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Sacramento Airport Parking Guide 

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 13 minutes

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Sacramento International Airport, also called SMF Airport, is one of the busiest airports in California. Though the airport does have onsite parking spaces, the chances of being sold out are high, especially during peak seasons. So, you need to plan your SMF Airport parking ahead if you’re flying out of Sacramento. For that, you need to be aware of the onsite and offsite parking options. That’s where our Sacramento Airport parking guide will help you.

Over one million passengers used the airport terminal in October, recording a growth of around 9.3 percent compared to passenger traffic in September. So, you can expect the passenger traffic to surge in the coming months with the airport lots getting busier. Where to get Sacramento International Airport parking? How much does Sacramento Airport daily parking cost? Are SMF parking rates expensive? Find out all the about airport and its parking in this Sacramento Airport parking guide!

cheap SMF airport parking

Sacramento International Airport parking options 

Parking at Sacramento Airport is available via five main lots – Parking Garage, Hourly Parking, Daily, East Economy Parking, and West Economy Parking. The Parking Garage is a six-storeyed parking structure that offers short-term and long-term parking near Terminal A. The Hourly Parking Lot also offers short-term parking near Terminal B. Daily Lot is located near both terminals. This lot offers long-term parking spots with a shuttle service every 10-15 minutes. If you’re looking for Sacramento Airport economy parking, park your car at the East Economy Parking or West Economy Parking lots. These lots are far from the terminals and offer regular shuttle services. The airport also has a Cell Phone Lot that provides you free parking for up to three hours. Ensure not to leave your vehicle unattended while parking at Cell Phone Lot. Continue reading this Sacramento Airport parking guide to know more about SMF Airport parking and rates.  

Where to park at Sacramento Airport

Parking Garage, Hourly Parking, Daily, East Economy Parking, and West Economy Parking lots are the onsite parking lots at SMF Airport. Parking Garage and Hourly Parking lots offer short-term parking spots near terminals A and B. Daily, East Economy Parking, and West Economy Parking lots are ideal for Sacramento Airport daily parking. These three lots offer shuttle service to the terminals. To get free parking, park your car at the Cell Phone Lot. 

How much is parking at Sacramento Airport?

The SMF parking rates vary based on the lot and the type of parking you choose. Sacramento Airport parking fees start at $2 for 30 minutes, and it can go up to $29 for a day’s parking.  

How much is long-term parking at Sacramento Airport? 

The Sacramento Airport’s long-term parking rates depend on the lot you choose for parking. The long-term parking rate at SMF Airport starts at $10 per day and can go up to $29 per day. East Economy Parking and West Economy Parking lots offer the most economical onsite long-term parking for $10 per day. Parking at the Daily Lot charges you $12 for a day. All these lots offer free shuttle services to the terminals. Getting a long-term parking spot at the Parking Garage costs you $18 for a day. This lot offers covered parking except on the top floor. Using a daily parking spot at the Hourly Parking lot charges you $29. Are you looking for an affordable long-term parking spot at Sacramento Airport? Then try booking one at any nearby offsite garages or hotel parking lots. These offsite lots offer daily parking at cheaper rates.  

Lot  Duration  SMF parking rate 
East Economy Parking  Per Day  $10 
West Economy Parking  Per Day  $10 
Daily  Per Day  $12 
Parking Garage  Per Day  $18 
Hourly Parking  Per Day  $29 
Offsite parking near SMF Airport   Per Day  $5 

How much is short-term parking at Sacramento Airport? 

Hourly Parking and Parking Garage lots are the ones that offer exclusive short-term parking spots at SMF Airport. Both these lots charge you $2 for the first 30 minutes of parking. The parking rate surges by $2 every 30 minutes until it reaches these lots’ daily maximum limit. Park your car at the Parking Garage if you want to get covered parking. The Daily, East Economy Parking, and West Economy Parking lots also charge you $2 for every 30 minutes. You can locate the Parking Garage near Terminal A and the Hourly Parking lot near Terminal B. Do you want to get an hourly parking spot at a lower rate? Then try booking parking at any of the nearby offsite garages. Most of these lots offer hourly parking spots at cheaper rates than the onsite ones. Keep reading our Sacramento Airport parking guide to know more about SMF Airport! 

