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Rauw Alejandro Tour 2022: Setlist, Schedule, and Parking Info

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The Rauw Alejandro Tour is one of the biggest Reggaeton tours this year. The Puerto Rican singer will perform in both Mexico and the United States as part of this world tour. Rauw rose into the limelight after the first studio album release, which helped him get the attention of Latin music lovers. Significantly the youth has already fallen in line with his style and hail him as the ‘King of Modern Reggaeton.’

After the last show in Mexico on March 24, he will travel across the US with unique and exciting Latin music. Are you ready to enjoy some Latin urban music this April? Read on for more about the schedule, concerts, tickets, and parking information for the Rauw Alejandro concert 2022.

What is the Rauw Alejandro Tour?

The Latin singer and rapper announced that he would travel around the globe with ‘Rauw Alejandro World Tour 2022’ last year. Rauw will perform in multiple cities in the United States, where he has a large fan following. He will be performing in many states, including New York, Florida, and California, to name a few.

Rauw Alejandro Tour Parking

The tickets for the Rauw Alejandro concert 2022 are on sale on rauwalejandro.com and other common ticket marketplaces.

How many US concerts are there on Rauw Alejandro Tour?

Rauw Alejandro Tour 2022
Image Credits: rauwalejandro.com

Raw Alejandro will perform in multiple US cities this April. This includes seven concerts from April 2 to May 1, the latter being part of the Vibra Urbana Music Fest. There are four concerts in the state of California, and the other three will be at Brooklyn, Miami, and Rosemount.

What is the schedule for Rauw Alejandro Tour?

Here is the schedule for Rauw Alejandro concerts 2022 in the USA.

                 Date     Venue City Find Parking
April 2, 2022 Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY Find Parking
April 9, 2022 FTX Arena Miami, FL Find Parking
April 14, 2022 Pechanga Arena San Diego, CA Find Parking
April 15, 2022 Save Mart Center Fresno, CA Find Parking
April 16, 2022 LA Forum Inglewood, CA Find Parking
April 22, 2022 Allstate Arena Rosemount, IL Find Parking
April 24, 2022 SAP Center  San Jose, CA Find Parking

You can see the full schedule for the Rauw Alejandro World Tour on the official website. Keep an eye out for social media handles that update info about the concerts.

What is the Rauw Alejandro concert setlist 2022?

The concert tour will include some of the biggest hits of Rauw Alejandro. Even though the setlist may vary depending on the venue, there are some songs that he performs in most concerts. “Todo De Ti” is one song that can be heard in all his recent concerts, and others include ‘2/Catorce’, ‘Baila Conmigo,’ ‘Aloha,’ ‘Me Fije,’ ‘Reloj,’ ‘La Nota’ and ‘Una Noche.’

How much for Rauw Alejandro Tickets?

The price of Rauw Alejandro concert tickets will vary from venue to venue, and you will have to pay a minimum average of $60 for the cheapest ticket in most venues. Depending on the seat you are purchasing, the costs can approximately go up to $900.

Rauw Alejandro concert 2022
Image Credits: rauwalejandro.com

You can buy Rauw Alejandro concert tickets from the singer’s official website. It is good to get them as soon as possible, as the demand is rising day by day.

What are the health policies for the tour?

Most states have withdrawn Covid-19 policies, and you may not require any documentation for participating in events. But you might want to look into the venue’s website to ensure there is no particular measure you need to take to get in there. Keep an eye out for updates as these policies and requirements change fast.

For concerts in the state of California, you need to follow certain health checks before entering the venues. The event organizers require you to bring proof of complete vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test result. In some places, you may also require to wear a mask at all times, except when actively eating or drinking.

How to get parking for the concert?

Most of the Rauw Alejandro concerts are in major venues that offer on-site parking, But you cannot be sure about the availability of parking on the concert day. So before you buy tickets, make sure you have parking available at or near the venue.
The best option is to get parking garages near the venue using a parking app. For instance, the Way.com website and Way parking app allow you to locate nearby garages and compare their prices and features. Off-site parking spaces are great to ensure the safety of your car without paying hefty parking charges.

Parking Lots and Rates for the concert

    Venue Lot Name  Parking Rate
Barclays Center 555 Waverly Ave Parking $16/day
105 Underhill Ave Parking $34/day
197 Schermerhorn St Parking $31/day
FTX Arena 850 NE 2nd Ave Parking $40/day
2916 N Miami Ave Parking P2507 $14.74/day
145 NE 2nd Street Parking $15/day
Pechanga Arena 3880 Greenwood St Parking $16/day
Save Mart Center 1508 Clovis Ave Parking $10/day
5113 E McKinley Avenue Parking $16/day
3876 N Blackstone Ave Parking $16/day
1551 North Peach Avenue Parking $8/day
LA Forum 301 N Prairie Ave Parking $150/day
822 Isis Avenue Parking $32/day
Century Inn LAX Sofi Stadium Superbowl Parking $29/day
Allstate Arena 5200 Pearl Street Parking $21/day
3001 Mannheim Rd Parking $13/day
3950 Mannheim Road Parking $15/day
2881 Touhy Avenue Parking $16/day
SAP Center 302 South Market Street Parking $55/day
100 E Santa Clara St Parking $16/day
455 S Second St Parking $16/day

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