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Safety Guidelines To Follow When Returning to Work

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The long hibernation due to coronavirus epidemic is slowly starting to show signs of fading into the horizon. States across the country have already begun relaxing some of the restrictions like stay at home orders, which were in effect for the last two months. If things don’t flare up again, we could probably start moving towards normalcy again, but it would be entirely different normalcy, thoughHowever, most of our daily routines will more or less remain the same. We will still have to work and revisit the offices regularly, and that could cause some concerns. Work environments are often a place where people from different places meet under a common roof and stay for prolonged hours. When fears of catching the coronavirus (COVID19) are still looming in the air, it would be ideal to take necessary safety precautions to make sure you remain healthy and safe. Follow our curated safety guide to stay safe at the office when they finally reopen. 

Invest in Personal Protection Equipment 

Safety Guidelines Office 2

Workplace safety is one of the most important things to have on our minds when it’s time to revisit the office. Invest in superior quality personal protection equipment, and always have supplies for at least one week stocked in advance. It does not have to be a full-fledged Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Kit that health workers wear, but simply just wearing a mask whenever you are in a public space like your work environment is more than enoughThe most crucial aspect of wearing PPE kits is that it makes sure that both you and those around, remain safe in case of asymptomatic developments. Apart from masks, you can also invest in disposable latex gloves, but bear in mind that gloves are difficult to manage, and you would probably need to frequently change them. If masks are difficult to source, you can also opt for cloth covering masks that can be made even with bandanas. 

Maintain Social Distancing 

Office Social Distancing

Most of the workplaces have already been directed by the Centers for Diseases Control (CDC) to follow the reopening instruction guide before employees return. Based on this guideline, most of the offices have already made arrangements to ensure that returning employees have workspaces arranged accordingly. If you work in a shared workstation, it would be ideal to maintain a fair distance between each other and leave ample free room in the middleWhile we are used to greeting each other, especially at workplaces with handshakes (involuntarily most of the time), it is high time we change the practice. Start practicing alternative gestures like elbow bumps, waveshand gestures, and even a smile. 

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Minimize Physical Contact

Hand Sanitizer 

One of the most significant workplace hazards that could pose a significant threat is the common touchpoints that become available. From elevator buttons to window panes, doorknobs, and washroom faucets, there are a countless number of common touchpoints across offices. It is important that we minimize direct physical contact of common touchpoints. If we do end up coming into contact with such surfaces, don’t panic – just thoroughly wash your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizers or hand washes. By minimizing physical contact, you would also ideally want to reduce the number of times you touch places, like your workstation drawers, switch flaps, and your own face. If you have a seat, place a sticker or sticky note to make sure you don’t accidentally change seats with someone else. Another excellent tip would be to use the stairs and avoid elevators, or escalators if your office space houses multiple companies. While climbing stairs could be tiring, it offers a safe passage and helps maintain social distancing 

Utilize Work from Home Option Whenever Available 

Work from Home

If the company you work for gives you work from options, and you have the accessories required to work from home, go for it. The best form of defense against coronavirus is to not get infected in the first placeBy working from home, you reduce the time spent in public and also decrease the number of people you come into direct contact with. Another option you have at your disposal is to work on alternate days at the office and home. As long as you can keep up the work rate from home as you would at the office, most of the companies would be willing to let you work from home.  

Keep Symptoms in Check 

Symptoms of COVID19

With the whole coronavirus infection in the air, it is natural to feel anxious for even the smallest of fever or cough. There are genuine anxiety and fear among most of the people. If you don’t feel well when you wake up on a working day, ask for work from home or take a day off. It would be best to stay home and get yourself checked if the situation worsens. Heading to the office when you are not feeling alright could cause confusion, and unnecessary panic for yourself, and your colleagues as well. If you start showing any of the symptoms of COVID19 like fever, headaches, sneezing, coughsand fatigue, it is always best to seek immediate medical attention.  


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