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Satisfyingly unique gifts for car lovers this holiday season

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Not sure what you’re going to get your car enthusiast partner/friend/spouse this holiday season? With people stepping out more often after having been stuck indoors for so long, there’s no better time than now to shop for some cool car accessories and gadgets that are sure to leave¬†car lovers surprisingly satisfied! We’ve rounded up the hottest gift trends for 2020 with this article on unique gifts for car lovers – the¬†Holiday Season 2020¬†edition – read on to know more!¬†

Accessories, clothing, and apparel

Hagerty Shop Automotive Gear 

Look no further than¬†Hagerty‚Äôs online¬†store¬†to find a carefully selected collection of automotive car gear.¬†At Hagerty’s, you’re sure to find everything from apparel and accessories to car-themed home and garage items¬†as well!¬†As of now,¬†all¬†of¬†the¬†proceeds¬†from sales on car-related gifts go to Hagerty‚Äôs License to the Future program¬†that aids¬†teenagers¬†in¬†learning¬†how to drive and get their licenses for¬†little to no cost. Hagerty is heaven for shoppers looking for unique gifts for car lovers.

CURB Shop T-shirt 

Help the stick shift drivers on your holiday shopping list become an official member of The Manual Gearbox Preservation Society by giving them this customizable t-shirt from CURB. Pick and choose the recipient’s preferred shift pattern to add an even more holiday season-themed personal touch! 


Aston Martin No Time to Die Pin Set 

For car enthusiasts that love spy flicks and fancy gadgetry,¬†the¬†James Bond/Aston Martin¬†No Time¬†To¬†Die¬†Pin Set is a collector‘s edition¬†piece that¬†is sure to make¬†for a fantastic gift. The set¬†features all¬†four¬†cars¬†featured¬†in the Bond film No Time to Die¬†which was released¬†in 2021. You cannot be a car lover if you don’t have a passion for James Bond cars. Though not a unique gift for car lovers, it is a must!

BMW Motorsport Jacket 

These¬†licensed BMW¬†motorsport jackets are a must-have for any classic or modern BMW enthusiast.¬†The jacket¬†designs embrace BMWs racing history¬†with¬†a retro-modern look ‚Ästthis will¬†make¬†for¬†a great holiday gift.¬†

Car Maintenance

Adam’s Polishes¬†

The Arsenal Builder¬†Pro Car Cleaning¬†Kit from Adam‘s Polishes¬†is¬†a gift¬†that’s both¬†valuable¬†and durable, making it¬†the ideal holiday¬†gift for all¬†car enthusiasts. This versatile¬†and robust¬†car care package is¬†chock full of¬†popular must-have items that are easy to use and has everything¬†you need¬†to make¬†your¬†car¬†sparkle!¬†

COVERKING Custom Car Cover 

A perfect holiday gift for 2020 would be the custom-tailored automotive cover from COVERKING that keeps your car protected from the weather. The customized covers of Cover Kings use computer-aided drawings to create a cover that matches the outline of your car with the fewest possible seams. 


Weathertech Floor Liner 

You can help your loved ones preserve their car floors by gifting them the WeatherTech Floor Liners. These floor liners are lasered to cover the front, rear, and side of the footwell of the car. They are constructed from core materials of high density and are designed for ultimate strength and stability with innovative grip-friendly surfacing. 

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBD II Scan Tool 

BlueDriver’s¬†Pro OBD¬†II Scan App, a go-to system for all drivers, plugs into every car and can teach you what you need to know the next time your Check Engine light pops out. The device checks the codes of the car. It also shows you what needs to be fixed in order to get it back up for the drive.¬†


Petrolified Bespoke Automotive Portraits

Offer every car enthusiast the ultimate gift by immortalizing their automobile on the wall of their garage. Upload a screenshot of their favorite car, and a beautiful automotive image will be produced by Petrolified. 

Pete Lyons‘ Shadow:¬†The¬†Magnificent Machines¬†of a¬†Man of¬†Mystery¬†¬†

There is no better gift than a book like Shadow by Pete Lyons. Lyons tells the tale of the mysterious American Don Nichols, a D-Day paratrooper, and counter-intelligence office of the Army who also happened to be the notorious entrepreneur who formed the infamous Shadow racing squad, the first and only US-based team to win a Can-Am championship.  

LEGO Creator James Bond Aston Martin DB5  

Offer your car enthusiast friend the LEGO Creator Expert James Aston Martin DB5 kit for the ideal hands-on gift, so they can relive the thrill of the Goldfinger movie! The notorious ejector belt, spinning number plates, secret telephone, and machine arms, as well as extensive interiors and engine bay all, come included in this 100+ piece package. 

Tools and garage-related

BOXO Tools Tool Roll  

For all sorts of automobile enthusiasts, this is the ultimate everyday instrument package. This package will help you handle most jobs with 66 parts. This includes an extended socket set, tire pressure scale, ball peen hammer, and many more. 

Aluma Tilt and Tandem Trailer 8200 

To load or offload your car or equipment, you don’t have to be a precision pilot. Nothing beats a tilt-trailer for ease of use. For utility equipment, leisure cars, car hauling, low-profile vehicles, and more, Aluma provides a wide variety of tilt trailers. Tilt trailers have all the features provided by Aluma’s standard collection, with the additional advantages of a tilt bed.¬†


JUMPSMART 3-in-1 Portable Jump Starter  

This compact car jumper, a roadside must-have. This drives vehicle engines as massive as diesel trucks and can do the same job on smaller vehicles. This makes it the perfect holiday present. It can be recharged 1,000 times, features USB charging and a safety light are also included in the device. 

Swisstrax Modular Garage Floors  

It can be overwhelming to find the proper floor tiles for the garage. Take away the burden by purchasing interlocking floor tiles from Swisstrax that are designed to last a lifetime. Their UV stabilizers resist fading, making it possible for years to come for their custom-designed floors to remain looking like new. 

Neiko Cordless LED Work Light  

Light up someone’s garage with this Rechargeable Work Light. This gadget features a 60 SMD Super Bright LED cordless design. It delivers excellent energy quality and outstanding strength of lighting.¬†

Iron & Resin Waxed Canvas Shop Apron  

This apron fights off rust stains and shrugs off tranny fluid, power steering fluid and tar. Made from 100 percent cotton waxed canvas, this is a real technical grade and a perfect holiday present. The apron also features lots of pockets for equipment and tool storage. 


If none of these holiday gifts catch your fancy, you can always just head to Way.com Рyour car’s best friend. Give the car enthusiast that’s close to you the ideal gift by purchasing a parking voucher from Way, or even gift them a month of free car washes! Head on over to the Way.com website or download the Way app now!  

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