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Ways to Get a Replacement Driver’s License in PA (Pennsylvania)

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Looking for a replacement driver’s license in PA? When should you go for a replacement? What are the laws you must know? 

On understanding that you’ve lost your license in PA, go for a replacement immediately. Don’t delay the process by any chance, or you may end up paying hefty penalties. Here’s what you need to understand before applying for a license replacement. 

When should you go for a replacement driver’s license in Pennsylvania? 

You must go for a replacement license in PA if you think that your license is missing or stolen. First, you must report the loss at the nearest DMV office. Not reporting the loss of a license can mean a greater chance of ID duplication. In any case, the Pennsylvania DMV laws require you to carry a license as long as you drive in this state. 

replacement driver's license PA

How long does it take to get a replacement license in PA? 

You can get a replacement license in PA within 10 days of reporting the loss. All you need to do is provide a photo and a signature on the request form. You’ll also need to pay a fee of $37.50 for replacement charges. 

Steps to get a replacement driver’s license in PA 

The steps to get a replacement license in PA differ for non-commercial and commercial license types. Hence, it is important to accurately follow the process for your license type. Here’s the process you should know: 


The quickest way to get a new license is by applying for an online replacement driver’s license in PA. There are two simple ways to retrieve your license: visiting the DMV office or following the process through the website. Hence, you must log in to the PennDOT official website and request a license replacement. 

Once you send a request, you should also add your SSN details. Pay the replacement fees, which are approximately $29.50. Make sure that you make payments through your credit or debit cards. You can see your duplicate copy on the portal when you’re done paying. You may print the copy and use it as your new license. 

Via Mail 

The steps are even easier if you prefer going for a replacement license through the mail. If you’re out of state and lose your license, you may want a new one immediately. However, before you apply, add copies of your ID proof, SSN, birth certificate, and passport. Next, fill out the W-2 form and attach a copy. 

After adding all the documents, pay the fees, and remember to download the receipt. Your new license should reach you in a few weeks. 

In Person 

You can go in person for a replacement driver’s license in PA if there is a DMV office in your locality. Again, make sure to bring a copy of your primary proof, without which you may have to reschedule your appointment. Other proofs you should carry are your passport, residency certificate, and car title. 

Be careful and fill out the form with the correct details. Similarly, double-check if you’re carrying all the necessary documents, or the process may take longer than expected. You should get your new license in about 7-10 working days. 

What are the things to take care of while going for an out-of-state replacement? 

If you are out-of-state and your driver’s license in PA goes missing, here’s what you should do: 

  • Request an online replacement: To send an online request, log on to https://www.dmv.pa.gov/ and choose online services. Once you select this option, you can see many drop-down menus. Select the license replacement services, add the details, and proceed to pay. 
  • You can also send a replacement request via mail. For that, you must download the DL-80 application, fill in the details, and pay via card. 

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Laws about replacement licenses in PA 

  • According to Title 75-PA General Assembly, all car owners must go for a replacement driver’s license in PA if their license goes missing. Also, driving a car without a license is illegal, and you must pay fines. If the license owner is from another state, he must submit an acknowledgment of suspension explaining the reasons for losing the license to get a new license. 
  • After you’ve done all the paperwork and filled out the necessary forms, the DMV will set up a replacement in about 20 days.   

Grace period for replacing your license in PA 

If you cannot replace your license within that time, you are eligible for a grace period of six months. 

Driving without a license in PA means you may have to pay a fine of $200, and exceeding the last payment date makes you pay the $25 late fee. 

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