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San Francisco Pride Parade 2022: All You Need to Know  

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San Francisco Pride will once again march down Market Street! This year, the largest LGBT gathering in the country focuses on the theme #LoveWillKeepUsTogether. The much-awaited parade on Sunday is part of a two-day festival that celebrates and raises awareness about LGBTQIA+ culture. Here’s all you need to know about being a part of the San Francisco Pride Parade 2022.   

Back in person, the 52nd annual San Francisco Pride Parade is taking over downtown San Francisco once again, after the pandemic. The event, organized by the non-profit San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Celebration Committee, has a rich five-decades-long history. So, whether you are participating or looking forward to watching the parade, here are a few quick details about the event.   

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What are the San Francisco Pride Parade 2022 dates?  

The annual San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride Celebration and Parade is on the last full weekend of June. So, in 2022, the 52nd edition of the two-day event kicks off on June 25. The San Francisco Pride Parade 2022 begins at 10:30 am on June 26.  

Do you need tickets to watch San Francisco Pride Parade 2022?  

You do not need tickets to watch the San Francisco Pride Parade from public viewing areas along Market Street. However, tickets are available for the Grandstand between 7th Street and 8th Street for the best viewing experience. Additionally, San Francisco Pride ’22 packages give you access to community stages, priority grandstand seating, and other perks.   

Where is the San Francisco Pride 2022 happening?  

The San Francisco Pride celebration takes place in and around the Civic Center Plaza downtown. In addition, other Pride 52 events are held across the city, throughout the year. San Francisco Pride Parade route along Market Street usually stretches from Beale Street to 8th Street and ends at the festival venue around Civic Center.  

Want to know more about San Francisco Pride? Check out the event history below. Or scroll ahead for more details about San Francisco Pride Parade 2022.  

What is San Francisco Pride Festival?  

San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade is a global leader in LGBT gatherings and the Pride movement. The annual event held in downtown San Francisco consistently attracts over a million participants over two days.   

The San Francisco Pride’s mission is to commemorate LGBT heritage and celebrate the culture. Additionally, it strives to raise awareness and money for Bay Area non-profit organizations. The event is funded by community fundraising, San Francisco City grants, corporate sponsorships, and donations.   

The two-day celebration around the Pride Parade features dance stages, booths, and vendors around Civic Center near San Francisco City Hall. This area is called Leather Alley on parade day and features BDSM-oriented booths and demos.  

San Francisco Pride Parade History  

San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration has had several names in the past – International Lesbian & Gay Freedom Day, Christopher Street West, or Gay Freedom Day.   

The San Francisco Pride Parade officially debuted in 1972. It has been held every year since, except in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Gay Liberation March on June 27, 1970, is the real kick-starter. 20-30 members of the San Francisco Gay Liberation Front marched down Polk Street, from Aquatic Park to Civic Center. On that same day, 200 people gathered at the Golden Gate Park for ‘Christopher Street Liberation Day Gay-In.’   

The Rainbow Flag created by Gilbert Baker was first flown at San Francisco Pride in 1978. The event is held during the last full weekend of June to commemorate the Stonewall Riots. The Castro District in Eureka Valley hosts an independent Trans March and Dyke March during the weekend. The Castro is one of the first gay neighborhoods in the country.   

SF Pride 2019 – Generations of Resistance  

The 49th annual San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade was the last in-person edition of the event. Reportedly, 289 contingents participated in the parade. The event was described as the largest LGBT gathering in the nation.   

Activists protesting corporate and police presence at the event blocked SF Pride Parade 2019 route for an hour. Therefore, organizers have requested law enforcement officers participating in the event to not wear uniforms to the parade this year.   

#SFPride52 – 2022 Stages  

Various community-run stages are set up at the San Francisco Pride Festival venue around Civic Center. In 2022, you will find the following stages at the festival:  

  • Urban Global Village Stage by Christiana Remmington  
  • API LGBT Stage by Nicki Calma and SF Community Health Center  
  • Homo Hip-Hip by Ronnie and Erika Jones  
  • Latin Stage by Jamie Awad  
  • Sober Drag Show by Castro Country Club  
  • Soul of Pride by Lisa Williams  
  • Trans Stage by Maniac Films  
  • Women’s Stage by Christie James and Jolene Linsangan.  
San Francisco pride parade
Image credits: sfpride.org

#SFPride52 – 2022 Parade Contingents  

Along with LGBTQIA+ members and allies, several LGBT-affirming religious, corporate, and political contingents participate in the parade. Popular contingents that return every year include:  

  • Dykes on Bikes. Traditionally the first contingent; It is an all-women motorcycle contingent.   
  • Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). One of the largest contingents in recent years.  
  • Local LGBT-oriented businesses and non-profits. These contingents make up more than half of the San Francisco Pride Parade participants every year.   

San Francisco Pride Parade Route 2022  

San Francisco Pride Parade route is usually the same every year – the rally proceeds west along Market Street, starting from Beale Street and ending past the Grandstand at 8th Street. The parade begins at 10:30 am and goes on until around 4 pm to conclude at the Civic Center.   

Thousands of spectators line the parade route hours in advance for a clear view of the street. People are also seen climbing up on bus shelters, walls, or scaffoldings on buildings. Spectators are often allowed to pass through the barriers and join the parade after it passes by. Rooftop Pride Parade viewing parties are also becoming common along the route. 

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San Francisco Pride Parade 2022 Tickets & Passes  

While you can watch the parade for free from the public viewing areas along Market Street, Grandstand seating is paid entry only. San Francisco Pride Parade 2022 Grandstand tickets are available online for $70 per person on the event website. Refunds are allowed up to seven days before the event.  

The Grandstand is located at the United Nations Plaza, 355 McAllister Street – at the end of the parade route, between 7th and 8th Streets near the Civic Center. The entrance to the seating area is at the western edge, closer to 8th Street. The first two rows are reserved for ADA/Accessible seating, with a section for wheelchair access and ASL interpretation.   

San Francisco Pride ’22 Pride Pass Packages  

For preferred access to Grandstand seating and the official SF Pride afterparty, book a Pride Pass Package. It costs between $150 – $600. Priority Grandstand seating begins at 9:30 am, and the afterparty at Love+Propaganda is from 2 pm to 5 pm on June 26.   

Limited Rainbow Flag Anniversary Package includes one Pride Pass and a retired rainbow flag (flag hoisted at the pride parades in the past.)  

Parking for San Francisco Pride Parade  

Finding parking in downtown San Francisco on the day of the Pride Parade is almost impossible. So, forget about parking on the street or driving up to a lot anywhere along the parade route. Instead, the best choice would be to pre-book an all-day parking space like this and take your time enjoying the day.   

Downtown San Francisco parking map

You’ll find plenty of affordable parking spaces a few blocks away from Market Street. However, it is easier to find a cheap deal and book your spot online. Use a parking app or website like Way.com to check out the parking map around San Francisco City Hall and Civic Center if you have Grandstand tickets. If you plan to arrive early, try parking in SoMa. But avoid street parking as you can’t be sure of how much time it will take you to get back.   

Check out this step-by-step guide to find the best downtown San Francisco parking deals on Way.com 


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