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San Antonio to Houston Drive: Plan Your Road Trip 

  • Travel Guides
  • Celine Jerly
  • 4 minutes

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Need a quick weekend getaway from Houston or San Antonio? The cities are only 200 miles away from each other – perfect for a short road trip with scenic stops along the way. If you are in a hurry, I-10 will help you complete the San Antonio to Houston drive in just a few hours. Find out how long it takes via the fastest route. 

Houston is the most populous city in Texas and the South, while San Antonio takes the second spot. They aren’t too far away; however, it is not a drive across town either. So, if a road trip is on your mind, here are a few things you should know before planning your San Antonio to Houston drive. And don’t forget to book your parking spots for pitstops along the way and at your destination. 

FInd parking San Antonio to Houston drive

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How to reach San Antonio from Houston? 

San Antonio is about 200 miles from Houston – that is, if you start from Houston’s Central Business District and end your trip in downtown San Antonio. The fastest way to cover the distance is to get behind the wheel and take the I-10. The shortest route will get you there in three hours, and a detour won’t cost you not more than an extra hour.  

You can also take the bus or train from Houston to San Antonio. However, it would be a longer journey – four and a half to six hours by bus or five hours by train. It will take four hours by air too – which makes San Antonio to Houston drive the best option, as it is cheaper than flight tickets.  

What’s the San Antonio to Houston drive hours? 

How long is San Antonio from Houston by car? Three hours, four hours tops. The distance between the two cities is 200 – 225 miles, depending on your route and destination in San Antonio. The fastest route – via the I-10 – is under 200 miles if you drive from downtown to downtown. Here are your route options for a drive from Houston to San Antonio or vice versa: 

  • The I-10 will take you to San Antonio from Houston via Katy, Brookshire, San Felipe, Sealy, Columbus, Weimar, Schulenburg, Flatonia, Kingsbury, Seguin, and Zuehl.  
  • A short detour from Sealy via US-90 will take you through East Lake, Altair, Rock Island, Sheridan, Sublime, Hallettsville, Shiner, and Gonzales. It adds 30 minutes to your drive hours and 15 miles on the odometer.  
  • You could also take a longer detour via US-59 S and drive through Sugar Land, Wharton, El campo, Louise, Ganado, Yoakum, and Gonzales. But it is an extra 40 miles and will extend your San Antonio to Houston drive hours.  

What city is halfway between San Antonio and Houston? 

Hallettsville or Schulenburg is midway between Houston and San Antonio, depending on your route. 

Hallettsville is about 110 miles from Houston via the I-10 and US-90, while Schulenburg is only about 95 miles on the I-10 route to San Antonio. Schulenburg and Hallettsville are connected via US-77 N and are 17 miles apart. Flatonia, Shiner, and Weimar are the other cities nearby.  

Find more cities connected via the I-10 route between the two cities here

Is San Antonio closer to Houston or Dallas? 

San Antonio to Dallas is more than a four-hour drive via Austin. Meanwhile, the fastest route to Houston takes an hour lesser. You can reach Houston within three hours from San Antonio via the I-10.  

Houston to Dallas by car will also take around four hours via the I-45, TX 90 N, or Hwy 6 N.  

Where should I stop, between Houston and San Antonio? 

While the I-10 keeps the Houston to San Antonio drive hours under three hours, you may want to stop and enjoy the views. And there is plenty to see on the drive!  

If you are starting the journey from Houston, Bear Creek Pioneers Park is up first. Then you’ll cross the Brazos River and head to San Filipe and Stephen F. Austin State Park. Once you are back on the I-10, head straight to Columbus and the Colorado River. Or you can take a small detour from Sealy to the Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge.  

After Columbus, you’ll reach the midway between San Antonio and Houston at Schulenburg. Palmetto State Park is the next point of interest. You can also visit Luling and Kingsbury on your way to San Antonio. Next, you can stop by Seguin and visit the ZDT’s Amusement Park, continue to Converse, and finally enter San Antonio.  

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