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15 Best Restaurants near LaGuardia Airport

  • Air Travel
  • Renee Martin
  • 13 minutes

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Just like in the rest of NYC, dining near LaGuardia is an experience you must not miss! Since Manhattan is only a short drive from LGA, it’s not easy to narrow down the best restaurant selections to just ten. But then again, we love challenges. So, for the benefit of all those travelers who are feeling a little rumbly in their tumbly, here are the 15 best restaurants near LaGuardia Airport. ¬†


LaGuardia Airport, along with Newark Liberty International Airport and JFK International Airport, is one of the three main airports in New York. Despite being the smallest of the three airports, LaGuardia’s accessibility to Manhattan makes it extremely convenient for travelers. If you’re searching for a bite to eat on your way to or from LaGuardia on your way back from a lengthy journey, there are numerous amazing restaurants near LaGuardia Airport where you’ll find something to sate those rumbly tummies. ¬†

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Top Restaurants near LaGuardia Airport

Rincon Criollo 

40-09 Junction Blvd, Queens 

Rincon Criollo is the only place we think of when people ask us about Cuban food in Queens. The old photos of Havana on the walls make it feel like you’ve traveled back in time. They treat you like family and serve you hearty portions. You can’t go wrong with almost anything on the menu. Each entree has two sides, and the range of tasty options is extensive.¬†


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Imagine a juicy, thick piece of pork with smoked ham flavor – that’s pretty much how their pork chops taste. The ropa vieja is also remarkable. Tender yuca smothered in garlic sauce is a must-have side dish for any garlic lover. If you’re looking for a quick grab-and-go, try their tasty Cuban sandwiches full of yummy goodness. ¬†

Amdo Kitchen 

37-59 74th Street, Queens 

Momos, dumplings originally from Tibet or Nepal, are now a staple food in the area, with various fillings, including meat and vegetables. There is even a “momo crawl” that takes place every autumn. Tasters on this tour in 2015 unanimously agreed that AMDO Kitchen served the best in the area.¬†

Get the beef momos and the pickled radish served with a couple of Sichuan peppercorns to dull your tastebuds. It’s best to savor the broth when eating these momos because they are more liquid than usual.¬†

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Trattoria L’incontro¬†

21-76 31st St, Queens 

As the best Italian restaurant near LaGuardia Airport, the Trattoria L’incontro Italian restaurant is a must-try. It’s only three miles from LGA, making Trattoria L’incontro a great stop, whether you’re looking for a glass of wine in the wine bar or a full-course meal of authentic Italian cuisine. This restaurant has a wide and somewhat unusual menu that reflects the traditional and homey atmosphere created by the hand-painted murals and open stone ceiling.¬†

You have plenty of antipasto and pasta options, as you’d expect from an Italian restaurant. But the real specialty at this restaurant near LaGuardia Airport is the brick-oven pizzas. They have a few unique options, such as a brick oven pizza filled with chocolate. Popular meals at Trattoria include fried calamari, mussels in white sauce, and grilled octopus, as one might expect from a restaurant with a reputation for excellent food.¬†

The Thirsty Koala 

35-12 Ditmars Blvd, Queens 

If you’re looking for gluten-free food near LaGuardia Airport, head on over to the Thirsty Koala. Visit this restaurant and enjoy their food to experience what it’s like to cook with a purpose and the world in mind. Then, try a taste of Australia or relive your holiday right here in Queens.¬†

This Australian restaurant is one of the few places in town where you can obtain real ground kangaroo meat, which is served in various meals. Choose the Kangaroo Burger, which contains a ‘roo patty topped with bacon, cheddar, pineapple, a fried egg, and the unusual beetroot, balancing its gamey flavor with the savory, sour, and sweet.¬†

Buccaneer Diner 

93-01 Astoria Blvd, Queens 

The Buccaneer Diner is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is a terrific destination for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an anytime snack. This old-school café serves enormous meals that are easy to split and has a diner ambiance that will transport you back in time. The cuisine and service are equally excellent, and you will want to return again and again. 


