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Reasons Speeding Tickets Can Be Dismissed

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  • Vanessa Norris
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When driving on the road, it is dreadful enough to see the police lights flashing through your rearview mirror. You immediately know you’ll have to pull over and, if speeding, be handed a ticket. But did you know a judge can dismiss a speeding ticket? Read on to learn about the reasons speeding tickets can be dismissed. 

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Top Reasons for Speeding Ticket Dismissal

When a law enforcement officer issues you a speeding ticket, you will generally have to send the ticket with a plea to your local courthouse.  

You’ll get a scheduled date to appear in court, and the judge will assess your infraction and impose the appropriate number of driver’s license points and fine amount based on your state’s driving laws. 

But then there are situations when a judge may reduce or dismiss your charge altogether. Some of the commonly seen reasons for speeding ticket dismissal are as given below. 

Reasons speeding tickets are dismissed: 

If the Equipment Is Faulty

Law enforcement officers use a radar gun to determine whether a driver exceeds the speed limit. Cameras at red lights, speed signs in school zones, and other devices use comparable technologies. 

Suppose you have strong evidence to suggest that the radar gun or traffic camera used to determine the speed of your vehicle had an error. In that case, you may have a good chance of persuading the court to dismiss the traffic penalty issued to you. 

Reasons speeding tickets can be dismissed

If It Was Your First Offense

Depending on your state, if the judge you appear before is kind, he might dismiss your speeding ticket. If you have a clean driving record and your attorney can convince the judge, you are free of the speeding ticket.  

However, there is no set rule that a first offense will get dismissed, but it solely depends on the judge to make the decision. It is sheer luck! 

If the Officer Does Not Appear in Court

If the law enforcement officer who issued the speeding ticket does not appear in court, this could be a reason speeding tickets can be dismissed. The issuing officer needs to present the case in court. But you can plead to dismiss your case if the officer does not appear. 

The judge may reschedule the trial, but most dismiss the ticket if the officer fails to appear repeatedly. 

If the Police Officer Makes a Mistake

If the police officer makes a substantial mistake during the trial, the judge may dismiss the ticket. Inconsistent testimony or omitting crucial information are major errors. To take advantage of this opportunity, listen to the officer and take notes to find contradictions. If the officer’s notes contradict their testimony, you can request the judge to dismiss the ticket. 

Reasons speeding tickets can be dismissed

If Your Ticket Details Have an Error

Whenever you are issued any traffic ticket, cross-check details such as the vehicle make, model, year, and license plate number. This information is crucial for your case. If there are any mismatches in the details, the ticket gets dismissed, and you come clean. 

How Do Tickets for Speeding Affect Your Insurance? 

Speeding tickets impact your insurance rates depending on your state. If you get two or more tickets for speeding in three years, your insurance rate will probably go up. If you only get one ticket for speeding during this time, however, your insurance may not go up. Whether or not your rate goes up depends on your insurance company, driving record, insurance history, and, in some places, how fast you were going when you got a ticket. 

Bottom Line 

Getting your speeding ticket dismissed is rare but possible. Traffic cops know what to say and do, and judges typically rely on their testimony. However, if you can present evidence that throws a reasonable doubt on your guilt, the judge may rule that the state failed to prove its case. Consult an experienced traffic defense attorney if your case is complex. 



How to get out of a speeding ticket? 

To get your speeding ticket dismissed,  

  • Send a plea to your local court along with the ‘not guilty’ ticked on the ticket.
  • Hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney to defend your case in court.  
  • Look for loopholes in the ticket, such as information errors, etc. 
  • Offer to attend a defensive driving course or Traffic school. 

How to get a ticket dismissed for wrong information?  

If your ticket has a mistake, choose an experienced and well-known vehicle ticket lawyer who can investigate and help you determine if your ticket can get dismissed. If you do, they can help you get the best result. 

Can a ticket be dismissed for wrong vehicle information? 

You can get your ticket dismissed if the officer cites the wrong car make or model, license plate number, or other identifying information. In this case, you must show that the ticket does not identify you as a lawbreaker. 

If a ticket is dismissed, does it affect insurance? 

When you get a ticket, your insurance company won’t know about it immediately. Most of the time, they only look at your record once a year. If you remove the ticket before that “pull” happens, your rate won’t increase. 

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