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San Francisco Parking Tickets Report: August

  • Cars Explained
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 2 minutes

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Traveling through stunning San Francisco can be breathtaking – and quite costly – if you don’t pay attention to the posted parking guidelines. Fortunately, we are launching our monthly SF parking tickets report to keep you updated on what streets are racking up the most tickets, and how many tickets are being written per month.¬†Spoiler alert: Be extra careful on Folsom street!

Top 20 streets for parking tickets in SF city

So, how many parking tickets are written monthly in SF? A total of 91,053, to be exact, in August.

The majority of tickets are running you around $85 a pop, for violations like parking in a tow-away zone, a street cleaning zone, an expired meter, parking in a white zone, or double parking. Parking on the sidewalk? This will cost you $110 bucks.

Fines can rise quickly if you park in a bus zone or in a wheelchair access zone (both will cost you $288).

The heftiest fines came in at $866 for Violation of Disabled Parking Provisions a.k.a parking in a handicapped spot. (Just don’t do it.)

Here’s the breakdown:

San Francisco parking tickets in Aug 2021

Check back monthly for the latest stats on parking violations in San Francisco. And don’t forget to take advantage of Way.com for all of your San Francisco parking needs. So these tickets can be in your rear-view mirror, permanently!

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Data from: DataSF.org

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