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Savannah Music Festival 2023: Lineup and Parking Info

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  • Silas Smith
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Are you ready for one of the most diverse music festivals in the US? Savannah Music Festival 2023 (SMF) is starting this March, and you can head down to Savannah, GA. There will be multiple performances each day and across multiple venues. 

There will be artists and bands from different genres. Since there’s a huge lineup across many venues, it is easy to get lost in Savannah. If you are new to this oldest city in Georgia, parking can also be a challenge. But we will help you with all the basics for the Savannah Music Festival 2023. Read ahead for information, including tickets, lineup, and even parking information.¬†

Savannah Music Festival parking

What is Savannah Music Festival? 

It is one of the oldest multi-genre music festivals held in Savannah, GA. Musicians across the world will perform at the festival venues. The festival has been held since 1989, and the number of attendees is increasing every year. Apart from jazz, pop, rock, punk, and soul, there are performances in genres including bluegrass, afro-rock, classical, and even Americana. Tickets are sold for each concert separately, and you can get them from the SMF website. 

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When is Savannah Music Festival 2023? 

In 2023, the Savannah Music Festival 2023 dates are from March 23 to April 8. 

Where is Savannah Music Festival 2023 location? 

The music festival will be hosted by multiple venues in Savannah. These include Lucas Theatre for the Arts, Trustee’s Garden, Ships of the Sea Museum, and Trinity United Methodist Church. For the completed list of venues for the SMF, visit the official website. ¬†

Who will perform at the SMF festival this year? 

The Savannah Music Festival 2023 lineup includes a variety of artists from around the globe. Some of the popular artists and bands that are set to perform include: 

  • Pink Martini¬†
  • Christian Sands¬†
  • Aaron Lee Tasjan¬†
  • Zurich Chamber Orchestra¬†
  • Sona Jobarteh¬†
  • Alexander Malofeev¬†
  • The Infamous Stringdusters¬†
  • Philip Dukes¬†
  • Anna Tilbrook¬†
  • Charles McPherson Quintet¬†
  • Maeve Gilchrist¬†

If you plan to watch your favorite artist perform, find the completed Savannah Music Festival 2023 schedule on the official website.  

How to get tickets for Savannah Music Festival 2023? 

Tickets for each artist are on sale right now on the Savannah Music Festival website. You can purchase tickets for each concert separately or get a ticket bundle. There are multiple performances each day at different venues. So, if you do not want to miss your favorite artists, make a plan for viewing and purchase tickets. Apart from purchasing tickets through the website, you can get them by phone or in person at the Savannah Box Office. 

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On average, the tickets will start from $31. But since there are many artists and venues, you can expect the ticket charges to vary likewise. Some concerts also have VIP tickets that cost more than $100 each. Otherwise, the tickets can range between $31 and $60 for the SMF shows. 

Is there parking at the festival venues? 

Only a few venues have on-site parking facilities. For instance, most of the venues are asking you to use city-owned parking spaces for the festival. Even if a venue has on-site parking, the number of spaces may not be adequate to accommodate all cars. 

What are the cheap options for parking in the festival venues? 

Street parking is always the cheaper option to park your car during the festival weeks. But as you already read above, these spaces will be in high demand during the SMF. Also, the on-site parking is limited. Apart from the city-owned parking spaces, you can get affordable parking at off-site garages. Many off-site garages are within walking distance of the Savannah Music Festival venues. 

Is there street parking near Savannah Music Festival? 

Savannah has two different zones for metered street parking spaces. But since the event venues are located in different neighborhoods, the availability of on-street spots will vary. During major concerts, the vacant street spots will already be full hours before the event starts. So, you might have to arrive earlier to search for these spots. Also, parking violations at these spots will lead to penalties, including fines and towing.  

What are the advantages of off-site parking garages for festival parking? 

Off-site parking garages near the festival venues are safe and charge less compared to other options. There are no risks of theft or any other crimes against your car. Also, you do not have to worry about parking violations and fines. In addition, the off-site garages near Savannah have safety features like camera surveillance and security personnel apart from lot attendants. 

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Most of these private garages offer premium features at no extra cost. These can range from valet parking, contactless parking, and ADA/Aisle access to paved parking spaces. Compared to the other options for festival parking, this is a steal when you take into account the features. Next, we will help you find cheap off-site parking garages in Savannah, GA. 

How to find cheap off-site garages near Savannah Music Festival 2023 venue? 

To locate and purchase parking at off-site garages, use online services. For instance, the Way.com website and the Way app can help you in finding nearby off-site garages at low prices. Enter the location and time period into the app, and it will return the active garages. The app will also help you get details like the hourly charges and features at these garages. 

All you have to do is to pick a garage from the list and pay the corresponding charges. Now you have a guaranteed parking space for Savannah Music Festival. The search and booking process takes only a few minutes. Also, Way.com will get you discounts and offers on parking charges at these off-site parking facilities.

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