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Sacramento Kings: Everything from Tickets, Roster and Parking Info

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Did you know Sacramento Kings are the oldest NBA franchise? Established in 1923, the team from Sacramento, California, was originally known as Rochester Seagrams. After numerous name changes throughout its history, the team is currently a member of the Western Conference Pacific Division. 


Each Sacramento Kings game in front of their home fans is a spectacle. With hundreds of thousands of fans attending each game, you can sometimes be overwhelmed. In addition, parking can be an issue for first-timers.  

Sacramento Kings parking

Despite having two championship wins, they have not won anything in over 50 years except for Division titles. Read ahead for all info that you need before attending Sacramento Kings home games. You can learn about the team schedule, squad, tickets, and parking information.   

What are the upcoming games of the Kings? 

According to the Sacramento Kings schedule, the Kings will take on Memphis Grizzlies next. Other opponents for October are Miami Heat and Charlotte Hornets. During the busy November, Sacramento Kings will play some of the toughest teams in the league.


This includes Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, and San Antonio Spurs. For the complete Sacramento Kings schedule, visit the official team website. 

Sacramento Kings news | Sacramento Kings score

What is the current Sacramento Kings roster? 

The active squad has some talented young and experienced members. Some of the most popular Sacramento Kings players are listed below. 

  • Harrison Barnes 
  • Terence Davis 
  • Matthew Dellavedova 
  • Keon Ellis 
  • De’Aaron Fox 
  • Richaun Holmes 
  • Kevin Huerter 
  • Alex Len 
  • Trey Lyles 

For the complete list of Sacramento Kings players, visit the official team website. You can also get the player stats, kit numbers, and more from the site. 

The Sacramento Kings head coach is Mike Brown, who was part of many popular NBA franchises. He joined the Kings in 2022 from Golden State Warriors, and the fans are hopeful he can bring the team some glory. 

How much are the Sacramento Kings tickets? 

There are wide varieties of tickets available for the Sacramento Kings games. For fans who follow the team closely, season membership is available. In addition, you can choose from premium membership, full-season, and half-season membership. Each of these comes with different privileges like discounts, parking access, and exclusive food and beverage options. 

In addition, there is the ‘Kings Pass,’ a monthly pass for which you pay each month from October to March. Also, you can choose from the 8-game tickets, group tickets, and even premium seating. 

Courtside seats give you the best view of the game and its players. If you want a private space, Suites and Lofts can accommodate up to 54 people and has many food and beverage choices. The Club Seats also offer the best view of the game and some exclusive dining options. 

Single-game ticket prices will vary depending on the opposition the Kings are playing. If the team plays against its rivals or top teams, there will be more demand for single-game tickets.  

Usually, lower-level seats are priced higher than upper-level ones. Each upper-level ticket can go as low as $12, depending on the game, while lower-level tickets can have a maximum cost of around $195 per seat. For the complete guide to all tickets, visit the official Kings website.

Which is the home stadium of the Kings? 

Golden 1 Center is the home arena of the Kings. The team from Sacramento has been playing at this venue since 2016. With a capacity to accommodate more than 17,000 fans for basketball games, this is one of the best arenas in the league.  


Apart from NBA, this multi-purpose venue is also equipped to host concerts. More than 19,000 people can attend during a concert at the Golden 1 Center. It is located at Downtown Commons, Sacramento’s business and entertainment district. 

Where is the Sacramento Kings’ home stadium located? 

Located at 500 David J Stern Walk, Sacramento, California, the Golden 1 Center is owned by the City of Sacramento. You can locate this stadium near the Flatstick Pub and Sauced BBQ & Spirits barbecue. In addition, there are many other restaurants and bars with different cuisines for you to enjoy before and after the game. 

How to get to Golden 1 Center 

If you are coming by car, this venue is easy to reach from downtown Sacramento. You can drive half a mile through 10th Street and L Street to reach the stadium in around 3 minutes. The driving time will depend on the traffic conditions. 


