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Road trips from Austin to take on this winter  

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
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Road trips from Austin to take on this winter  

Winter is here! Hopefully, the nightwalkers and the COVID-19 symptoms stay away for good. 2020 has been, more or less, a year to forget for many.  However, the light at the end of this tunnel is finally starting to show. We are slowly but surely heading back towards how things were before! Taking a road trip during winter is not something many people look forward to, but we lost summer, and fortunately, things are getting better. If you are ready to make hay while the sun shines, reside in Austin, and prepared for the outside world, it’s time to pack your bags and get ready for a winter road trip starting from the capital of Texas! Many of us have been locked down and self-isolated during the last few months. If you are considering a family reunion in the lone-star state, this is probably the best idea. Let’s dive straight into some of the best possible winter road trips from Austin. If you have concerns about finding parking along the way, check out websites like Way.com that provide plenty of spots for parking in Austin and Texas.


road trips from Austin Fredericksburg  

The small but beautiful town of Fredericksburg is ideal for taking on a road trip from Austin. Located approximately an hour and a half away from the heart of Texas, Fredericksburg has plenty of attractions to explore in the winter season. You’ve seen plenty of ranches in all their glory, but have you seen ranches with a German touch in Texas? That’s precisely what Fredericksburg has on offer, along with equally gorgeous attractions like the National Museum of the Pacific War and the Enchanted Rock. Fredericksburg’s best thing is its placement in the Texas Hill Country, making it a leisurely road trip destination to take on from Austin and San Antonio. Make sure not to miss the German Christmas Pyramid if you are visiting Fredericksburg in December!   

Glen Rose  

If a road trip from Austin to Fredericksburg does not lets you flex your legs as expected, consider taking on the road trip to Glen Rose instead. Located around 160 miles north of Austin, Glen Rose offers access to popular Texas attractions like the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Big Rocks Park, and the Dinosaur Valley State Park. Are you the curious kind, then you need to consider taking on the drive-thru wildlife tour running through the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and go Dino hunting at the Dinosaur Valley State Park. That’s not all! Glen Rose is also located right next to Waco, which features the Magnolia Market and Waco National Mammoth Monument.  

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Goose Island State Park  

Not being able to relax under the sun or splash around on the waves would have to be one of the biggest disappointments of summer 2020. With covid-19 restrictions in effect, beaches were off-limits for most of the summer. If you are itching to relax at the beaches, schedule a winter beach visit to the Goose Island State Park. It would still be too cold to relax under the sun or go for a swim. However, Goose Island State Park does provide plenty of alternative options like camping, bird watching, and fishing to have a good time at the beach. Goose Island State Park is also located perfectly at an equal distance between San Antonio and Austin.   

Pinto Canyon Road  

If it’s a long drive that you are seeking for your winter road trip from Austin, you must check out the Austin – Pinto Canyon route. Spanning across 474 miles through the I-10W amidst Texan scenery, the road trip from Austin to Pinto Canyon takes around 7 hours to complete. This route’s ultimate destination will be the beautiful Pinto Canyon, the Chinati Mountains, and the Marfa Lights. The drive on its own is stunning, as you will be driving through miles and miles of lush green oak tree hills, pines, and mesas. The drive to Pinto Canyon will be perfect for those looking to escape from their regular schedules and unwind after a difficult 2020.   

Big Bend National Park  

Winter road trip from Austin

If it’s a long road trip from Austin with plenty of accessible pit stops and parking spaces in Austin that you seek. Big Bend National Park is where you should be heading for your winter road trip from Austin. Experience wonderful activities like camping in the wilderness, hiking, biking, horseback riding, bird watching, and even taking on a river trip during your stay at Big Bend National Park. Terlingua’s ghost town is also nearby to make the road trip to Big Bend National Park even more worthwhile. The best thing about Big Bend National Park is that the park is open all year round, and most of the activities are available even during the winter season.  No need to worry about parking when you have websites like Way.com that have you covered with plenty of affordable parking in Austin. 

While we have covered some of the main drivable destinations to take on for a road trip from Austin, these are, in no way, the only road trip destinations to take on this winter from Austin. Being the capital city of Texas, one of the largest states in the country, there are limitless possibilities and road trip routes. Most of the routes we covered can be covered in a day. Still, if you have time to spare and don’t mind going interstate for your winter road trip, you can check out places like Branson in Missouri, Orange Beach in Alabama, White Sands in New Mexico, and Broken Bow in Oklahoma. For those who want to keep it within the lone star state’s boundaries, you can go for even more locations like Alpine, Fort Davis, South Padre Island, and Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary. If you plan to go on a short road trip, consider scheduling a historic district road trip through the numerous historic districts scattered across Austin, San Antonio, and the rest of Texas.   

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