Lot  Duration  SMF parking rate 
Hourly Parking  Every 30 minutes   $2 
Parking Garage   Every 30 minutes  $2 
Daily  Every 30 minutes  $2 
West Economy Parking  Every 30 minutes  $2 
East Economy Parking  Every 30 minutes  $2 

About Sacramento International Airport  

Sacramento International Airport had annual passenger traffic of around 9.9 million before the pandemic. Sprawling nearly 6,000 acres, the airport is around 10.5 miles northwest of downtown Sacramento. SMF Airport primarily serves the Greater Sacramento area and is considered a main gateway to the California State Capitol. The airport features two terminals – A and B. Terminal A has 13 gates, and Terminal B has 19 gates. Denver, Phoenix–Sky Harbor, and Las Vegas are the busiest domestic routes operated from SMF Airport. Do you want to know about getting to the airport and how to spend your time before boarding? This Sacramento Airport parking guide has that covered!  

How to get to Sacramento Airport 

You can travel from Downtown to SMF Airport via public transportation, taxi/rideshare, or driving. Driving to the airport can be an ideal option as Downtown is just a few miles away. Take the I-5 N if you want to reach the airport quickly. Normally it takes around 12-20 minutes to drive to the airport. However, be always cautious of the traffic on the road to SMF Airport. The driving time can increase during rush hours or peak seasons.  

By public transportation service 

Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) and Yolobus offer bus services from Downtown to the airport. Get into SacRT’s Route 142 bus service if you want to travel to the airport. Usually, these services take around 17-20 minutes to reach SMF Airport. SacRT’s bus service runs every 20-30 minutes throughout the week. Use the Route 42A and 42B bus services to travel by Yolobus. Expect to pay between $2-4 for a ride to the airport. 

By taxi/rideshare service 

Hiring a taxi/rideshare service is the fastest way by which you can reach the airport. Usually, it takes around 10-15 minutes for this ride. There are on-demand taxi services by Sacramento Independent Taxi Owners Association (SITOA). Be aware that taxi services aren’t cheap, and expect to shell out between $60 and $75 for a ride to the airport.  

Wingz, Uber, and Lyft are the rideshare companies that offer service from Downtown to SMF Airport. The fare depends on the ride type and the time of your booking, and hiring a Wingz service can cost you around $36. Using an Uber can cost you between $15 and $60 for a ride from Downtown to the airport. At the same time, a Lyft service charges you between $40 and $120. Be mindful that the fare can surge during peak hours and seasons.  

Things to do at Sacramento Airport 

Are you confused about how to spend your time at SMF Airport? Our Sacramento Airport parking guide has that covered for you! An ideal option is to use the free Wi-Fi at the terminals. Or do you love to explore the dining and shopping options at the airport? Then have a look! 

Dining at SMF Airport 

There are around 24 eateries in the airport that delights the foodie in you! Head to Freshii’s located in Terminal A if you want to taste some nutrition-packed salads, burritos, soups, wraps, juices, and smoothies. Escape Lounges is another option for superior-quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with high-speed Wi-Fi. Visit Paesanos to get freshly-made, locally-sourced pasta, pizzas, and sandwiches. How do you feel about having a delicious burger with some exotic beers? Then Burgers and Brew is your destination. Camden Food Co. in Terminal is your destination for having organic and healthy cuisines. Famous Famiglia serves Italian pizzas, and The Gateway Bar offers delectable sandwiches and drinks. Head to the Starbucks outlet in both terminals, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, or Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters to get refreshed by great coffees. Also, try out Iron Horse Tavern, La Taqueria, Squeeze Burger, Vino Volo, Dos Coyotes, and Esquire Grill eateries.  

Shopping at SMF Airport 

The airport has nearly 18 shops that can turn you into a shopaholic before your flight. Visit Erwin Pearl in Terminal A to buy some fashionable jewelry. InMotion Entertainment has a great selection of electronic accessories, music, and movies. Do you want to buy some non-alcoholic beverages before the flight? Then Vino Volo is your destination at both terminals. A Brighton outlet in Terminal B to get women’s jewelry, handbags, and accessories. If you want to shop for local products like honey or t-shirts, visit the DOCO Market shop in Terminal B. The Gallery at SMF in Terminal B features the works of local artist Tim Collom. Try visiting @ease, Baggallini, Erwin Pearl, The Well, Travel + Well, Farm to Fork to Sky Market. No Boundaries, and Sactown Magazine Market shops.  

Other amenities at SMF Airport 

What about exploring artworks at the airport? Both terminals feature splendid artworks like Flying Carpet, Chromatic Oasis, Traveling Light, Flying Gardens, Your Words are Music to My Ears, and A Fragment of the Universe, to name a few. There is a baby care room for diaper changing and breastfeeding in each terminal. There are two pet relief areas in Terminal A and one in Terminal B. How about getting a relaxing massage before your flight? The Massage Bar located in Terminal B offers comforting foot or chair massage. Continue reading our Sacramento Airport parking guide to know more about SMF Airport.  

