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4 Road Trips to Take on St. Patrick’s Day

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Can’t get enough of Paddy’s Day festivities? Why celebrate in one place, when you can go on a road trip to more cities that pull out all the stops to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Hurry, parades and pubs await!

With the US having a history of hosting grand St. Patrick’s Day parades in cities with a substantial Irish population and cultural influence, options are plenty for road trips. Just make sure you have a spot ready to drive-in for parking in the city – it going to get busy soon.

Here are some of the best road trips to take on for St. Patrick’s Day

Road Trip from Boston to Philadelphia

Boston and Philadelphia are two US cities that have the largest population of Irish descent.

While many Boston attractions speak volumes about Irish culture, the most popular of these has to be the Irish Heritage Trail. Add the Rose Kennedy Garden, Kevin White Statue, Boston City Hall, Boston Irish Famine Museum, and the John Boyle O’Reilly Memorial to your itinerary. Affordable Boston parking near these attractions is easy to find Way.com. Book a spot now an save more time to explore the trail before starting your road trip to Philadelphia.

Spanning around 308 miles of the scenic byway, it would take approximately five hours to complete the Boston to Philadelphia road trip. Take I-95 for your first pitstop in New York City; New Haven and White Plains are along the way for quick stops. From NYC get back on I-96 and continue towards Philly. You could stop in Princeton, New Jersey before arriving at your destination.

Philly has splendid St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with plenty of notable pub crawls and music concerts; so make sure to check them out if you have time to spare on your Philly city tour.

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Philadelphia to Buffalo Road Trip

While Boston holds the record of being the oldest city to host St. Paddy’s parade, New York City and Philadelphia are right behind. Pub crawls and Irish eateries are equally important for a St. Patrick’s Day road trip itinerary. Make sure you book parking in Philadelphia before heading out if you don’t want to waste time looking for a spot at the last minute.

To start your Philadelphia to Buffalo road trip on St. Patrick’s Day, head towards Binghamton in New York state via the I-476N. Buffalo is 380 miles away and takes around 6 hours to reach by car from Philly. Ideal places to make a pitstop during this St. Patrick’s Day road trip would be Wilke’s Barre in Pennsylvania and Dansville in New York. It only takes around an hour to reach Buffalo from Dansville. Major attractions along the route are Watkins Glen State Park and Bethlehem, which have around 39 parks.

Drive from Louisville to Nashville 

For those who are not fans of long drives, the St. Patrick’s day road trip from Louisville in Kentucky to Nashville in Tennessee is perfect. Don’t miss the Paddy’s Day parade and Irish step dance lessons in Louisville.

Nashville does not host St. Patrick’s Day parades, but they have a series of fun events like the Half Marathon and Irish festivals. The road trip from Louisville to Nashville is short in distance (175 miles), but full scenic locations to stop by and enjoy. There are plenty of stops to make along the way like Bardstown and Mammoth Cave National Park. Elizabethtown, Bowling Green, and Whitehouse are some other attractions worth stopping by and exploring.

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Paddy’s Day in NYC to Baltimore

New York City hosts the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the US, and if you are in the area, you can’t miss its traditional grandeur this year. Then head towards Baltimore for a short road trip. Spanning 190 miles, it takes approximately around 3 hours to complete this road trip. Baltimore is no stranger to St. Patrick’s Day parade and festivities either, so you will have even more to explore at your destination.

Make sure to book parking in New York City and Baltimore ahead of your trip to not lose time looking for parking spots. Way.com has you covered with plenty of affordable spots for parking in Baltimore and New York. Even though the road trip is relatively short, you do have plenty of attractions to cover including the entire city of Philadelphia, New Brunswick, Aberdeen, and Fells Point along this St. Patrick’s Day road trip.


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