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Quick Tips to Avoid Boston Parking Tickets

  • Cars Explained
  • Celine Jerly
  • 3 minutes

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Boston parking tickets do not come cheap! So, before you use street parking or park near busy Boston attractions, make sure you do not violate the city’s stringent parking laws.   

Boston is a public transport-friendly city. While driving around is still manageable, the same cannot be said about finding safe and cheap parking in Boston. There is a high demand for street parking in the city, and finding a last-minute spot at Boston parking garages could lighten your wallet. If you are just visiting the city, it is highly recommended to book your parking space in advance. Save your time and money by making an online parking reservation on way.com or private garages like Boyd Smith Parking. Both hourly and monthly services are available at Boyd Smith’s parking garage at Westland Avenue. Reserve your parking space in advance for early bird offers. 

Quick Tips to Avoid Boston Parking Tickets

Just moved to Boston or looking forward to an extended stay? If your daily routine involves driving around the city, it’s best to get acquainted with a few basic parking rules and restrictions. In a nutshell, you can avoid a parking violation by keeping an eye on parking signboards, time limits, street cleaning schedules, and restricted zones.   

Here are a few must-know rules and regulations to help you avoid Boston Parking tickets. 

Always Check Boston Street Parking Signs 

  • An arrow on a street parking sign points towards the direction of parking restriction. If there is no arrow on the sign or two arrows are pointing towards opposite directions, it indicates that parking is restricted on the whole street.   
  • Do not stop or park your car in a ‘No Stopping’ Zone. You can stop your vehicle for a drop-off/pick-up/loading in a ‘No Standing’ zone but cannot park.   
  • Check for ‘Street Cleaning’ Signs and ‘Resident Parking Only’ Signs. Check street cleaning schedules online and sign up for alerts to avoid any parking violation.   

Quick Tips to Avoid Boston Parking Tickets

Know Boston Parking Meter Rules  

  • Most Boston parking meters have a two-hour time limit, after which you should move your car to another city block.  
  • During rush hour, metered streets in downtown Boston could be an extra travel lane. Make sure to check the meters and parking signs before leaving your car on these streets.  
  • There could be seasonal parking restrictions on some streets, such as restricted parking to allow emergency vehicles and snowplows to pass during winter.   
  • Most Boston parking meters work from 8 am to 8 pm; parking at these spots could be free outside this duration. However, make sure to check metered parking schedules before parking.   

Street parking in Boston city is free on national holidays and Sundays. If a holiday falls on Sunday, free parking is applicable on the next day. However, be aware that the demand for Boston street parking could also go up during these days. You have to be careful with parking in residential areas without a permit. It’s best to book your parking space in advance to avoid hassles like hefty Boston parking tickets.   

Quick Tips to Avoid Boston Parking Tickets

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