Book parking at Sacramento Airport for rates starting as low as $5 per day

What airport is SMF? 

Around 10.5 miles northwest of downtown Sacramento lies the Sacramento International Airport, commonly referred to as SMF Airport.  

Where is SMF Airport? 

Sacramento International Airport (SMF) Airport is located at 6900 Airport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95837.  

How early should I arrive at Sacramento Airport? 

It is better to reach the airport 2-3 hours before the scheduled departure time.  

What airlines fly out of Sacramento Airport? 

Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, American Air, Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, United Express, and United Airlines.  

How much is economy parking at Sacramento Airport? 

Sacramento Airport economy parking costs you $10 for a day. Both East Economy Parking and West Economy Parking lots offer shuttle service to the terminal.  

Where is long-term parking at Sacramento Airport? 

Daily, East Economy Parking, and West Economy Parking lots are ideal for Sacramento Airport long-term parking. Economy lots offer daily parking for $10, and parking at the Daily Lot costs you $12 for a day.  

Does Sacramento Airport have free parking? 

Yes. Sacramento International Airport offers free parking while you park at the Cell Phone Lot. You can locate the lot at the Interstate 5 entrance/exit. The lot offers free parking for up to three hours. Parking at this lot is ideal when you’re at the airport to pick up someone. Ensure that the vehicle remains attended throughout while you park at this lot.  

Where to find accessible parking spots at SMF Airport? 

There are some designated parking spots at all the onsite lots. The vehicles must have a valid disabled license plate or valid DMV placard for using the parking. 

Where to find EV charging stations at SMF Airport? 

There are EV charging stations at the Parking Garage, Daily Lot, and Cell Phone Lot.  

Is there a shuttle service at Sacramento Airport? 

Yes. Daily, East Economy Parking and West Economy Parking lots offer shuttle service to the terminal. Shuttle service ply from Daily Lot every 15-20 minutes. Economy Parking and West Economy Parking lots offer shuttle services every 25-30 minutes.  

What time does Sacramento Airport open?  

The public areas of both terminals operate 24/7, and the concourses close around 30 minutes after the last flight lands.  

What terminal is Southwest at Sacramento Airport? 

Southwest Airlines operate from Terminal B of SMF Airport.  

What terminal is Spirit Airlines at Sacramento International Airport? 

Spirit Airlines operate from Terminal B of SMF Airport.  

How far is Rancho Cordova from Sacramento Airport? 

The airport is around 25 miles away from Rancho Cordova.  

How far is Sacramento Airport from Lake Tahoe? 

The airport is around 120 miles away from Lake Tahoe.  

How far is Sacramento Airport from Stockton? 

The airport is around 59 miles away from Stockton.  

Sacramento Airport parking map 

Here’s the airport map where you can find the best onsite parking spots, including Sacramento Airport long-term parking and cheap SMF parking.  

Sacramento Airport parking map
Image courtesy: https://sacramento.aero/smf/about/maps#intmap_acc_publicparking

Sacramento Airport parking info

If you’re looking for short-term parking, it is best to park at the Hourly Parking Lot. The Sacramento Airport parking fees for hourly parking at this lot start at $2 for 30 minutes. Parking Garage is another area where you will get covered short-term parking. The pedestrian bridges on the third and fifth levels easily connect you to terminals A and B. for daily parking, it is ideal for parking at the Daily and Economy lots. The Economy lots offer long-term parking for $10 per day. Do you find the parking rates expensive? Are you looking for cheaper parking at the airport? Keep reading our Sacramento Airport parking guide. 

Cheap Sacramento Airport parking

SMF Airport parking information, coupons, and discounts 

Though the airport has ample parking spots, it may be challenging to get one at times. The lots can fill up quickly during peak seasons. So, it is always better to reserve a parking spot while you book the flight ticket. Reserving a parking spot via the Way.com app or website gets you a daily parking spot for rates as low as $5 per day. The parking also includes amenities like 24/7 security, round-the-clock lot attendants, contactless parking, and more! So, always book via Way to get SMF Airport parking at the cheapest rates!  

Sacramento Airport parking guide tips 

  • SMF Airport is around 10.5 miles northwest of downtown Sacramento. 
  • Parking Garage offers covered short-term and long-term parking spots.  
  • Hourly Parking Lot, located near Terminal B, also offers short-term parking. 
  • Daily, East Economy Parking and West Economy Parking lots provide long-term parking spots with regular shuttle service. 
  • All onsite lots feature designated parking spots for accessible parking.  
  • Use the Cell Phone Lot for free parking at the airport. 
  • Always check out the offsite parking lots if you want affordable parking near the airport. 


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