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Satisfy Your Cravings: A Guide to MSP Restaurants

  • Air Travel
  • Nova Kainen
  • 5 minutes

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Our guide on restaurants at MSP Airport explores some of the best dining options available to satisfy your cravings before your flight. Whether you’re in the mood for American comfort food, healthy organic options, or a quick snack, we have you covered. With a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and bars, you can indulge in your favorite food and drinks while waiting for your flight. So, let’s dive into our guide and discover the best MSP restaurants to satisfy your food cravings. 

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MSP restaurants at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport is rich with many restaurants where you can go and have a satisfying meal or snack. We’ll take you on a culinary journey through MSP’s top restaurants both at Terminal 1 and 2. Park your car safely in advance at the MSP Parking spot and explore the restaurants at the Airport. 

Angel Food Bakery & Donut Bar

Terminal 1 Concourse E, near gate E5 

Breakfast sandwiches, hot tea, coffee, cookies, scones, and handcrafted donuts. You can head to Angel Food Bakery & Donut Bar to get any of these. Anyone who is in a hurry can make use of the quick-serve option available at this local bakery. 

Auntie Anne’s

Terminal 1 MSP Mall, Food Court 

Mon – Fri: 7 AM to 2 PM 

How about having some delicious snacks? Auntie Anne’s is here to serve you soft pretzel snacks freshly taken from the oven. To make it even tastier, pair these with fruity and frozen Lemonades and various dips.  

Caribou Coffee

Terminal 1 MSP Mall, Concourse F & G, Pre-Security; Terminal 2 Pre-Security, Concourse H 

It’s impossible not to feel drawn to the inviting warmth and comfort that Caribou Coffee offers you. You can get a fantastic range of pastries and favorite Caribou drinks, like Guittard Chocolate Mochas. Get a pound of freshly roasted coffee and take it home with you. 


Terminal 1 Concourse C & F 

If you are a chicken lover and are at MSP Airport, visit Chick-fil-A, an MSP Airport food store. You should grab a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A, the home of the original chicken sandwich. Other varieties the store offers are chicken strips, chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, waffle fries, wraps, and salads.  

Cocina Del Barrio

Terminal 2 Concourse H, Terminal 2-Humphrey near gate H8 

Mon – Sun: 4.30 AM to 9 PM 

Cocina Del Barrio has something different for its customers. In addition to the dine-in options, which include breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can enjoy an extensive selection of tequilas worldwide. The menu includes Latin/Mexican staples such as carnitas tacos, tortilla soup and salads, chicken enchiladas, and tortas. 

Dunkin’ Donuts

Terminal 1 MSP Mall, centrally located 

Who does not know about Dunkin’ Donuts? If you want a hot coffee or something quick to eat, go to Dunkin’ Donuts and grab what you want. 

Ike’s Clubhouse

Terminal 1 MSP Mall, North Mezzanine Level 

Mon – Sun: 8 AM to 8 PM 

The next time you are at MSP Airport, spend your time at PGA Golf Experience Lounge. This is a place for food lovers and those who love golf too. Enjoy classic American cuisine and craft cocktails, and productively use your time at MSP Airport. 

Roasting Plant

Terminal 1 Concourse E, End of E concourse 

Mon – Sun: 4 AM to 5.30 PM 

The roasting plant has a unique Javabot delivery system used to roast coffee beans daily. You have the freedom to choose your blend. Get ready to enjoy your coffee the way you want while at MSP Airport. 


Terminal 1 MSP Mall, centrally located; Terminal 2 Concourse H, Near Gate H5 

Starbucks’ coffee and merchandise are well-known all over the globe. Sip some hot tea, espresso, coffee, latté, and cool beverages, including frozen coffee drinks, based on the type of weather. You can also pick from freshly baked pastries, cookies, and cake slices.  

Stone Arch

Terminal 1 MSP Mall 

Mon – Sun: 6 AM to 8 PM 

Quick snacks to full-course meals are available at Stone Arch. The menu includes appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers, and full-course meals like pan-seared salmon, chicken & rice. Stone Arch is one of the restaurants that offer the best food at MSP Airport. 

Twins Grill

Terminal 1 Concourse C, near Gate 12 

Mon – Sun: 6 AM to 9 PM 

Twins Grill is another MSP Airport food spot where you can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The morning mocktails and beverages they offer will keep anyone refreshed. The food options that they have for you are burgers, soups, salads, sandwiches, entrees, heavy hitters, or specialty cocktails like American mule or big ginger. There is a specialty cocktail named after Minneapolis Millers & St. Paul Saints called MINNIEPAUL 10.  

Vino Volo

Terminal 1 Concourse C, Near Gate C7 

Mon – Sun: 9 AM to 8 PM 

Vini Volo, another MSP Airport food, offers dine-in and takeaway options. If you have ample time to sit and enjoy your lunch, dinner, or even a small plate, you can choose Vini Volo. They even give free Wi-Fi facility, so why not enjoy your meal from Vini Volo? 


What restaurants are open overnight at MSP airport?

Most of the restaurants close before 10 PM, and only a few are open 24 hours. Farmer’s Fridge is a food spot that is open 24 hours.

What time do MSP restaurants open?

Different restaurants open at different times and so you can choose the one that is open when you are at the airport.

Can you eat at MSP?

Yes, food spots like Ike’s Clubhouse, Roasting Plant, Stone Arch, Twins Grill, and many others give you the option to dine in.

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