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3 reasons indoor airport parking is better than outdoor parking

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Whether you’re going on a short trip or an extended vacation, parking your car can often be a hassle. Therefore, you need to make the right parking decision for you and your car. Otherwise, even while you’re on vacay, your mind will always be on your car and keep you from enjoying your travels. A question that worries most travelers is whether to choose indoor airport parking or outdoor airport parking.

Indoor vs outdoor parking

Airport parking can be indoors or outdoors. However, using an indoor parking facility is always better. Whether you need  Atlanta airport parking or Philadelphia airport parking – they all offer top-quality indoor parking services. The service charge may be a bit higher, but you do not risk your vehicle’s safety.

Here are three main reasons why you should choose indoor parking facilities:

1. Indoor airport parking is a lot more secure

Forgive us for the pun, but the fact is indoor parking is covered and provides good security. When you park outside, your car runs the risk of damage from extreme weather. From hail to falling trees, keeping your automobile outdoors, there’s plenty of awful things that can happen, especially in winter. Several indoor parking facilities offer automated or semi-automated parking garages. This makes sure that no unsavory characters nip in and steal your catalytic converter or tires. Parking indoors is better for personal safety, too. You can also avoid walking through an open lot during the early morning or late night – not a pleasant experience for many.

2. Outdoor parking can make your car dirty

When it comes to your car, the great outdoors may not be so, well, great! Excessive sun exposure can cause automobile paint to oxidize. This, in turn, caused the paint to fade and even peel off. Also, acidic bird droppings, sticky bug residue, and dripping tree sap can all damage the paint on your car’s body. Believe it or not, the paint on your car is intended for purposes other than simply looking sleek. It acts as a protective layer for the metal body of your automobile, helping to prevent moisture damage, corrosion, and even dents from forming on the surface.

Also, airports are always busy and messy. Most of the time, there could be construction work or renovation work going on in the airports. So, your car can get dirty if you leave it in an open area. This is especially true if you are going for LAX long-term parking. Indoor airport parking will ensure that your car looks as good as when you parked it!

3. Your car’s performance will be unaffected

Parking your car outdoors can affect your car’s performance in more ways than one. You may come back to a car that feels sluggish (battery issues), craked tires, and rusty brakes. Indoor airport parking minimizes the risk such performance issues for your parked car.

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Indoor parking lets you park your car in a mostly secure, covered location, keeping it away from probable damage from the weather or miscreants. Outdoor parking offers a protected space that is usually not open to the general public but subject to the vagaries of the weather.

So, don’t think twice. Drive down to an indoor parking facility, park all your worries along with your car and enjoy your travel!

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