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Renew your Ohio Driver’s License

  • Driver's License
  • Sara Sam
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Life will get a bit easier for Ohio drivers after the summer of 2022. You might be wondering how. It is just a matter of time now for the license renewal processes to turn online in Ohio. Currently, the renewal can be done in person or by mail. Here is a quick look at the procedures for the license renewal in the state of Ohio. 

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What do I require to renew my driver’s license in Ohio?

Driving without a license is a punishable offence. Similarly, one has to update their license on time to avoid tickets and blemishes on their driving record which can in turn impact your insurance rates as well. You will require the following documents to renew your license.

  • Proof of full name and date of birth
  • Social Security Number and the proof
  • Address proof
  • License renewal fee
  • Proof of legal presence in the US.

The primary and secondary documents are mandatory for the renewal process. For example, some of the documents that can be submitted during the renewal process are birth certificates, immigration document, health insurance card.

When should you renew your driver’s license in Ohio?

The front of your license states the expiration date of your license. It is advisable to renew your driver’s license before you receive the renewal notice. That is to say, one shouldn’t wait for the forty-day period for the renewal notice to reach in order to begin the process.

You can renew your license before or within ninety days of the expiration date. In Ohio, this will get you a valid license for four and three years respectively.

What will happen if I have an expired Ohio license?

In Ohio, driving with an expired license is illegal, as there is no grace period. In addition,  you must reapply as a new applicant and retake all tests if your license has expired for more than six months.

Do not drive if your license was suspended. You are required to pay all reinstatement fees and provide proof of auto insurance. Depending on the nature of the suspension, the fines range between $75.00 and $475.00.

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How to renew Ohio driver’s license?

One can renew their driver’s license in the state by mail or in person. However, Ohio will begin its renewal services online from July 2022.

How do I renew my driver’s license in person?

  • Visit your nearest DMV office.
  • Bring your license along with the above-mentioned documents.
  • You must undergo a vision screening test
  • Sign forms for proving your insurance status
  • Pay the renewal fee of $27.75

How do I renew my driver’s license by mail?

This service however is available only under certain conditions which include the following.

  • If you are temporarily out of state
  • Your license has been expired for less than 6 months or is yet to expire
  • You have an Ohio address on file with the BMV
  • You are not in prison
  • If you do not have a suspended license

Under any of these conditions, you can request your state to renew by mail package. You can contact  844-644-6268 or send an email through the BMV website.

The packet will hold the required forms for filling in the necessary details. You have to mail it with the filled-out forms and the renewal cost in cash or check.

After you file the renewal, you will receive your new driver’s license in ten days by mail.

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Is auto insurance required to renew your driver’s license in Ohio?

In Ohio, financial accountability is required for all motor vehicles. This is the legal requirement. You must always be able to provide proof of auto insurance if you are involved in a car accident or receive a traffic citation. A conviction for driving without insurance may result in the suspension of driving privileges and car seizure.

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