • Purple Fox¬†
  • Purple bird¬†
  • Purple Jaguar¬†
  • Purple Splash¬†
  • Purple Bandit¬†
  • Purple Dove¬†
  • Purple Player¬†
  • Purple turtle¬†
  • Purple High¬†
  • Purple Wingman¬†

When your manufacturer does not offer the car in the Purple variant

You can get them done at any Auto-detailing Workshop. Make sure it is legal to change the color, inform the concerned Motor authority, and collect the required paperwork. Purple variants are very rare in-stock vehicles and are mostly custom jobs or vinyl wrap works. 

Manufacturers that offer purple color variants 

  • Honda¬†
  • Chevrolet¬†
  • BMW¬†
  • Porsche¬†
  • Dodge¬†
  • Ford¬†
  • Nissan¬†
  • Toyota¬†

If you have a silver or grey car, Also see: Silver Car Names: 40+ Car Names to Choose From and 50 Grey Car Names You’ll Love! 


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