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San Diego Airport parking – A handy guide

  • Air Travel
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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The San Diego International Airport, formerly called Lindbergh Airport, serves the Greater San Diego area. The airport is around 3 miles from Downtown San Diego and is the busiest single runway airport in the world. San Diego Airport has served up to 25 million passengers a year. You can guess what finding a San Diego Airport parking spot can be like with figures such as that! No need to worry about your trip out of San Diego Airport just yet, though– our handy guide will help you land the best San Diego Airport parking spots easily!

San Diego Airport parking – A handy guide

Onsite San Diego Airport Parking

As you would expect, early birds get the best San Diego airport parking deals – for both long term and short term parking. That is possibly the first rule when it comes to finding a convenient and affordable SAN parking spot – if you snooze, you’ll lose!

Let’s talk numbers now, so you can determine which San Diego Airport parking garage or lot would better fit your needs.

  • San Diego Airport’s Terminal 1 parking lot is the closest you can get to park near the airport, charges a daily parking fee of $32. The hourly parking at this garage is $6/hour.
  • The Terminal 2 Parking Lot (McCain Road) offers parking at daily parking rates of $32 and an hourly parking rate of $6/hour.
  • The Terminal 2 Parking Plaza offers covered parking for $32 / Day.
  • Terminal 2 Parking Plaza has 1800 parking spaces
  • Short term parking is available at all the SAN Terminal Parking Garages.
  • There is no monthly parking at San Diego Airport.
  • There is no valet parking or metered parking either.
  • Onsite San Diego Airport parking garages do offer online or advance parking reservations. You can reserve your parking spot on the official SAN Airport website.
  • Free parking is offered for 60 minutes at the San Diego Airport cell phone lot.
  • Curbside parking is completely prohibited at San Diego International Airport.

Offsite San Diego Airport Parking

San Diego Airport parking – A handy guide

You don’t have to be anxious about the high costs of San Diego Airport parking lots or the fact that you can’t reserve a space in advance. If you know where to look (hint: Way.com), there are plenty of less pricey and more reliable parking options near San Diego Airport. Although many websites allow you to search for low-cost and convenient San Diego Airport long-term parking at well-maintained and secure offsite lots, Way.com is your best choice. For instance, the Way.com parking app/website allows you to choose and book San Diego long term airport parking in less than a few minutes and at a fraction of the onsite price with offers and discounted rates. You won’t have to clear your pockets to pay exorbitant San Diego Airport parking fees this way!

Many of these offsite San Diego long term airport parking lots are operated by airport hotels near San Diego. Even if you don’t reserve a room with them for the entire duration of parking, you can park in their garages. They also provide free shuttle services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it easy to catch those late-night or early-morning flights! Moreover, some offsite San Diego Airport parking lots have additional car care services such as car wash and detailing that will get your car some VIP level pampering. Park there, and you’ll come back to a car looking more gleaming than when you parked it!

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San Diego Airport parking – A handy guide

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