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A post shared by Buccanner Diner (@buccaneer_diner)

The Buccaneer classic 9-ounce steak burger requires two hands to prepare. It’s made with hand-ground, succulent meat and topped with delicious, caramelized onions or any of your fave toppings. Several sandwiches, wraps, and salads are available for lunch. These include delicious roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, and turkey heaped high on your preferred bread. Buccaneer’s saut√©ed dishes, such as chicken or veal marsala, piccata or francese, are also exceptional. Enjoy New York sirloin steak, filet mignon, thick cut, juicy pork chops with a chilled beer, wine, or cocktail.

Uncle Peter’s

83-15 Northern Blvd, Queens 

This French, Italian, and Spanish restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens, is a terrific place to stop before or after a long flight because of the excellent food and the welcoming ambiance. Those who prefer a non-carnivorous meal can still have a high-quality meal thanks to the delicious vegetarian selections. 


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A post shared by Uncle Peters (@unclepeters)

When here, try the Cornish hen, grilled and served with a balsamic reduction, which falls off the bone. Next, chicken medallions stuffed with veggies and mozzarella are twisted into spirals and served with spaghetti. Finally, mushrooms and Marsala wine sauce are added as a last touch to the pork loin. Then, of course, you may have Atlantic salmon any way you like it, and there’s always fresh seafood as the “catch of the day.”¬†

LaGuardia Café 

97-02 23rd Ave, Queens 

The Dominican food at LaGuardia Cafe is both delish and authentic. In each one of their dishes, they only employ the very best ingredients and recipes. Therefore, you can be certain of the quality you can discern in every bite. Everything in this restaurant is bursting with flavor and made just the way it would be at home. You are guaranteed to fall in love with the food at this restaurant near LaGuardia Airport.  


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A post shared by Laguardia Cafe (@laguardiacafe)

Grilled chicken, pork chops, and fish are some of the dishes that come highly recommended by our table. If you’re feeling hungry, this is the place to come for delicious cheesecakes, tres leches cakes, and flija. The consensus among the guests is that the coffee is exceptionally tasty.

Khao Kang

76-20 Woodside Ave, Queens 

Khao Kang, on Woodside Avenue, features a constantly rotating selection of steam table delicacies. Everything is made in the same style, which means you get to enjoy the full heat, flavor, and spice that is hard to come by in New York City’s Thai restaurants. They’ve thought of everything, including the water cooler you’ll need to use multiple times during your lunch! ¬†


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A post shared by Tarnaruk Dee (@khaokangnyc)

Must-tries are the red chicken curry, pumpkin curry, and pork belly simmered in an anise-flavored broth with eggs and tofu. All of these come with a fried egg on top, naturally. Their Thai iced tea, served in a cup with crushed ice, is the perfect complement to the hot food. In addition, they have an assortment of candies on display at the front counter. There is also Khao Nom, a sister restaurant right next door. While desserts are that restaurant’s forte, savory options are also available at Khao Nom.

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34-11 30th Ave, Astoria 

One of the best Indian restaurants near LaGuardia Airport, Seva, offers tasty and hearty Indian cooking, including vegetarian fare. Seva serves up the food you won’t be able to stop raving about until a friend or someone else goes there. The lunch deals are very reasonable. Everything is always served promptly and is always delicious. Moreover, the servings are hearty.¬†


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A post shared by @eatingwithrye

If you’re on a tight budget, the Prix Fixe Sampler (appetizer, entr√©e, and dessert) is value for money. But then again, you must try the lamb spring roll, strongly flavored chicken tikka, or lamb saag. Then, when you have time to spend near LaGuardia Airport, check if you can stomach their spice when the lamb vindaloo arrives at the table.

Mezze Kosher Mediterranean Pizza Restaurant

100-18 Queens Blvd 

Mezze is the answer to your search for kosher restaurants near LaGuardia airport. Pizzas include margarita, cheese manakeesh, egg and cheese manakeesh, Greek, and za’atar. Calzones filled with cheese are also available to order. Additionally, the restaurant offers sushi for patrons to choose from.¬†

A Northern Salmon Kebab Platter, a Fish Taco Trio, a Whole Grilled Branzino, Shakshuka, and a Spicy Trout Fillet are a few of the Entrée options available at this restaurant. In addition, the following are examples of mezze: roasted beets, labneh, tzatziki, mixed olives, falafel, green tahini, and tabouli. Also included is mutabal, which is eggplant.