Apart from this, there are two more routes from Sacramento to Golden 1 Center. The first is through I Street, a 0.5-mile drive that takes 2 minutes. In addition, you can drive half a mile through 9th and L Streets to reach the stadium within 5 minutes. 

Light rail services, operated by Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT), are the best public transit to the stadium on game days. Three major lines of light rails can get you to the St Rose of Lima Park station. The Gold, Blue, and Green Lines all have stops at this station and plan accordingly to reach early at the venue before the game begins. 

Is there on-site parking at Golden 1 Center? 

A few parking spaces are available along with the Downtown Commons West Garage, located a few miles from Golden 1 Center. During game days, all of these spaces will be in high demand. In addition, Premium season ticket members get a VIP parking pass and entrance with the package.  

All parking garages of the venue will open 3 hours before the event begins. So, make sure you purchase a pre-paid parking pass and reach early to the stadium to avoid traffic. 

Can you tailgate at Golden 1 Center? 

No. Tailgating is not permitted at any parking facility associated with the Sacramento Kings stadium. But there are numerous eateries and bars where you can enjoy a drink with fellow Kings fans before and after the game. 

Golden 1 Center Seating Map 

You can find elaborate maps for the exterior and interior of Golden 1 Center here. The exterior map of the venue will help you find the best entrances and parking spaces for Kings game days. Similarly, specific maps show seating arrangements for Plaza Level, Bridge Level, Loft Level, and Suite Level seating.  

Is there street parking near the Golden 1 Center? 

Yes. Some of the parking spaces you can find may be at 7th Street, 6th Street, J Street, 10th Street, I Street, and a few others. All these facilities mentioned above are within walking distance from the Sacramento Kings stadium. In addition, there are both metered and free spots in the streets.  


Even though these are closer to the stadium, you must be lucky enough to find a vacant space on game days. All streets leading to the arena will be packed with fans and their rides. So you might have to arrive hours before the game begins to have a chance at on-street parking. 

What are the cheap options for parking near Golden 1 Center? 

Street parking is usually the cheapest choice for fans planning to watch Sacramento Kings in action. As you have seen above, there are a few around the venue. But due to high demand, street parking is not a guaranteed option for Sacramento Kings parking. 

In addition, street parking is not the safest of parking facilities. Apart from the risk of theft, you may also lose money in case of parking violations. The local parking authorities are very strict about how their regulations are followed. 


Even for a minor violation, you will end up with parking tickets and hefty fines. So, it is better to look somewhere else for cheap parking on Sacramento Kings game days. 

Off-site parking garages near the Golden 1 Center are safer and more affordable than on-site facilities.  You can get premium parking features at the best rates without any extra charges. 

Why use off-site parking garages for Sacramento Kings games? 

As you have read above, street parking has many risks associated with it. Therefore, safety should be prioritized when searching for parking near the Sacramento Kings stadium. Off-site parking garages eliminate any chance of theft or other crimes by ensuring the safety of your car. 


At the off-site parking garages near Golden 1 Center, you can find camera surveillance and 24-hour security personnel, and lot attendants. Similarly, other premium features cannot be provided by on-site parking facilities. These include valet parking, covered parking, paved parking spaces, and contactless parking. 

Even though street parking is cheap, you cannot guarantee the safety of your car like at off-site parking garages. Also, you can avoid going through heavy traffic before and after a game by choosing one of these off-site facilities. 

How to find cheap parking garages near Golden 1 Center 

There are many off-site parking garages near the Sacramento Kings stadium, and it is easy to find them using an online parking service like Way.com. Using Way.com or the Way app, you can locate all nearby garages along with the features they offer and corresponding charges. 


Once you have entered your location and entry and exit times into the app, it will list all lots and garages that are available. Once you choose the best garage for your needs, pay the charges to book a space. Thus, you have a guaranteed space for the next home game of the Sacramento Kings in no time. 

Using Way.com to book parking at off-site parking garages can also get you special deals and discounts on the charges. Thus, you could save money and time by opting for private garages. 

Sacramento Kings parking Golden 1 Center

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