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Are Their Reasons to Not Buy Life Insurance and Are They Legit?

  • Life Insurance
  • Sara Sam
  • 4 minutes

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 When it comes to life insurance, one is overwhelmed with choices of companies and the types of policies available. However, there are several factors to consider when buying life insurance. Here we look at the reasons not to buy life insurance of the most common mistakes to avoid when buying life insurance.  

Looking closely at the head spin that all the jargon, paperwork, and fine print that life insurance throws at you, it might seem difficult to navigate through this tricky terrain. However, here we break it down to why you should make that purchase, why you shouldn’t, and certainly the common mistakes to avoid while buying life insurance.  

5 Reasons to Buy Life Insurance 

Here is a quick look at the reasons to buy life insurance. However, if you want to know why life insurance is important, click here! But there is no leaving this without any takeaways, so here are the 5 reasons to buy life insurance. 

  • Financial protection for loved ones. 
  • Income replacement 
  • Estate planning 
  • Business continuity 
  • Debt payment and meeting final expenses. 

5 Reasons Not to Buy Life Insurance 

While purchasing insurance is important for financial planning, there are several reasons not to buy life insurance as well.   

  • Suppose you do not have any dependents. In other words, in the absence of a spouse or children dependent on you financially, you may not need a life insurance backup after you’ve passed away. 
  • Ample assets like savings, investments, or real estate, might sometimes be enough to provide for your loved ones. Therefore, in such cases, life insurance may not be necessary. 
  • Even though there are policies that suit all kinds of budgets, if you do not have a regular cash flow to pay the monthly or annual premiums, then it may not be feasible to purchase life insurance.  
  • If you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, it might be the most uncommon of all the reasons for not buying life insurance; however, if you are in this situation, it is necessary to buy life insurance.  
  • Similarly, suppose you already have sufficient coverage through other means, such as through a group life insurance policy provided by your employer. In that case, purchasing an additional individual policy may not be necessary. 

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Life Insurance 

Misunderstanding your insurance needs 

Don’t be that person who buys a policy based on a friend’s recommendation or a catchy TV ad without considering your financial situation and needs. In other words, if you proceed with any plan that comes your way, you might end up with a plan that doesn’t suit your budget. Therefore, you should look at the policy needs based on your age, health, debts, and needs. 

Choosing the wrong policy type 

Every policy has its own perks and perils. Therefore, choosing the right policy will leave you with adequate coverage. In addition, you will steer clear of paying more than you need to. For example, if you are looking for an investment option, then universal or whole life insurance with a cash value component will be apt. 

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Inadequate research and quote comparison 

Life insurance rates can vary widely between providers, so it’s important to shop around and compare prices before finalizing the policy type. Failing to do so can result in paying more than necessary for the same coverage. 

Waiting too long to make a purchase 

Even though there are policies designed for seniors, buying a life insurance policy when you are young can fetch you better rates. In other words, a term life insurance policy premium for a 30-year-old male will pay $152 for a 20-year term, while a 50-year-old will pay $461 annually for the same term for a $250,000 term policy.  

Withholding information in your application 

Every life insurance policy comes with many terms and conditions to understand, but that shouldn’t hold you from providing accurate information about yourself on the policy. In the same vein, not being honest in your application can consequently result in denial of the policy benefit payout.  

However, do not make the error of placing your life insurance policy in a file cabinet and forgetting about it once you’ve purchased it. In addition, you should regularly review your policy to ensure that it still meets your needs. Having the necessary coverage can provide you with peace of mind. 

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