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How to Get a Rebuilt Title in Florida: Tips That Help

  • Car Registration
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 4 minutes

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Can you drive a car with a rebuilt title in Florida? How much does a rebuilt title cost? What is the process to get an FL rebuilt title? How do you clear a Florida rebuilt title? 

Getting a rebuilt title in Florida is an easy yet time-consuming process. You can only pass the title verification if you follow the right steps. Here’s all that you should know about getting your rebuilt title. 

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Steps to get a rebuilt title in Florida 

Getting a rebuilt title in Florida will be easier if you follow the right steps. Here’s what you should do: 

Submit the necessary proofs 

As you apply for a rebuilt title in Florida, please ensure you have all the necessary documents to present at the DMV office. On submitting the documents, a DMV official must verify the proofs and confirm whether they’re the same as in your title renewal form. Once you get the confirmation, you can easily renew or replace your existing car titles. 

Get DMV’s approval 

Once you submit the proofs, the next step is to get your DMV’s approval. To get the approval, you’ll need to fill the forms HSMV 82040 and 84490, which inspects the title and verifies that your documents are valid. In addition, you’ll also need to submit the original copies of the bills of purchase. These bills contain all the details of your buy and the dealer’s information. Make sure to put all the documents in an envelope and seal them. DMV disapproves of any envelopes with broken or no seals. 

Go through verification 

Once you submit the documents, the DMV needs to take care of the verification. During the verification, the DMV cross-verifies that your verification is complete if the details are the same as in HSMV 84490. Within a few weeks, you can get your rebuilt title in Florida. You may also have to pay a nominal $118 to complete the verification. 

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Is it legal to drive a car with a rebuilt title in Florida? 

Yes, driving a car with a rebuilt title in Florida is legal. However, you must remember that you start driving once you receive your new titles. Also, a rebuilt title is a part of the history of your vehicle, showing that your car has undergone accidents or natural disasters. 

Laws regarding rebuilt title in Florida 

Knowing Florida’s title laws is as important as going for one. Here are some of the rules that matter: 

  • As per the Florida statutes Chapter 319, section 141, every repaired title in Florida must undergo a regular inspection program producing the bills of purchase, details of replaced parts, and a photo of the car. 
  • After the inspection, the inspectors shall give details about the parts that need replacement, verify the documents and insurance papers, and approve the rebuilt title. 
  • Thirdly, residents of Bay, Broward, Duval, Escambia, Hillsborough, Leon, Manatee, Marion, Miami-Dade, Orange, Palm Beach, and Volusia Counties are given priority for checking. The residents of these areas can approach private inspection centers to inspect their repaired titles in Florida. 

Things to do before getting a rebuilt title in Florida 

  • Keep a letter of surety bond before you go for the inspection of your title. 
  • Have the letter of lease and purchase of your rebuilt title in Florida permanently. 
  • Even if you go for a rebuilt title, ensure that your car has all the necessary insurance coverages that matter during the title inspection. 
  • Similarly, confirm that the owners and buyers of the title don’t have a criminal background and that your purchase is legal. 
  • Before inspecting a car with a repaired title in Florida, the inspecting officials must also report it to the DMV and get prior permission. 
  • If your vehicle undergoes inspection for a rebuilt title, remember that the department maintains a record of your car title for the next five years. 

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