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Rock the Ruins 2022: The Guide to Schedule, Tickets and Parking Info

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  • Silas Smith
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Are you ready to beat the summer heat at the Rock the Ruins event? The second edition of the summer music festival starts in June this year, and you can enjoy many musical genres at the concert series. The event schedule includes performances from some big names in the music industry.

Finding parking is usually a tricky process during music concerts. However, the venue is a popular destination in the city of Indianapolis, and hundreds of thousands are expected to attend each concert. In this article can read more about the event schedule, tickets, and parking information.

Rock the Ruins Parking

What is Rock the Ruins?

Rock the Ruins is a summer concert series that occurs annually in Holliday Park in Indianapolis. Hawkins & Kressley, and Dwellane present the event. Rock the Ruins 2022 is the event’s second edition and promises to attract more people than last time.

Rock the Ruins tickets

You can enjoy different music genres, and each day you will get to experience a different performance. The tickets for each show can be bought separately, and some of them are already sold out. If you want to guarantee your seat, go to the official website and purchase tickets as soon as possible.

What is the schedule for Rock the Ruins 2022?

According to the Rock the Ruins 2022 schedule, it begins on Friday, June 3, and will wind up on August 6, 2022. Many stellar performances occurred on the previous dates, and the upcoming shows start with Michael Franti & Spearhead on July 8, 2022. You can visit the official website to see the complete schedule of the remaining days of the event.

Where can you watch the Rock the Ruins 2022?

Rock the Ruins schedule

Holliday Park is a popular recreational space north of Downtown Indianapolis and is the official Rock the Ruins location. This city park is 95 years old and is spread across 94 acres. It has playgrounds, trails, and a nature center.

Who is performing at the concert series this year?

The Rock the Ruins setlist will have a variety of songs so that everyone attending the event has something to enjoy. This year at Rock the Ruins at Holliday Park, the lineup will include artists Michael Franti & Spearhead, Stephen Kellogg, Lake Street Dive, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Ani DiFranco and Jenny Lewis, and many others.

How much are the Rock the Ruins 2022 tickets?

You can purchase tickets for each concert separately. So ticket costs will differ for each artist, and you can also purchase VIP packages if needed. For example, the General Admission ticket charge for the Michael Franti & Spearhead concert on July 8 is $38 per person, and you can purchase the same tickets on the day of the show for $40.

Rock the Ruins location

Similarly, there are two tiers of VIP packages available with varying privileges. The normal VIP ticket is $50 and gives you a VIP-only entrance and access to the VIP-only section, lounges, and bars. Similarly, the Platinum VIP ticket gives you additional beer and wine and will cost you $100 per person.

All Rock the Ruins tickets have an additional service fee, and you can get them from the event’s official website. The tickets for all concerts are non-transferable, and you cannot get refunds either. Similarly, the events will go on even if it is raining.

How to get to Holliday Park?

The exact location of Holliday Park is at 6363 Spring Mill Road, Indianapolis, Indiana. You can take three routes from Downtown Indianapolis to get to this destination. If you are driving, the fastest route would be via Kessler Boulevard West Drive, which is a 17-minute drive and 8.7 miles long.

The second is around 7.5 miles long, through Boulevard Pl, and it is a journey that will take 17 minutes. You can also go to North Michigan Road and Kessler Boulevard West Drive to get to Holliday Park from the city’s center.

Is there parking at Holliday Park?

For this particular event, official Rock the Ruins parking is available at Holliday Park. But there are only limited spaces, and you can only purchase them as a parking add-on along with the event tickets. There are also limited spaces that offer accessible parking. The organizers also advise looking for the overflow parking area at The Orchard School via 64th Street.

Most likely, these official parking areas will already be filled hours before your reach the venue. Since most of them will already be reserved, the vacant ones will be in high demand. Additionally, you will have to go through the heavy traffic before and after the concerts if you choose to park in these on-site spaces.

What are cheap parking options for the concert series?

For some of you, the on-site parking charges will be too high, or you may want to avoid the traffic. Whatever the reason, you can still find other cheap parking spaces if you know where to look. For instance, the next best cheap parking choice will be parking on the streets.

Rock the Ruins lineup

There are both free and metered parking spots near the venue. Some streets like North College Avenue, Broad Ripple Avenue, and East Westfield Boulevard have street parking spaces that charge close to $2 per hour. But these are more than 30 minutes away from the concert venue, which is way too far.

Besides, street parking comes with quite a few drawbacks. Parking authorities in the city are very strict in ensuring the rules are followed. If you commit even a minor violation, hefty fines and other penalties are awaiting you. So unless you want to lose money on parking tickets, it would be better to look for other safer parking options.

How to find parking garages near Holliday Park?

Now that you know the good and bad of on-site and street parking; let’s discuss a safer and cheaper option. You can find off-site parking facilities, including lots and garages near the concert venue. Off-site facilities are equipped with premium parking features, including valet parking, covered parking, ADA/Aisle access, and more. Also, some of them have camera surveillance and 24-hour security to ensure the safety of your car.

You can easily find parking garages near Holliday Park by using an online parking service. The Way.com website and Way app will locate all the nearby lots and garages along with the features they offer and parking charges. All you need to do is choose a space that satisfies your needs, input the entry and exit times and pay the rates. By using the Way app, you also stand a chance to win additional discounts and special deals on parking charges.

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