Taqueria Coatzingo

7605 Roosevelt Ave, Queens 

This is one of the best Mexican restaurants near LaGuardia Airport. The traditional taco filling, al pastor, is roasted on a spit in the Mexican style and makes a delicious addition to any plate. You can either get something to go or settle down for a meal. 

Unwind with a cocktail or michelada from the restaurant’s complete bar. Next door is a bakery where you may find various delicious baked goods. Birria de res (beef stew) has a smokey flavor and is quite tender. The soup is thick and comforting, ideal for the colder months. Their champurrado, a masa drink spiced with cinnamon and chocolate, is a popular choice throughout the winter months. All of the elements of the cemita go well with the soft bread.

Lali Guras

37-63 76th St, Jackson Heights 

Just a few minutes walk from the Jackson Heights bus station, Lali Guras is the place to go for authentic Nepalese cuisine. The thali comes with various vegetarian meals, including sauteed escarole, lentil soup, another vegetable curry, and a pile of rice in the center of a rectangular silver platter. Their thali comes highly recommended. This is delicious on its own, but it also pairs well with various meats and fish. 


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A post shared by @jusearnmoney

Order the chicken momos if you want to smell the aroma of curry, and make sure to get plenty of spicy orange sauce with peanuts. Chicken sukuti is a tasty and healthy appetizer that complements the thali perfectly. Order the “Bhutan,” which consists of goat head and curry, if you’re feeling daring.¬†

 969 NYC Coffee

3761 80th St, Queens 

This modest Japanese caf√©’s generic moniker belies its many talents and quaint appeal. The coffee is top-notch and comes from New York City’s beloved Joe Coffee. Oda is famous for its onigirazu, a rice sandwich held together with nori. ¬†


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A post shared by NY Asian Food (@nyasianfood)

On the inside, you’ll find the usual suspects: fried meat, American cheese, eggs, hash browns, vegetables, and leafy greens. Veggies of all kinds are packed into the vegan choice. They look as good as they taste. Chicken curry katsu, takoyaki, and yakisoba are just some of the other meals he prepares. Matcha or avocado shakes with a dollop of black sesame or matcha ice cream are offered as a sweet treat. In addition to a wide selection of onigiri, sushi rolls, vegetarian options, ramen, matcha, Japanese soft drinks, and sweets, Oda’s caf√© is open year-round.

Louie’s Pizza

8134 Baxter Ave #1, Queens 

Louie’s Pizzeria is another great Italian restaurant near LaGuardia Airport. Their pizza is awesome, as you would expect. But it’s their other dishes that set them apart from the other pizza joints in the area, although they provide fantastic pizza. ¬†


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A post shared by Louie’s Pizza (@louiespizza)

The agnolotti with ricotta and spinach in a creamy pesto sauce is a highlight of the house-made pasta. Black linguine prepared with squid ink and served with shrimp, squid, and more is a must-try for seafood lovers, as is the salmon cooked to a supremely soft consistency and paired with tomato and fragrant basil. In addition to many chicken and veal options, there is a wonderful ribeye steak. Grab a slice of their famous grandma’s pizza topped with fresh mozzarella, tomato, garlic, and basil. It’s one of the best you’ll find in the Big Apple. When you first try the ribeye steak at your friendly neighborhood pizza, you might wonder how such deliciousness even exists. All of the meat products (such as ham, sausage, and pepperoni) are beef or turkey; there is no pork available.

Donovan’s Pub

57-24 Roosevelt Ave, Queens 

Donovan’s is more than just a bar because it serves some of the best Irish comfort food in the city and a burger that has been named among the best in New York City. You’ll immediately feel the old-world allure of this location the moment you enter the bar area. ¬†


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A post shared by Donovan’s Pub (@donovanswoodside)

There is a lot of room for personalization when it comes to burgers, even beyond what is listed on the menu. They’ve fused Sunnyside and Donovan, producing a burger topped with a fried egg, saut√©ed peppers, and onions. Go for a pretzel bun (highly recommended). If you’re looking for a great side to go with your burger, the thick-cut sweet potato fries are the way to go.¬†

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