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Ways to Replace Your Car Battery at a Dealership

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Regarding battery replacement, it is always better to replace your car battery at a dealership. You may replace the battery, but only a professional can assist you correctly. 

As you may know, a car battery expires over time. Also, driving with an expired battery is risky as it may make your car stop suddenly, making you seek immediate help. Here, we’ll discuss everything you should know about replacing your car battery at a dealership. 

Types of car batteries 

Before understanding the process of replacing your car battery, it is important to know the types of car batteries.  Car batteries are of different types, such as: 

Lead acid battery 

Car experts say lead batteries function better, with a longer lifespan than the other types. The lead acid battery has a plastic container that holds the parts together. Also, charging the battery once keeps it working for a few hours uninterruptedly. With this type of battery, combustion, starting, and powering up of cars becomes easy. 

Lithium-ion battery

EVs make the best use of lithium-ion batteries as it improves the car’s overall performance. These batteries come in small compact sizes, are portable, and are easy to replace. Most car owners prefer lithium-ion batteries. Since they are lightweight, have effective energy consumption, and have a better power restoration capacity. 

SLI battery 

SLI (starting, lighting, and ignition) batteries function best for long-term usage. These batteries are easily rechargeable, charge, and discharge on their own. These batteries continuously convert AC to DC, keeping the car working well in the long run. The DC voltage backup keeps the car in good condition. 

VRLA battery 

Also known as Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery, these are the most durable ones, taking less maintenance. The battery’s positive plate releases oxygen, which the negative plate absorbs, suppressing the hydrogen content. As a result, there is moisture retention in the battery, making it a good choice for longer use. The battery also comes with glass mat gel which prevents overheating. 

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery 

These batteries may not be easy to replace, and you may have to pre-order them at the dealership. If you own a hybrid vehicle or an EV, you may have to choose this type. Also, nickel metal hydride batteries work more efficiently than the other types. 

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 Ways to Replace Your Car Battery at a Dealership

Ways to test a car battery 

Some simple ways to test your car battery are: 

  • Try starting your car without using it for a few days. If your car fails to start, you must replace the battery at a dealership. 
  • Secondly, connect the battery tester. Then connect the black tester cable to the negative end of the battery and the red cable to the positive end.  
  • Now, switch on the battery tester and put it in voltage testing mode. 
  • Next, put your tester in CCA (cold cranking amps) mode. Then compare the CCA reading to the battery tester reading. If there is a difference, take your car battery to a dealership for replacement. 

What is a car battery replacement? 

The lifespan of a battery expires over a while. Using such expired batteries can damage your car and affect its functioning in the long run. Also, the car battery is the most expensive part to repair. Hence, it is wise to go for a car battery replacement to understand its expiry date

Signs that your car needs a battery replacement 

Some signs that indicate your car needs a battery replacement are: 

  • Taking a lot of time to start. 
  • Burnt battery terminals. 
  • A blinking ‘check battery light.’ 
  • Consult a mechanic and decide if you need a battery replacement at a dealer. 

Factors that decide the cost to replace car battery at a dealership 

Here are the factors that decide the cost of replacing your car battery at a dealership: 

  • Type of car– Your car’s make and model play a major role in replacing the car battery at a dealership. 
  • Battery type– Check the availability of the battery with your dealer before going for a replacement. 
  • Location– Confirm the dealer’s location before going for a replacement. The location is important because the costs are higher in urban than rural areas. 
  • Age of the car– The older your car is, the higher the battery replacement costs will be at your dealership. 
  • Mileage– The cost to replace batteries of higher mileage cars will be more than that of cars with less mileage. 

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Cost of battery replacement at a dealership 

The battery replacement cost at a dealership may be one of the reasons which keep you back from visiting a dealer. The average cost to get new batteries from your dealer may vary between $79 to $496, whether you prefer to replace them by yourselves or visit a dealer. 

The dealer may charge you $115 to $496, including the spare parts and labor charges. On the other hand, replacing the car battery yourself may cost you only around $79 to $415—the replacement costs for EVs range between $1000 to $2000. 

It is ideal for replacing the batteries yourself than choosing battery replacement at a dealership. Sometimes, car manufacturers may cover your battery replacement expenses. 

Hence, it is always wise to insure your car with full or basic coverage. These coverages help you manage the battery replacement costs. 

How often should I go for a car battery replacement at a dealership? 

Car experts believe you must go for a car battery replacement at a dealership every 3- 5 years. 

What happens if you don’t go for a car battery replacement? 

Not replacing your car batteries at regular intervals can shorten their lifespan. A battery with a short lifespan is less reliable and needs regular inspection. Using a dead battery makes you often jumpstart, affecting the engine. Therefore, buy a new battery at your nearest dealership when the existing ones expire. 

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How to save money on car battery replacement? 

  • Check your battery life regularly. 
  • Try jumpstarting and checking the water levels before replacing the car battery. 
  • Confirm the battery life on buying it. You can find the expiry of the battery on the sticker under it. 
  • Visit your local auto parts store. These stores offer car battery replacement services at comparatively lower rates. 
  • Make sure to visit your closest dealership- The car dealership in your neighborhood may offer your car battery replacement services at the best rates. So, stay in touch with them. 

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